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Very gutted tonight after watching a very talented Derry U21 side undeservedly beaten by Donegal. Donegal were negative from the start by employing 14 men behind the ball every time they lost possession. It was typical Donegal, Derry employed a tactic of bringing the Donegal defence out and playing the ball in behind and trying to run onto it, a tactic which worked very well. Ryan Bell had a very good game and was unfortunate to hit the bar right at the death. McBrearty was their best player and prior to their 2nd goal he bounced the ball twice therefore should have been blown for a free out to Derry.

unfortunate not to make final but the future looks very bright for Derry football.

OakGael (Derry) - Posts: 293 - 03/04/2013 21:39:00    1360570


Very biased appraisal of the game OakGael but you were right in that we were over defensive and nearly paid the price at the end. Its a bit htpcritical to say we were negative when Derry blocked off the runs of Ryan and Eoin Mc Hugh every time they could and shipped some very high tackles on Ryan Mc Hugh especially. Personally I felt Donegal were the better team and when six points up should have pushed on and could have won by more but the tactic of trying the defend the lead was the reason Derry got back into it and it nearly back fired on us.

Fair play to our lads but they will need to improve for the final. From a Derry point of view you can feel aggrieved not to make the final as the width of the crossbar denied yous but the future looks bright for your senior team and the kicking of Ryan Bell was pure class. The crossbar denied us and All Ireland U-21 a few years back but thats football and you could have the rub of the green next day out.

Good oul craic with the Derry supporters last night and met a few that I haven't seen in a while. Maybe we'll be seeing yous again in Division 2 or Division 1 next year!!

Tir Conaill Abu (Donegal) - Posts: 1567 - 04/04/2013 09:24:52    1360604


Lads just wondering what Ref Barry Cassidy is like?

footballer1 (Galway) - Posts: 20 - 16/04/2013 10:08:45    1368456


He is very typical of the modern intercounty ref. Very fit and is the best ref in Derry

MickeyMouse (Derry) - Posts: 174 - 16/04/2013 10:59:39    1368492