Donegal - Whatever happened to Colin Kelly?

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He was outstanding 5 years ago. He could score, could run with the ball up the wings. We need a man like him on the team to go forwards with the ball and create space in the top third of the pitch.

Donegalman (All) - Posts:2387 - 20/09/2011 20:07:05   1039172

I know the lad was good but sure there are lads on that panel capable of doing the very same job and I'm sure Big Jim will be tweeking and tuning his system with them over the winter.We nearly done it and could have went on and win even Pat Gilroy admits that, we fell short at the last hurdle but keep the faith that team will be back next year in Croke Park maybe even with Colin you never know.

Pointer (Donegal) - Posts:1200 - 20/09/2011 20:32:33   1039195

good point. he must have regrets after glenswillys great year.

ryan (Donegal) - Posts:283 - 03/10/2011 21:49:47   1045969

Colin Kelly is one of the most gifted footballers ever to brace that donegal team and would surely add alot of scoring ability to a struggling half forward line. Aswel as Kelly another Glen man (Ciaran Bonner) will surely get the call from big Jim this season! his defence splitting runs is something we lacked against the bigger teams like Dublin this past season and Bonner is the sort of ball carrier we've been missing and would no doubt pierce the sturdiest of defences in the country.

fromthestand1. (Donegal) - Posts:16 - 06/10/2011 17:04:06   1047741

awwwwhhh Ciaran Bonner and Colin Kelly are surly lads that could add to the squad..................

banterladhi (Donegal) - Posts:497 - 06/10/2011 17:17:13   1047752

so who is colin kelly anyway

banterladhi (Donegal) - Posts:497 - 06/10/2011 17:21:20   1047758

If you have to ask you dont follow Gaelic football very well. I'm guessing your one of these people who never went to a mc kenna cup game in your life, went to a few home league games maybe then jumped on the band wagon once there was a day out in croke park involved? like the majority of fans we have its just a day out.

fromthestand1. (Donegal) - Posts:16 - 06/10/2011 17:50:37   1047780

its alright im a hardcore supporter me, just the memories gettin bad with me old age and all that

banterladhi (Donegal) - Posts:497 - 06/10/2011 18:00:55   1047788

adrian hanlon has to get back in the squad he is a quality player and would be a great addition to any squad.

ladhibanter90 (Donegal) - Posts:9 - 07/10/2011 13:04:36   1048207

i agree with ladhibanter90, ya would need him in the team for the banter at the very least

banterladhi (Donegal) - Posts:497 - 07/10/2011 19:29:00   1048475

Has donegal squad started in gym again? And has there been any players brought into team? I heard m.smith from killybegs, bonnar from glenswilly, and paddy mc nulty from mc cools have been brought into panel. is this true?

firestation (Donegal) - Posts:30 - 26/10/2011 20:54:27   1059227

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