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Celtic Park Seating Plan

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Hello Derry folk,

Can any of you please advise on the layout of Celtic Park? There's a few of us and we all have different stands on our tickets. I bought a terrace ticket but it came with a seat number - so I am confused.

Which stands are which?

Thanks a lot
Hope Donegal Supporter

squareball_1988 (Donegal) - Posts: 343 - 16/05/2014 10:52:45    1588428


The covered stand (Tommy Mellon stand) on the Lone moor road side is the only part of the ground with numbered seats the terrace where your tickets are for is standing and not allocated

doirebhoy (Derry) - Posts: 344 - 16/05/2014 15:37:51    1588636


How many people can Celtic Park hold?

Jack_Goff (Meath) - Posts: 2920 - 20/05/2014 10:58:31    1590598


packed to the hilt - 18.000 i think

doirebhoy (Derry) - Posts: 344 - 20/05/2014 15:05:06    1590810


did you have some redevelopment done recently and if so what was the capacity increased by?

Jack_Goff (Meath) - Posts: 2920 - 21/05/2014 10:10:25    1591136


doirebhoy (Derry) - Posts: 344 - 21/05/2014 15:49:16    1591432


Won't have to worry about overcrowding for a full house on Sunday. Papers are saying today only 11000 tickets sold which is a bit of a surprise thought would have sold more than that

ringerbell (Donegal) - Posts: 39 - 22/05/2014 13:12:41    1591831


Celtic park went from 15,000 to 16,000 this year. Id say we'll have more less a full house on Sunday

Orlaith (Derry) - Posts: 4282 - 23/05/2014 11:33:13    1592247


Ulster council announced last night it is now sold out

doirebhoy (Derry) - Posts: 344 - 24/05/2014 11:48:17    1592686


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Derry Fans........ Lads anybody any tips regarding parking and possibly the best way to get in to Derry, is through Killea, Buncrana or even strabane the best way, I have two young lads with me and really don't want to be walking any more than 15 mins to the ground

ben1977 (Donegal) - Posts: 364 - 24/05/2014 13:13:17    1592718