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Expectations for Ulster.

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Lads just wondering with Ulster looming. What are your expectations in this years ulster giving your poor run in the league no disrespect...

DUB1 (Dublin) - Posts: 5583 - 08/05/2012 21:26:00    1168240


It depresses me to think about it.... but you never know!

Derry_ledd (Derry) - Posts: 2093 - 09/05/2012 10:16:32    1168331


Brennan is troubled by on going injuries in fact i don't think he's ever been able to put out his strongest 15, even this past weekend O'Boyle pulled his hamstring and will be out for 4 weeks and captain Paddy Bradley injured his bad knee and is due for a scan later this week to see what the damage is, hopefully pb is not too bad. The biggest concern for all oak leaf fans is our patchy defence as we are lacking experience in the full back line and Brennan seems to think Michael Bateson is his chb but the big Newbridge man is troubled by a shoulder injury picked up after a reckless tackle by Dick Clerkin. The real search for Brennan is to find sticky cornerbacks not afraid to get stuck in, i have not seen enough of Scullion from Bellaghy to know if he's the answer or not and only hope JB puts Dermot McBride back in to one of the corner back slots after a trail period at chb.

brolly_4_pres (Derry) - Posts: 356 - 09/05/2012 15:33:30    1168701



bosch (Derry) - Posts: 873 - 09/05/2012 15:46:46    1168712


Just wondering if anyone was at the Derry/Roscommon challenge match at the wkend,does anyone have anything resembling a report on it?
Was played in Steelstown Gaa club.

fredrickwood (Roscommon) - Posts: 2871 - 09/05/2012 15:48:40    1168715


Fredrickwood, Most I know is that we were ok in first half, bad in the second and used 25 players. Not much of a report im afraid.

Derry_ledd (Derry) - Posts: 2093 - 09/05/2012 18:16:39    1168852


Read my Lips.


derryman (Derry) - Posts: 3246 - 10/05/2012 11:07:00    1169152


Was Paddy Bradley playing?

fredrickwood (Roscommon) - Posts: 2871 - 10/05/2012 13:32:59    1169282


pb got injured and came off, local derry papers done a small report on the game not much info in terms of Roscommon apart from Shine is an excellent off the ground free taker never missed a kick apparently.

brolly_4_pres (Derry) - Posts: 356 - 10/05/2012 14:11:08    1169341


Derry played well during the first half, Skinner scored some good long range points and Neil Forester also got his name on the score sheet with 2 good points too. The defense I thought wasnt that strong, but sure these things can be worked at. When the 2nd half started there were 9 changes to the team. Nothing to really worry about really given the amount of changes that happened during the game and the amount of players that are just coming back after their time off. Id say we'll win sam lol

Orlaith (Derry) - Posts: 4282 - 10/05/2012 15:48:33    1169460


I hear Bradley's scan came back all clear.

Derry_ledd (Derry) - Posts: 2093 - 11/05/2012 11:16:11    1169950


Jaysus Orlaith how ru?Long time no see.You must be 17 by now are ya?

It raised a few eyebrows down here that we beat Derry above so I just wanted to see how strong an outfit the oak-leafers had out.
We play Sunday wk so we are probably a bit more tuned in at this stage.

fredrickwood (Roscommon) - Posts: 2871 - 11/05/2012 19:10:17    1170370


Expectations for Ulster, at the start of each provincial championship you set your goal to win it and setting your standards any lower you shouldn't be managing or playing for Derry.

If it the end of the championship you can honestly sit down and say we gave it our best shot that will do for me but you should always set your goals to be the best no matter what your sport.

OakGael (Derry) - Posts: 293 - 22/05/2012 21:51:41    1178524