Donegal - Glenswilly vs Cavan Gaels

Good luck to Glenswilly today against the Cavan champions.

biglad92 (Donegal) - Posts:44 - 16/10/2011 09:19:26   1052657

Best of luck to them .. hope they do Donegal proud

up_donegal (Donegal) - Posts:659 - 16/10/2011 10:02:55   1052664

hope they loose,sick listening to them gloating since final ,st michaels would be better reps for county

johndoherty25 (Donegal) - Posts:82 - 16/10/2011 11:39:30   1052694

Just leaving now to head up and watch the game. We shuda a beat the gaels a few years back in first round in ulster up in breffeni so they are beatable as a bit like us at the time they had no challenge from within the county so may be lacking that bit of sharpeness.

Gud luck to our neighbours in the town and hope ye do the county proud tho cant see any other outcome than a home victory pulling up...

eunans4ever (Donegal) - Posts:680 - 16/10/2011 12:01:21   1052701

Glenswilly 1-8, cavan Gaels 0-10

ruanua (Donegal) - Posts:4779 - 16/10/2011 16:57:20   1052816

Well done Glenswilly. Great result.

Gavmcfad (Donegal) - Posts:45 - 16/10/2011 17:21:20   1052828

Johndoherty25 the only reason anyone gloats is because of bitter clowns like you that run them down at every chance you get, you'd don't leave many other options.

TokenWhite (Donegal) - Posts:31 - 16/10/2011 18:12:53   1052868

How did murphy do what did he score????? well done massive result

ProView (Donegal) - Posts:164 - 16/10/2011 18:23:48   1052877

Well done Glenswilly .. didnt expect them to be competitive in Ulster after all the celebrations and being first time winners in Donegal.

Curlew66 (Roscommon) - Posts:116 - 16/10/2011 18:40:19   1052889

Just wanna say congrats to Glenswilly on their great win today. I'm from Donegal and living in Cavan for the past 10 years and after watching the Gaels all year I honestly thought that they'd beat Glenswilly by a couple of points. But this is a very good Glenswilly side that is a lot more than just Michael Murphy (although he is a class act!!) Hope they beat Latton in 2 weeks time and go on and do Donegal proud.

92dl (Cavan) - Posts:52 - 16/10/2011 19:02:55   1052904

Well done Glenswilly.... hope you can go all the way.

ProView I think he scored 1-2.. scored th winning penalty

up_donegal (Donegal) - Posts:659 - 16/10/2011 19:32:42   1052922

Does anyone that was at the game know what ciaran bonner did at the end of the game that has so many cavan people giving out about him?

onequestion (Donegal) - Posts:103 - 18/10/2011 20:12:40   1054371

be nothing new for cavan people to be giving out,eternal moaners so they are. Well done Glenswilly

idiotfinder (Donegal) - Posts:508 - 18/10/2011 21:06:06   1054418

Ciaran Bonner on the final whistle ran over to the Gaels dugout jumping up and down

evano11 (Cavan) - Posts:236 - 19/10/2011 10:23:34   1054517

evan011: we from Donegal can only apologise. In 2010 championship semi-final, when playing for Glenswilly he did the same when they went ahead on 59minutes against Naomh Conaill. He ran up the line jumping and waving at the Glenties fans! Naomh Conaill went on to win the game by 5 points!

In my opinion he does not represent Glenswilly or Donegal in a manner fitting any player or fan would wish.

henrik (Donegal) - Posts:255 - 19/10/2011 12:38:37   1054625

Henrik i certainly dont think you have a right to come on hear apologising for the actions of a Glenswilly player who apparently celebrated in front of the Cavan Gaels fans at its worst immature and in poor taste but i dont recall you apologising for the debacle that proceeded your championship game this year with the Glen boys so Henrik as a Donegal man dont apologise for me

spoons2010 (Donegal) - Posts:238 - 19/10/2011 15:56:34   1054780

Henrick It really was shocking to see his carry on I explained in the earlier post how personal he got to one of the gaels management he was goading but it wasnt allowed to be posted. ITs a shame he feels he needs to behave like that because it would not be the Donegal way.

evano11 (Cavan) - Posts:236 - 19/10/2011 16:00:50   1054784

Evano 11 as i said in my previous post immature at worst and its not sporting but you must be fairly easily shocked take my advice and dont pay much heed to henrik he has his own agenda with the Glen side as they dumped the glory boys from this years championship

spoons2010 (Donegal) - Posts:238 - 19/10/2011 16:22:50   1054807

No agenda spoons, just the truth. Surely you dont condone such behaviour!

henrik (Donegal) - Posts:255 - 19/10/2011 17:02:58   1054832

typical glenties man hendrik has t be stuk in everything

biglad92 (Donegal) - Posts:44 - 19/10/2011 17:40:10   1054873