Donegal - Ulster Intermediate Championship - St Naul's

Good Luck to St Naul's in their first journey in Ulster Club football. They will play Culloville Blues in the Athletics Grounds, Armagh City this Sunday at 2:30pm. It been a great year for the Club, lets hope it continues.....

A.Blowin (Louth) - Posts:17 - 26/10/2011 19:59:34   1059183


Best of luck to them. They were worthy winners of the final and hope they can go further :)

up_donegal (Donegal) - Posts:659 - 26/10/2011 20:18:25   1059206


All the best St. Nauls. Donegal football on the up and up. I hope you can continue Donegal clubs recent good form.

irishtom (Donegal) - Posts:219 - 27/10/2011 10:38:17   1059322


good luck to nauls even thou they beat us twice this yr..

boxer7 (Donegal) - Posts:72 - 27/10/2011 19:45:23   1059711


Ulster Club Intermediate Football Championship Quarter Final
Culloville Blues/Baile Mhic Cullach 3-6 St Naul's 0-9

Wee_Buns (Donegal) - Posts:828 - 30/10/2011 16:41:26   1060601


St Nauls gave a battling dispaly but were up against div 1 side!!
Score didnt reflected the contest!!
At the end of the day County Championship was the monkey to get off da back!!!

Spiderman (Donegal) - Posts:244 - 30/10/2011 21:35:49   1060819


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