Donegal - Tough Draw - Kildare and McGeeney

Probably the toughest draw outside of Cork. Throw McGeeney into the mix and it should be a intruiging contest.

Samsforthehills (Donegal) - Posts:960 - 24/07/2011 19:01:12   993629

Easy draw for kildare , we basically already have one foot in the semi finals :)

Kildareby10 (Kildare) - Posts:92 - 24/07/2011 19:06:58   993640

kildare by 10 your either not from kildare or you just finished the junior cert this game should be a cracker too completely different styles of play i think its a very 50/50 match and little things on the day will help hope to have great banter with donegal next weekend may the best team win and throw the dubs out or tyronne/roscommon in the semi hon the lillies..

lilywhitemagic (Kildare) - Posts:1693 - 24/07/2011 19:17:36   993655

where the Dubs will make bits of you again

chucknorris (Donegal) - Posts:95 - 24/07/2011 19:17:54   993656

Sunday showdown with Kerry and Limerick beforehand the most likely time?

Samsforthehills (Donegal) - Posts:960 - 24/07/2011 19:25:21   993668

Interesting draw for Tir Chonaill. Saw the Lillies against Meath a couple of weeks ago. In that game the Royals won the Midfield battle (until Sweeney came on late in the second half).Meath also had three opportunites to close out the game when the sides were level but the Lillies late flurish gave them the Victory. I think Donegal are better equipped to take on Kildare particulary in terms of work rate. The Liliies may have the experience of playing Croke Park but Big Jim should have our lads well prepared.
I think our lads can do it and have nothing to fear.

donash (Meath) - Posts:22 - 24/07/2011 19:27:46   993675

well lads what a game in croker cant wait should be a great one.

lillymadfan (Kildare) - Posts:1085 - 24/07/2011 20:01:58   993724

I reckon Kildare have to be favorites. Was the last time we played them in Croke park the Division 1 league semi final in 2007??? We beat Derry by 6. They beat a lot worse Derry team by 6 yesterday. I reckon its a draw that suits Donegal. They have not beat a good team in the Championship this year. Got beat by a 14 man Dublin team. A bit like Donegal before big Jim, they know deep inside that they are a Qualifier them and no more.................................

Glenswilly77 (Donegal) - Posts:201 - 24/07/2011 20:02:04   993725

Thanks for that lilywhitemagic

AreWeHuman (Kildare) - Posts:242 - 24/07/2011 20:20:00   993748

hard game 4 kildare im goin 4 a donegal win by 2 points i hope im wrong

brianfitzsimons (Kildare) - Posts:223 - 24/07/2011 20:20:25   993749

Donegal and their anti football tactics will be horribly exposed in croke park and kildare will tear them to shreds and that's a fact!

Kildareby10 (Kildare) - Posts:92 - 24/07/2011 20:27:12   993757

Completely disagree with lilywhitemagic's comments on style of play.
I think both sides have very similar styles of play, both funnel the half forwards back in defence and have defenders bombing on when they win/turnover possession and counter attack, which is why it is such an intriguing match up.

I think Kildare will be rightly favorites for the game given their performances over the past few years and given geezer has been in charge for much longer time than big Jim, however, donegal will fancy their chances as well and won't be much in it.

It is going to be a great contest between O'Connor and McGee and could have big influence on the game. McGee has turned into a very good full back but will have his toughest challenge in the championship so far against O'Connor

mickeyjoe84 (Donegal) - Posts:39 - 24/07/2011 20:43:50   993788

@Kildareby10 are you that stirrer from Monaghan mickylinden under a different name as you are at the same wind up game as he was at I doubt you are a true Kildare fan, I'm getting sick of this anti football by Donegal crap we played the best championship game of the season several years ago in Newbridge for all the exciting football we played we lost after extra time so we don't owe it to anyone how we play the game.

Jamesie (All) - Posts:260 - 24/07/2011 20:46:22   993793

This blanket defence of yours will not work on a massive pitch like croke park. So what is your plan b?? Kildare by 4.

takeyourpoints_ (Kildare) - Posts:89 - 24/07/2011 21:03:20   993825

Seriously what age are you? Would you ever grow up. Thank God Kildare supporters like you are in the minority.

This is a serious test for Kildare. Donegal are well set up and will be hard to break down. People talk of Tyrone being thereabouts for the AI and this Donegal beat them.

sedico (Kildare) - Posts:1682 - 24/07/2011 21:10:45   993842

As Jim says we won't lie down, LESS GIVE IT A GOOD RATTLE COME ON DONEGAL!!!!!

benjyyy (Donegal) - Posts:1211 - 24/07/2011 21:14:15   993851

anybody got any ideas on when this will be played???/

sam1992 (Donegal) - Posts:103 - 24/07/2011 21:18:54   993859

Being following kildare up and down the country for nearly 20 years ! And donegal are one of the most negative and dour teams i ever did see! A nice sunny day in croke park will be the end of them though, there tactics will not work in croke park against a top team like kildare and they will be easily found out for what the are a very average one prick pony team!

Kildareby10 (Kildare) - Posts:92 - 24/07/2011 21:24:00   993872

lads im sorry for the fools on this claiming to be kildare fans. i can guarentee you that you wont meet a kildare man like that in croke park! I originally thought it was a good draw for us but the more i think about it , the more nervous i get! two very different styles of football it will be an interesting tactical battle. i know donegal have their critics abou their style of play but if it works than your right to use it! looking forward to the game and a one point win for us would be fantastic! :-) see you in croker lads! all the best.

Possom (Kildare) - Posts:322 - 24/07/2011 21:36:05   993895

should be a real battle , i think the blanket defence will work as croke park isn't that big as every1 makes it out to be . Donegal by 2

donegal789 (Donegal) - Posts:29 - 24/07/2011 21:45:10   993906