Donegal - Minor A Championship

Any results in yet from this evenings games Milford V Eunans game cancelled.

Pointer (Donegal) - Posts:1200 - 19/08/2011 21:12:53   1014937

Believe Sean MacCumaills gave Gaoth Dobhair a bit of a beating

Spurious (Donegal) - Posts:109 - 20/08/2011 14:52:23   1015113

A bit of a beating, that is one understatement 8:10 to 5 points.

glasagusban (Donegal) - Posts:218 - 20/08/2011 17:52:19   1015203

heard one of Gaothdobhair supposed better players chose the fleadh instead of lining out for his clubs minor team. Things cant be to rosy. Seniors well beat as well by micks in champo. pattern emerging that they win their 1st game against one of the weaker sides but out once again in quarter-final of championship no matter who they meet.

ryan (Donegal) - Posts:283 - 20/08/2011 17:59:32   1015207

any reports on the games ?

LKGAELS11 (Donegal) - Posts:48 - 20/08/2011 19:20:42   1015254

gd result for eunans last nite. must be favs now for north as other side of draw not strong. see red hughs and newton drew aswel in minor b. must of been a gd game?

thebigun (Donegal) - Posts:15 - 10/09/2011 12:55:12   1031160

yes good result for eunans . great game . i hear newton turned there game into a bit of a fighting match rather than a football match . eunans for championship!

thetubeman (Donegal) - Posts:46 - 11/09/2011 19:56:35   1031965

Eunans vs Mac Cumhaills/Urris Final , when is this semi final being played ?

UpperTier (Donegal) - Posts:57 - 11/09/2011 20:43:58   1032026

Would u expect much more from Newtown to be fair. Thats been going on down there for years. It puts a sour note on some of the good work they have achieved at adult level.

Norman (Donegal) - Posts:382 - 11/09/2011 21:30:36   1032102

Don't know how you think we should be favourite to win while we played well they lost main man McGarvey picking up an early injury in the game Mulgrew was our best player put in a solid performance as they put us under pressure in second half we won nothing yet.

Pointer (Donegal) - Posts:1200 - 12/09/2011 09:26:10   1032187

Eunans have beat both teams in the other semi final but league counts for nothing in championship

UpperTier (Donegal) - Posts:57 - 12/09/2011 17:06:29   1032759

St Eunans did beat both of the teams in the other semi final, ( in league) so surely they are favourites to win this northern side. I don't expect any upset in the final as Urris and Mc Cools are poor if one is being honest.

As for the other semi, I am going to go for Urris to beat Mc Cools. I hope Eunans then can go on to win the whole thing because it would be great to have a northern winner of both Minor and Senior championships.

Dgl4Sam (Donegal) - Posts:26 - 13/09/2011 12:27:41   1033381

Who was 21 for eunans, added great attack to forward line when he came on.

Wildgeese7 (Donegal) - Posts:30 - 13/09/2011 13:55:02   1033456

Dgl4Sam surely you cant say mac cumhaills are a poor side , they may not be favourites to win it but i think they should beat urris if your going by league they also beat cloughaneely.

UpperTier (Donegal) - Posts:57 - 13/09/2011 17:12:44   1033652

Mc Cools have to be favorites having beaten Cloughaneley well a few weeks ago! They gave Eunans a good run in the league without their main player, Fireman?? I was at the Eunans game last wk. They are an ok side with a sharp forward line and decent defence. Dont know who was no.21 but if he was that good why was he no.21.? Dont rule out Urris yet tho? It's wide open to me and I dont think any of the northern teams are as good as the ones in the south.!

penaltyspot (Donegal) - Posts:21 - 13/09/2011 21:58:25   1033930

I think only one of the forward line scored have not seen Kilcar this year but heard the Southern teams are strong in particular Kilcar.

Wildgeese7 (Donegal) - Posts:30 - 14/09/2011 13:43:16   1034227

Who do you think are favorites ? i am going ardra to win it but wouldnt rule out kilcar mac cumhaills or eunans

UpperTier (Donegal) - Posts:57 - 15/09/2011 18:18:34   1035488

Kilcar have a good team and wont be too far away

up_donegal (Donegal) - Posts:659 - 15/09/2011 19:16:02   1035546

mac cumhaills are the best team in the northern board...

gaelp (Donegal) - Posts:36 - 16/09/2011 14:05:15   1036096

Backing MacCumhaills to win the northern side, should be too strong for the other teams!

breakaway (Donegal) - Posts:5 - 16/09/2011 16:33:08   1036358