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Bradley a major doubt for Ulster Final

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Gutted for him wouldnt wish that on anybody especially with the biggest game of his life coming up. please please please lket someone else step up to the plate i cant bear the thought of a team with 3 great forwards winning ulster without actually attacking and murphy playing everywhere but in the forward line. i know fermanagh haveny played alot of great football ever but with the players donegal have they way they play is horrible to watch

speedy12 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 592 - 12/07/2011 13:06:05    982021


Lads someone please tell me this is a wind up!!!!

I have watched the Bradleys for the last years and what a travesty to happen both of the gifted brithers!! Missing Paddy was tolerable but missing Eoin is unthinkable!!!

God speed in the final to whoever replaces him!

Heres hoping for a Derry win!!

Kilbill (Carlow) - Posts: 43 - 12/07/2011 18:32:38    982532


a massive day for derry county but unfortunately the most exciting player in this yeras championship will be missing , a travesty to the ulster final , to derry , to viewers of the game to everybody involved excepth the donegal squad , a real shame a terrific player , one thing i will say is hes not much of a sport if you know what i mean , he showed gamesmanship at the end of the armagh game what he did was really low , his temprament is very bad , his antics are bad , it just makes me think what comes around goes around , im a huge fan but bradleys behaviour on the pitch isnt what it should be , anyway just for his two performances in the championship this year he deserves a an all star nominee

stekhli (Dublin) - Posts: 3116 - 12/07/2011 21:29:16    982698


re stekhli's comments - I think you're being a bit harsh on Eoin Bradley, who was pulled and dragged round Celtic Park by the Armagh backs last year on a day when Derry played very poorly; though not justifying his actions (why risk getting sent off with 1-5 against your name with the match well won), there is a bit of history between the protagonists. Eoin has always been a fantastic footballer but has never been fully able to either ignore provocation, or use it as motivation to get the next score. Anyway, it's an awful shame neither of the Bradleys will be playing on Sunday because they are two of the very best forwards in the country.

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 12/07/2011 21:59:20    982756


Sorry for all derry fans that eoin will be missing on sunday,terrible hard luck on him at times i have,nt liked him but there,s no way a player of his sheer class should be unlucky enough for this to happen.Wish him a speedy recovery and good luck to derry in the final.

mickeylinden (Monaghan) - Posts: 587 - 13/07/2011 19:31:57    983629