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Sledging and blocking - 6 Like(s)
How ironic that Jim Gavin and Mickey Harte should now take up arms against this new malaise that has blighted the game of Gaelic Football it would seem the latter's teams introduced it and the former's perfected it Do you remember the lad known as Ricey I can still see him giving physical and verbal grief to Colm Cooper As for Filly Mc Mahon he never stops I am told that Dublin have a professional basketball coach in their back room retinue teaching them how to block the runs of the giver of the pass I watched that on Saturday amazing the number of times Donegal players were balked at source as far as I recall that was an offence that Eugene Mc Gee black card was introduced to eliminate, no ref or linesman has taken up on it I don't think Sean Cavanagh was teaching Aidan O SHEA the words of 'the mountains of Pomeroy ' as he was seen to constantly roar in his ear throughout the first half. Once again I say the day the music died was that August Day in 2003 when for the first 30 minutes of that semifinalTyrone were allowed to exert all manners of intimidation on Kerry, that Tyrone team just as this Dublin one did not need to resort to those tactics,in football skills they match any team of any time.So Messers Gavin and Harte instead of moaning about the clinical and yes cynical ways opponents meet steel with steel rid your own house of the gutter tactics first and then talk to us about the others

37sowhat (National) - 09/08/2016 09:12:19

Kerry V Dublin - 6 Like(s)

Replying To traleegerry:  "Kingdom boy thank you for your last post regarding 37 and his post all the year. No encouragement for our boys. Let me it is about time some body here in kerry stood up and said that Dublin are a pro outfit in every sence of the word they are getting out bed in the morning and going to work to make a living they are training every as professional players do our lads are doing a day's work and going too training. Over on the main page someposter put up or will I call him imposter put con o callaghan put on so much muscle from being in the gym for the last 18 months he had plenty of time to do it he does not work full time. If we are going to go pro or semi pro let all the counties do that so as we can have a level playing field for all not for the sports councils and the gaa to give Dublin gaa all they want on kerry radio last nite John o leary the ex Dublin goal keeper was on and he was not asked the hard questions by Tim. Do the Dublin players have a job that they attended all year I think you will find the answer is no to the majority of them. This is not jealousy but yes it is envy. I want a level playing for all and until such time that someone other than a few of us on here asks the hard questions. We will not get a level playing field. What we have here in kerry this year with our young amateur team has been unreal. We'll done PK and team.. Ciarrai abu"
A wonderful example of sour grapes ! Open up man ! Kerry Group are one of the biggest multi nationals on the planet Kerry lack for nothing except that final ingredient that comes between gallant loser and perennial winner I would love to see Kerry back on top you need 'new tricks to stop Dublin from six' Sit down sometime with a replay of the analysis of Tomás Ò Sè ,Colm O Rourke and Sean Kavanagh of Saturday's game. I'm not saying they are infallible ,nobody is ,not even my old retired teacher friend ! but those lads have played the game Tomás and Sean Kavanagh two who were at the coalface against the mighty Dubs they were logical and perceptive in pointing out where Dublin are ahead and Kerry and all others that bit behind . As Peter Keane might say Loook Kerry are good but Dublin are that bit better Let the chase continue but less of looking for reasons beyond ability as to why Dublin are where they are.

37sowhat (Kerry) - 17/09/2019 09:16:49

Bernard Brogan Has Retired From IC Football - 6 Like(s)

Replying To traleegerry:  "He would not lace his father's boots and I must admire his decisions not to turn pro like the rest of the dubs"
Nice meeting you here !! I would not like to see a Kerryman being judged on a statement such as "not turning pro as the rest of the Dubs " referring to Bernard Brogan. Dublin team professions 2 Company executives 2 physios 4 Bank Officials ,1 doctor, 2 Tax Consultants 3 Teachers 4 University Students 2 with own businesses profiles very akin to Kerry counterparts I seem to remember both Darren O Sullivan and Kieran Donaghy giving up day jobs a few years ago so as to concentrate òn football , professional? Bernard senior 3 Bonn uile Eireann Bernard Junior 7 Both fantastic footballers in different eras both were a credit to the game

37sowhat (National) - 25/10/2019 23:42:37

Kerry V Dublin - 5 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "Well I suppose We'll find out in 4 years for the minors and in 5 years for the juniors."
Scraping the potsherd Kingdom boy! you forgot the Kerry women did they win 9 in a row? We are all loath to accept the greatness of this Dublin outfit the scores they have racked up the athleticism ,dedication and professionalism of all involved can only be admired. Two more accolades ,the sincerity and humility of Stephen Cluxton' s acceptance speech, no gloating ,no crude language for effect exemplary to say the least. Then later in the night Ciarán Kilkenny added to his profile accepting man of the match as he acknowledged his parents, his club ,and wait for it ,his teachers, one of whom was a Kerryman .Ciarán said they were the influences that gave him a love for all things Gaelic including our language By the way Ciarán left Australian rules behind because of his greater love of Dubs wish Mark O Connor would do the same . Dublin ARE the breakers of the 5 in a row barrier it's theirs to claim no one can take it from them. Stop them of 6 in a row now that's the challenge for all Sligo, Limerick, Carlow, Kildare +Jack, Laois+Quirke, Kerry and the darkhorses the Rebels .Dublin football is Alive Alive O for the foreseeable future

37sowhat (Kerry) - 15/09/2019 17:09:59

Kerry V Dublin - 5 Like(s)

Replying To traleegerry:  "Who gives you the right to close this tread. You have lectured us all the year. It is like the teacher his word is the final. Fitz wanted the job and he got it and he made some of the worst calls any kerry manager ever made. Nice guy nothing personal against him ask D. Murphy Fitz would not be told. Now let's close this tread"
Diarmuid Murphy and Eamonn Fitz were Are and will be friends and confidants I know Diarmuid personally family and work commitments dictated his stepping back from 100% involvement but he continued to have that involvement right up to Eamonn's decision to hand on the baton Now as for Dublin's players being full time professionals check out your assumptions and you will find doctors , physios , company directors , accountants bank officials students and oh! I nearly forgot! teachers among them , very like the composition of the Kerry team only Kerry would I think have more students in their line up I remember back in the 60s when Down came with their perpetual motion that had Kerry dizzy as the chased them around Croke Park you had Kerry football fanatics who can rarely see beyond Green and Gold saying" Yerra shure them Down fellas are on Purple Hearts " Things don't change Yes FOR ME I close on this Thread I enjoyed it but certain aspects no Everyone has a right to an opinion getting insulting or personal betrays a small mind No need for crude comments Kerry I love every mountain and valley in it and am grateful to every footballer who ever donned the Green and Gold and to every manager who put their necks on the block knowing that there is only a six inch gap between a clap on the back and a kick in the derrière Sin deireadh tagatha don clàr níl a thuilleadh le rà agam. Slán go fòill

37sowhat (Kerry) - 17/09/2019 10:12:55

Kerry V Dublin - 5 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "37 I went into the Sligo forum yesterday to see do you contribute on your home forum and not a dickie bird from you over there, maybe you should be given your advice to the people of Sligo (sure don't you know it all) and sure if we want your advice we'll know where to find you ;-/ Good day to you sir."
My dear 'sub editor,' my advice for what it is worth is broaden your horizons , if you want to be critical try not to be personal it diminishes your argument Kerry have had a good year beaten in two finals Kerry won a provincial title look at how happy Roscommon are to have done the same . Christmas is coming so cheer up

37sowhat (Kerry) - 25/09/2019 15:05:53

Kerry V Dublin - 5 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "Lads I read a good article from Ewan makenna earlier on, he really tells it as it is and cuts out a lot of the BS and tip toing around trying not to offend the dubs. It's really disheartening what the GAA is doing, it's like the dubs have been given a Ferrari and the rest of us Nissan Micra and we're told to keep up."
As PK might say "look it is what it is " Dublin are there on merit a jockey will not win a derby on Delaney's Donkey Neither would Jim Gavin have won 5 in a row 7 in a decade without the calibre of player at his disposal It's up to Kerry and the rest to find the players and the formula to topple the Dubs in the 20s Kerry are nearly there Cork are on the move Donegal and possibly Armagh but enough childish crying and throwing the toys from the play pen The Dubs are a formidable crew accept them for what they are the first Team to win 5 Senior titles in arís however unpalatable it may be for us

37sowhat (Kerry) - 30/09/2019 20:01:41

Kerry V Dublin - 5 Like(s)
In Shakespeare's Henry 1V Falstaff who was not known for bravery declared on the morning of the battle "would it were evening and All well" a bit like that now . The die is cast . But as a veteran of many of Kerry's battles over the years let me say I ever only saw two kinds of Kerry footballer, good and better and every man woman and child whoever contributed to the cause should be thanked on a day such as this As I pen this the peerless John O Keefe is being honoured with a lifetime achievement award by GPA in Croke Park I would give great credit to Johnno ,Mickey Ned and Eamonn Fitz behind the scenes they did mammoth work putting in place the structures that contribute so much to where Kerry are today The advent of Cian O Neill and his pupil Mc Gahan was a master stroke the return of Donie Buckley from exile , the fresh approach of Peter Keane and backroom team has made a difference . So all who " sweated the gansey" take a bow . Something tells me Sam will winter under the shadow of the Reeks Beidh fáilte Uí Cheallaigh roimhe .

37sowhat (Kerry) - 31/08/2019 15:51:12

Kerry V Dublin - 5 Like(s)

Replying To traleegerry:  "Good on you kingdomboy and hermit 37 is certainly no friend of kerry football"
A wonderful assertion ! I would safely say ,without seeking any kudos for it ,that I have seen and participated in as many things involving Kerry football as anyone on this forum . But myopic insular views do nothing for me. Blaming outside influences for not winning every time ,refusing to accept that second best is also an honourable position to hold when a once in a lifetime team like Dublin rule the roost . Only accepting like opinions using derogatory terms to refer to other teams and their supporters is not the mark of so called 'friends of Kerry football. Remember the wonderful gesture of Tomàs O Sè handing the ball to Cluxton at the end of the 11 final , 'hats off to the one who beat me ,no whingeing there ! Open up we belong to an Association that embraces 32 counties, sportsmanship and hospitality towards the presence and opinions of 'the other' are embraced in the aims and objectives of the Association . The decade belonged to Dublin ,Kerry (5 times) Mayo (even with Donie Buckley) Tyrone ,Donegal ,Galway and latterly Cork all tried and failed to lower the flags on the 'Hill' The challenge remains and If Dublin remain on top ....SO WHAT

37sowhat (Kerry) - 24/09/2019 23:19:24

Bernard Brogan Has Retired From IC Football - 4 Like(s)

Replying To traleegerry:  "37 your roots are not very deep unlike a lot of the dubs on here you do not stand by your county or your team no matcher what. Found a good book at home for you to read it is called In Fear Of The COLLOR ABOUT ARTANE"
Glad you found something of literary import to nourish your prejudices , it should help broaden your mind A pity you have to resort to such mean minded stuff Most of your posts are entertaining Tomás Ò Sè has a totally different take on the Dublin team, descriptive adjectives such as 'phenomenal' and 'sensational 'roll off his pen when describing them. He should know something about them and few would doubt his sticking up for his county, it is a good sign of a person when he or she can accept that sometimes there are opponents who are better , comparisons are always odious . Anyway I sincerely hope you outgrow your phobia of being less than best. Kerry will be back meantime let's enjoy Dublin, this does not lessen the desire to beat them. It had better be soon the gap between their haul of titles and Kerry's is diminishing by the year 37 so what !

37sowhat (National) - 01/11/2019 00:15:46

Why Are Kerry The Worst Supported County In Ireland ? - 4 Like(s)

Replying To eamonnmac:  "At a very poorly attended Semi Final of just over 30000 maybe there were 6000 Kerry Fans if that ? Should Kerry get 1/4 of Dublin Allocation for the Final ...with such low intrest in supporting every Kerry man with a remote intrest in the final will be in Croke Park ? I can't imagine any other team even Leitrim bring less supporters to an All Ireland Semi Final ?"
A bhuchaill an rud is anamh is iontach , McQuillan is the only Cavan man most of us can remember playing in All Ireland final

37sowhat (National) - 16/08/2019 15:20:34

Kerry V Dublin - 4 Like(s)

Replying To traleegerry:  "I did not expect any thing else from 37 very very highly educated man through schooling and books but in the way of this world today I think you are lacking"
Another one of your wild assumptions !! , never allow facts to come in your way no need of a jury when 'gerry' ascends the podium he seems to be both judge and jury and if we don't think 'gerry's' way it is 'slán leat ' My way or the highway but it is as the song says "a long long way from Clare to here" Now for East Kerry v Austin Stacks should be interesting looking forward to seeing how Liam Kearney will fare .it will take my focus off the Dublin homecoming. And maybe direct me in the ways of gerry's world !!

37sowhat (Kerry) - 29/09/2019 13:11:53

Bernard Brogan Has Retired From IC Football - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Stmunnsriver:  "bet if they had of won, football would have been the strongest ever"
I would not judge all Kerry football followers on the five or six baby whingers who hog the Kerry forum Most of the ones I know down the years are knowledgable sporting people, of course they don't like being beaten but can and do acknowledge exceptional teams such as Roscommon of the 40s Cavan Down Galway Tyrone and this truly exceptional Dublin team You will always have the 'ref robbed us brigade' or themanager was to blame or the other lot had an unfair advantage fact of the matter 15 play 15 (from panel of 26 ) one team triumphs and if that team triumphs often they are acknowledged as the best of that particular era Comparing one era with another is a futile exercise Dublin in the decade about to end were/are truly amazing there is no shame in acknowledging that and fair play to the Mayos Kerry's and Tyrone's who manfully tried to knock the off the perch but 7 out of 10 says it all

37sowhat (National) - 31/10/2019 08:51:38

All Ireland Championship 2019 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "True the hermit and there was 1750 at the game. Plenty to work on but this is the time to find that out, roll on Cork."
Was at game last evening ,hard to judge as they were never in danger after the goal and two quick points put them 7 clear.Prior to the goal ,what is becoming the 'Kerry malaise' ,open down the middle ,was in evidence. Clare should have taken 2 goals in that period. Half back line looked weak,wing backs very slight strangely though marking the real danger in the Clare attack, the full back looked to be the lynchpin of Kerry back line . Midfield and forwards motored well when they got going ,but I suppose with a 5 to 8 pt cushion from 15 th minute or so it was hard to summon urgency. Under 17 is a bit too young. I think an Under 19 championship Senior and Junior, Junior reverting to what it used to be in the 50s and 60s would better serve. Interestingly I see Vinny Murphy dismisses Kerry as threat to Dublin .Without putting a tooth in it he says "they are open down the centre" Let's hope that a Jack Sherwood ,Gavin Crowley or Tadhg Morley has a transformation to approximate a Tim Kennelly Aidan O Mahony or Seamus Moynihan then and only then can we start thinking in terms of stopping Dublin and welcoming Sam Only one All Ireland to show for '10 to '20 plenty dainty footballers produced bu brawn needs to match brain This would be a good year to win one

37sowhat (Kerry) - 24/05/2019 10:52:40

Kerry V Dublin - 4 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "Right lads can we as Horse says just ignore the trolls, WUM etc. They thrive on thinking someone gives a crap what they say. I'll try and start a new thread during the week for off season chats, let the saddos who think laughing at a young Kerry team losing a final makes their lives worthwhile do their stuff."
Ah well like the squirrel roll up in a ball and hibernate . The page will eventually suffer the fate of the wanga-wanga bird who flies in ever decreasing circles until eventually flying up the orifice under its own tail. Accepting Dublin's dominance and observing where Kerry fail to match them does not constitute laughing at Kerry's young team I was not able to go to games this weekend I am told there were paltry attendances at all games No new players laid a marker but I am told Kieran Donaghy ,Shane Enright ,James O Donoghue and Bryan Sheehan were to the fore . Also very good reports on Sean Quilter Austin Stacks , But it is defenders that are needed at county level. My ' White hope ' Liam Kearney failed to impress . Dr Crokes would appear to be shoo in again And as in the case of Dublin , knockers cite all kinds of reasons for their dominance , overlooking 2 key ingredients , Ability and Dedication . It will ever be the same ostriches can't see for the sand .

37sowhat (Kerry) - 30/09/2019 14:49:12

Kerry V Dublin - 4 Like(s)
Wait long enough ,whether you are up or down and the wheels will turn for you too. The secret is when you are up be humble and when you are down be gracious. Sure when Kerry was winning 4 in a row there were people on about Bendix washing machines and Adidas sports gear the jealous ones then were attributing Kerry's success to sponsorship overlooking the fact that in ability you were dealing with a team for the ages , so what ! Dublin are in that pos now 'Buzzin for 1/2 a dozen' The challenge for all of us is , stop them, and stop whinging.

37sowhat (Kerry) - 26/09/2019 10:53:29

Kerry V Dublin - 4 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "Well said the hermit and best of luck to killian in the future and thanks for his service."
And maybe if he was introduced instead of Jonathan Lyne in the drawn game a few weeks ago things may have turned out different, but conjecture is the pass time the idle .We'd all do a better job than the one in the hot seat. Killian was a 'true blue', injury plagued him .Hope he has a happy and successful life outside of sport Míle buíochas to a great lad

37sowhat (Kerry) - 01/10/2019 16:27:57

Kerry V Dublin - 4 Like(s)

Replying To aidan64:  "Too many missed chances again. Dublin goal was a joke. Why Didnt Moran catch the throw in? And then to let a player run 70 yards without a challenge is shocking. Am baffled in relation to the 1st 10 to 15 mins of that game. What were the tactics of lobbing the high ball in? I just dont get it. That is where we lost the game. We were 5-1 down before we woke up. We certainly didn't deserve to win this game. We played a totally different game to the drawn match. And again gave Cluxton the easy kick out. I dont get it. To me the management got it all wrong this time around"
Sincerely hope this management team don't get the lacerating their immediate predecessors got Yes they got calls wrong today but I am sure they made those calls in good faith To me it was unfair to throw Diarmuid O Connor into the fray a lad so young with no mileage up against the juggernaut that is Dublin did not make sense Eamonn and co were criticised for not using Seanie O Shea but I think the extra time gave Seanie the chance to develop I was surprised to see Adrian Spillane and Diarmuid come out for 2 half I fully expected Gavin White and Jack Sherwood would Again the management make the calls they know why But without looking up a book I think you will find Kerry were closer in overall play to a younger Dublin in 2013 evethough the 2 -1 scored in added on time gave a score of 3 - 18 to 3. -11 Priority over winter is to close the gap that allows opposition to murder the running down the centre . Jim Gavin is reputed to have said the year before last that his ambition was to win 5 in a row and silence those 'h...s forever ! Yes Dubs have wrested the mantle from Kerry and will be happy that it was against Kerry the completed the journey . Good luck to them

37sowhat (Kerry) - 14/09/2019 21:43:00

Kerry V Dublin - 4 Like(s)
Is leor nod don eolach ! But I never considered any other forum other than Kerry to be appropriate as my interest in the games of the Gael take me to the county of my forefathers first and foremost. I reiterate that I have seen and supported Kerry as often as anyone going back to an All Ireland Minor semifinal against Antrim played in Tralee in 1950 Kerry is my first choice when it comes to Gaelic Football but that does not mean I am blinded to the talents of other teams and counties.Again going through life I have learned to decipher between positive helpful criticism and the blind bias of those who cannot accept that one has to settle for second from time to time Kerry have won many titles in the senior grade 37 so what Dublin have dominated the past decade with an exceptional bunch of players so what Kerry's day will come but I never again with the frequency of the past the blue tsunami is a threat to all

37sowhat (Kerry) - 25/09/2019 20:09:32

Kerry V Dublin - 3 Like(s)

Replying To traleegerry:  "You are missing the point 37.the point we are making up or down you are no friend of kerry football.. You run with the hare and hunt with the hounds."
Wondering just what point I am missing! The points I have stressed all along a) Dublin have won 7 of the 10 All Ireland senior football titles contested in the past decade. A feat never before accomplished in football. b) Kerry under 3 different managers have failed to stop them 6 times in that run (this includes a replayed final) c)Kerry did manage to defeat them once in a National Final in those years (the manager's name escapes me! d) in spite of winning 5 minor titles over those years it would appear that as yet Kerry do not have defenders capable of halting the Dublin machine, hopefully a work in progress . e) the inability to turn those minor successes into U21 and latterly U20 success raises questions f) Attributing Dublin's success to money or sponsorship deals is to say the least churlish . Kerry have the backing of Kerry Group the largest Agribusinesses multinational on the planet not to mention Càirde Cíarraí Lee Strand ,INEC DAN TIM and other millionaires around the Globe , in other words they lack nothing ,long may it be so , g ) Accepting Dublin's dominance is not being disloyal to Kerry . Croke Park is everybody's venue where else would a young lad dream of playing Without resource to a history book I seem to recall the mayhem that prevailed both days in 2001 when Kerry played Dublin in a 1/4 final in Thurles next day out was Kerry's worst ever semifinal defeat ! I don't know whether you are a friend of Kerry football or not nor would I judge you Yes, like yourself I presume, I am hunting with the hounds that are chasing the Dublin hare hoping that the quarry will morph into Kerry pronto zMeantime I'll attend as many winter games as Ican preference for College games will hope that East Kerry achieve the improbable if not that Kerins O Rahillys do it for David Moran and Tommy Walsh but gut tells me it Is Dr Crokes again. Winter well don't let The Blues get you down

37sowhat (Kerry) - 26/09/2019 21:45:01