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I have witnessed alot of Slaughtneil games this season and I believe that Karl McKaigue deserves his starting place in the Derry team. He has been immense for his club in the championship thus far. If I was Brian McIvor I would be playing Karl McKaigue at Corner Back, Chrissey at CHB. Chrissey is a far better player at CHB, watching Slaughtneil you can see how Chrisssey dictates the play and how he organises the players around him, in my opinion he is a natural leader.

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I would agree with you on moving Chrissy to the Half back line, although I'm not sure whether he or Lynch at CHB.

Perhaps playing both side by side, and alternating them as runners would be worth looking at. Last season Lynch ran riot during the National League, but by Championship this had been negated.

I genuinely believe Derry have the players at present to become Ulster Champions, but I still feel we are tad naive tactically at Championship. Especially when you look at the likes of Mayo, Dublin, Donegal and Kerry and some of the tactical maneuvering on display in this years All Ireland SF's.

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i can see problems in the forwards next year not much threat without E bradley,mc guckian, o boyle,problems at midfield also with injuries to the fore with patsy and doc,who would be full back if chrissy moved out?

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Gary, I have read in previous post that you concede that you don't follow the club football in Derry much, so how can you come on here and talk about Derry.

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Gary, I have read in previous post that you concede that you don't follow the club football in Derry much, so how can you come on here and talk about Derry.

I said I had drifted away from Club football years ago Initially due to work, and later became disillusioned with some aspects of Club football. Now I would still follow the Club Championship goings on, but not as a club member at present.

Following Derry or any Inter-county team for that matter, is not an exclusive right afforded only to Club Member's. And I think there is quite a lot of people outside of Clubs that have an Interest in following their County, and this is something that needs to be looked at by the GAA across the board.

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Derry had struggled for years to get a good full back before Chrissy so I don't see how moving him to the half back line would help. He has played well at full back and I would keep him there. Also mentioning Mark Lynch at 6 after the season he has just had at 11 is strange, he has just been nominated for an All Star in the Half Forward line and was probably the best player Derry had this year.

Does anyone else on here watch club championship games and could think of a few new faces who could improve the squad? (Derry) - Posts: 4 - 09/10/2014 17:35:34    1661927


I have to say i was really impressed with Brendan Rodgers during the championship and if he can play at full back at county level then there is no reason Chrissy McKaige couldnt play centre back.
I think the most important issue for derry is that they abandon the sweeper system. It isnt working because derry dont have an effective sweeper.Its also important that we unearth some new midfielders. Its paramount that Mark Lynch play in the forwards as he is our best forward in terms of scoring. if he can stay healthy i really rate Emmett Bradley and believe he should get an extended run. I'm not sure if he is county quality but Paudie McGuigan certainly showed brilliantly in the county final against the best midfield in the club scene.
Despite Swatragh poor showing in the championship i do think James Kearney is viable Midfield County Prospect. Bar those guys i dont see a lot of available midfield talent if Big Fergal and Patsy pick up injuries.
As far as the CHB position i know i already say Chrissy but i would love to see Conor McAtamney play there. He has great passing skills and in this era of constant hand passing i think it would be advantageous to have a kick passer from deep.
Would be nice this year to welcome back from long term injury Raymond Wilkinson, Barry McGoldrick, Danny Haveron and PJ McCloskey. In terms of new talent i quite like Liam McGoldrick and Colm McGoldrick from Eoghan Rua, Neil McNicholl from Glenullin, Fergal Duffin from Magherafelt, Ger Bradley and Chris Bradley From Slaughtneil, conor carville from Glen, Eammon McGill from Lavey, Lee and Ryan Moore from Craigbane, I'm not sure of his name but Young O'Kane from the Loup and Anthony O'Neill and finally Peter Cassidy from Bellaghy. Plus i dont think Aaron Kerrigan got a fair enough crack at it last year.
I also believe its a real pity that something cant be worked out with Eoin Bradley. I know everybody goes mad when somebody plays soccer and everybody is absolute in believing all players should do the same training. But Eoin Bradley is far and away the best forward we have and i dont see the harm in bringing him in for championship football. I also would really like to see Paddy Bradley come in as he still one of the best players in the county. At the end of the day isnt the goal to put our fifteen on the pitch come match day.
I dont know if anybody else feels that there is a lot of athletic young players but not necessarily a lot of good football players out there. I say this as some of the finest performances i saw came from older players, Paddy and Eoin Bradley, Paul Murphy, Paul cartin

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