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I no quite a few of Club heros in the County, but would like people to suggest any I have forgoten;

Aughdrunsee - Barney Boyle, Cairan Carey, Fabien Crudden
Belcoo - Sheamy ’shoulders’ Conlon, Shane Mc Cabe,
Belleek - A selection of Keowns, Rory and Ramie Gallagher, Dara McGrath
Belenleek - Fr. Brian D’arcy, Lewsleys, Stranneys
B’Boro - Tommy McElroy, Donal Boyle
Coa - Paul Mc Carney
Derrylin - Mal O’Roorke, Mark Murphy, Cahir Shannon
Donagh - Rory Daly, Eamon Maguire, Jamie Tracey
Derrygonnely - Brandan Rasdale, Finbar Maguire
Devnish - Syd Molrone, Eddie McHugh
Enniskillen - Dom Corrigan, Richie O’Callaghan,
Edderney - Marty Mc Grath,
Kinawlley - The big goalie, Sean Doc
Lisnaskea - Bazza Mc Goldrick, Stephen Phair
Lisbellaw - Kevin Mc Garry, John Duffy, Seamie McCusker
Maguiresbridge - Kevin Burns, Conor Hannigan
Newtownbuttler - Darren Chapman, Mc Daids
Rosslea - Peter Mc Ginnity, Liam Lynch, Seamie Quigly
Tempo - Sean Breen, Paul Campbell, Shane McDonnald
Teemore - Barry Owens, Shane Brady

Please add as appropirate.

solano (All) - Posts:501 - 21/11/2008 13:49:56   146919


Spelling lessons for a start.

Fr Brian Darcy played club football for Kinawley as did Dom Corrigan & not as you list him for Enniskillen.
These names may be your heroes because some of them played football for the County. I would see some names on the list however who are not club heroes who find it difficult to line out in club games. One or two on your list have found it difficult to turn up for the County also.

WingHalf (Fermanagh) - Posts:39 - 21/11/2008 15:08:56   147013


Oh my god, this is a funny post.

Club Heros??????? Based on what?

Come on, some of these guys are only out of nappies

Fingers (Fermanagh) - Posts:28 - 21/11/2008 16:11:10   147109


Thankyou for your advice winghalf, but I must inform you I suffer from dyslexia.

solano (All) - Posts:501 - 21/11/2008 17:17:33   147188


Ntb- Brenden McBrien,Clive Fitzpatrick(both current member of senior squad but still have being around along time, also great all round club men!!!,
Other names are vinny connlly,natie mc manus and yes marty mc daid and sean mcdermott

Would love to be able to say raymond johnstone but seems to be a player more worried about the county along with his bother paul wouldnt mind but they dnt even get a game

NTB88 (Fermanagh) - Posts:17 - 22/11/2008 00:46:45   147418


Sorry to hear about your dyslexia Solano.

I always wondered why the signposts in Fermanagh had two Ss in Roslea now I know:- someone in Roads service sign making division has dyslexia.

WingHalf (Fermanagh) - Posts:39 - 22/11/2008 08:24:15   147449


Yes winghalf, I’m sure you are very sorry indeed. However I must point out that Rosslea is spelt with 2 s,.

solano (All) - Posts:501 - 22/11/2008 19:23:53   147631


And i must point out that its not. Roslea. 1 's'. Roslea Shamrocks GFC. 1 's'. Ask anyone in the village and surrounding areas. Its always been spelt Roslea, and always been referred to that by the local population, the club itself, its shops, post office, bars and other businesses.

FocksSake88 (Fermanagh) - Posts:10 - 23/11/2008 01:14:29   147771


Two absentes missing from the Maguiresbridge list are Barry Carey and Stephen Brannigan. Legends known throughout the county, some might even say "heroes!" Great club men.

BigBad (Fermanagh) - Posts:87 - 25/11/2008 10:38:45   149182


ya havent a clue about football!!!!!!!!!! i see for "BELNALECK" you put down the stranneys i dont no were u got ur information but let me tell ya, ya could count on on1 hand the amound of games the 3 stranney brothers have played in the last 3year

ture lecker (Fermanagh) - Posts:34 - 25/11/2008 14:42:52   149436


More Club Heroes
Adrumsee - Phil Courtney, Eamon Elliott
Belcoo - JJ Stewart, JJ Dolan
Belleek - Pat McCann
Belnaleck - Jim Bartley, Frank McGurn, Malachy McConnell
Brookeoro - Arthur Mulligan, Benny Rooney, Boyle Brothers, Pat Wray, Gerry Greene, Phil Clifford
Coa - Donnelly Brothers
Derrylin - Alfie Maguire, Padraig McGovern, Vincey Martin, Tommy Curry, Tommy Maguire, Paddy Drumm, Packie Waterson
Donagh - Sean Maguire
Derrygonnelly - Martin Greene, Paul Greene, Kevin Cassidy, John Smyth, Donal Fee, Hugh Kelly
Devenish - Peter Carty, Jim Carty, Mary O'Brien, Bart O'Brien, Michael O'Brien, Michael Gilroy, Sean Treacy, Sean Feely
Enniskillen - Jim Tummon, Joe McGurn, Greg Kelly, Davey Bannon, John McClintock, Patsy Tracey, Ollie McShea, Pat O'Callaghan, Niall Corrigan
Ederney - Des Cassidy, Fr. Pat McHugh, Brian Nugent
Kinawley - P.G. McManus, Fergal Cleary, Dinny Doogan
Lisnaskea - Collie Curran, Cormac McAdam, Brian Cogrove, Martin Teague, Brian Armitage, Martin Higgins, Pat King, Peter Clarke
Lisbellaw - Kevin Corrigan, Benny McManus
Maguiresbridge - John Rice, Pat McManus, Jim Trotter
Newtownbutler - Charlie McLoughlin, Seamus McLoughlin, Connolly Brothers, Eugene Heuston, Mae Wilson, Mary Leonard, Natie McManus
Roslea - Gerry Lynch, Joe Smyth
Tempo - Breen Family, Peter Bogue, John McElroy, Damien Campbell, Hugh Foy
Teemore - Quinn Family, Fitzpatrick Family, O'Reilly Family, Anthony Burkes, Brian McCaffrey

Sideline_Man (Fermanagh) - Posts:3 - 25/11/2008 20:18:39   149858


The GAA by its very nature is a community organisation.
I disagree with the very ethos of this thread.
Whilst there are some names coming up that we all recognise.
A real club is the one that has many volunteers and spreads the good work - real community club.

high.catch (UK) - Posts:153 - 25/11/2008 22:01:17   149935


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