'Foregone conclusions' have McKaigue worried

August 12, 2019

Dublin's Eoghan O'Gara with Chrissy McKaigue of Derry. ©INPHO/Donall Farmer.

Chrissy McKaigue has attributed the disappointing attendance at yesterday's All-Ireland SFC semi-final between Kerry and Tyrone to Dublin's dominance of the football landscape.

"The All-Ireland semi-final has yielded the attendance of 33,848, for me alarm bells are ringing," the Slaughtneil and Derry defender said on BBC Radio Ulster.

"I saw a clip on social media from AIG of the All Blacks wishing Dublin all the best. You've got to really think about that. You have AIG sponsoring Dublin and there are local businesses sponsoring other county teams.

"That just reflects the divide in terms of resources and what the county teams actually have in terms of how they prepare.

"I think that is starting to seep down to the general public of the GAA, who are starting to say 'why would I bother following the county game anymore when most of the games are foregone conclusions?' As a player that is still playing at inter-county level, it's hard to argue with that mindset."

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