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Is this county board policy? There are no reports on either the footballers' or the hurlers' defeats at the weekend. This is a land I want to live in but unfortunately in the week that's in it, I live and work in Donegal; thus, I have had no such opportunity to forget the result. Many, many of my neighbours, acquaintances, work colleagues and even those who only rarely speak to me have been most friendly all week and have asked me in politest smiling fashion the deadly question, 'Did you see the match?'
No worries, though - we'll be back and running in a few weeks' time in the Qualifiers. Our boys aren't that far away from being a damn good side. They will learn, they will continue to improve, they will beat a few teams before this year is over. Down but not out - Doire Abú!

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 28/05/2014 21:48:47    1594965