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Sligo 2020 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To SligoCody:  "So it's Galway again in the Connacht semi final. Given that we played them in Marcievicz Park this year, I presume we will be away to them in Pearse Stadium next year. It was a record beating there last time. I feel that record could be smashed again next year. It is pointless and I can't see too many supporters travelling, even the diehards. The provincial championship is unfortunately no longer fit for purpose."
What a horribly negative view. If that was the attitude of every team, there wouldn't be a sport at all. Are we to lie down and let football dwindle even more in this county. Our county teams need help, yes. Our clubs need help, yes. But if we just concede that it's over before it begins, what chance have we. Sligo have buckets to aim for next year. 1) Promotion from division 4 2) Getting a result or at the very least putting in a fighting display in Pearse Stadium 3) Winning a couple of championship games (whether it's in the qualifiers or other) The best thing anyone can do for their club or county now is get out and support them. Help out at at your clubs underage setup. Go to your senior teams league and championship matches. Go to Markeveicz in March and April and support these boys. Attendances in Sligo at both club and county level are pathetic. This is where we can all start doing our bit. The great thing about being at the bottom of the barrel is that the only way is up surely. Surely...

westsligoawakes (Sligo) - 09/10/2019 11:12:07

Club Championships 2019 - 1 Like(s)
Semi finals have now also been decided. In both senior and intermediate, the winners of QF 1 will play the winners of QF 4 and the winners of QF 2 will play the winners of QF 3. My predictions are: SENIOR QF 1 - Tourlestrane V Drumcliffe (Tourlestrane) QF 2 - Tubbercurry v Coolera Strandhill (Tubbercurry) QF 3 - St. Marys v Coolaney/Mullinabreena (St. Marys) QF 4 - Shamrock Gaels v Calry (Calry) SF 1 - Tourlestrane v Calry (Tourlestrane) SF 2 - Tubbercurry v St. Marys (Tubbercurry) Final - Tourlestrane v Tubbercurry (Tourlestrane) INTERMEDIATE QF 1 - Curry v Buninadden (Curry) QF 2 - St. Farnans v St. Johns (St. Farnans) QF 3 - Castleconnor v Geevagh (Geevagh) QF 4 - Easkey v Enniscrone (Easkey) SF 1 - Curry v Easkey (Curry) SF 2 - St. Farnans v Geevagh (Geevagh) Final - Curry v Geevagh (Curry)

westsligoawakes (Sligo) - 19/09/2019 08:43:29

Sligo Club Fixtures 2019 - 1 Like(s)
You really have to wonder who makes these calls. We will be in the last week in July and not a single double header? Curry and Easkey have been asked to play at 6pm on the Sunday for some reason which I don't think is at the request of the clubs. And some of the venue choices are strange. Asking Ballymote to go to Enniscrone to play Castleconnor is strangest of all when Tourlestrane or Cloonacool would have been much more appropriate. Enniscrone and Johns hitting for Cloonacool seems a funny call too. Surely could have worked it in Collooney or somewhere. Molaise and Sham Gaels being brought up to Tubber, Marys having to drive through Tubbercurry to play Tubber in Curry. I know we all like a whinge and a moan a bit too much maybe but they are strange calls.

westsligoawakes (Sligo) - 18/07/2019 08:58:34

Sligo 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Sligonian:  "Coaches were in national schools in the 90s lol. Massive insights on here. IT Sligo sports recreation and leisure course coaches do a few weeks a year in the national schools every year. Thats been happening for 15 years at least. Sligo GAA Coaches regularly visit the national schools a couple of times a year aswell. Club coaches too, usually the club coaching officer. But here is the thing, our underage success at club level for me is mainly down to having a GAA fanatic headmaster in Grange National School, Grange NS went from not really competing in cumann na mbuscala to now winning it most years 8+. That filtered into the club for sure , i would say that is one of the major reasons we won quite a lot at underage last few years more so even than club coaching. Most of the parents coaching in the club don't really know much about football but fair play for volunteering. I would say 10% of the coaches are very good and to add into it we got lucky to have a great one, manager of the minors last year. National School coaching can trump Club coaching because you have more time with the kids but practising at home trumps it all. Most of our best players are self made in a lot of ways. I've seen this first hand, players from my club on the fringes of the u16 Sligo county team squad, spent their summers practising down at the field, 3 years later both starting for the minors and then u21s. Massively improved every aspect of their game. Keeping good GAA people in the County and having the GAA fanatics who know what there doing interested is one the most important aspects. We have a very small amount of GAA families in Sligo compared to other counties. If your born into one, your practicising GAA from birth and that will always beat the 2x1hr training sessions you have a week and can override bad coaching. As Eamonn O Hara said the basis for his great goal in the Connacht final in 07 was born in his back garden with his Dad. The apathy in Sligo GAA at the minute is our worst nightmare, our best players are filtering away. We are messing up all the good work at underage last few years through politics and lack of foresight. How are we viewing player development from underage to senior. Our physicality is behind other counties and this continues. How can we keep our best people engaged and involved across all aspects. Good GAA people are bored with our County Board making same mistakes year on year. We need some passion, inspiration and vision."
Well written

westsligoawakes (Sligo) - 24/05/2019 08:46:06

Sligo 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Maggiepie:  ""The whole county is a mess". I couldn't agree more and who is to blame? The answer , the leadership from CB. This day has been on the horizon for a good few years and was only averted by good fortune and some wrangling on the last day of the leagues for the past 3 years. Taylor's handling of Towey is a disgrace and only highlights the closed mind mentality of all who are governing Sligo football affairs currently. We have the same resources as Monaghan and less than Leitrim or Fermanagh so I don't want to hear any excuses in that dept."
Agreed. Tired of listening to us crying poor mouth. What happened with Towey? I think he like plenty others have plenty of potential. Just love to see them get everything they need from management and much more so from the county board.

westsligoawakes (Sligo) - 04/03/2019 16:36:55

Club Championships 2019 - 1 Like(s)
What club does Jorg play for?

westsligoawakes (Sligo) - 29/08/2019 15:05:34

Sligo 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Joburg Harps:  "Sligonian - With hurdlers on the ditch like you why would anyone put the effort in to play or manage? What have you ever won that make you such an expert - have you won more than any of the guys on the pitch?"
Joburg - That's neither here nor there. He's well entitled to ask these questions. The lads themselves might not be to blame but I think he is asking the question whether everything is being done to the standard that Harrison would have expected. Is the CB allowing it? Is management allowing it? It starts from the top and works down. I think that is the point he is trying to make rather than pointing fingers at players yet. Anyway, mood in camp is good going on the few whispers around the county. For what it's worth, I hope the boys and Paul prove a few wrong and give a really good account of themselves. Even if it means coming out on the wrong side of the result. Nobody wants a repeat of Salthill last year. A performance against a good team will deliver much needed confidence. Sligeach Abú

westsligoawakes (Sligo) - 15/05/2019 17:10:52

The positive Sligo GAA thread - 1 Like(s)
Hard to be positive

westsligoawakes (Sligo) - 26/02/2019 09:38:47

Club Championships 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To ShakeHands:  "Embarrassing? Is there a competition to get finished first or something?? Shure why not do a knockout competition and be finished everything in August so we can really focus on the moaning and cribbing for the winter!!!! That'll improve things!!!!"
To be fair, the whole 5 rounds of championship at group stage, followed by a quarter final is a bit daft. In my honest opinion, either go with last years format or my preferred option, top 2 into semi finals, bottom 2 into relegation semis. Competitive groups games until the last day and a week less of championship.

westsligoawakes (Sligo) - 17/10/2019 10:08:55

Club Championships 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To muscles:  "And look where that has got Curry and Castleconnor? What works for on, doesn't necessarily work for another"
I think Curry have done well at underage over the past few years. They will be back in senior and competing before long. Would you suggest that amalgamation with anyone might have kept them up two years ago or got them up this year because I think that's rubbish. Castleconnor are doing good work up there too at underage and should reap the rewards eventually. I wish my own club would work harder at promoting it's own teams and players rather than jumping at amalgamation every year with different clubs at underage. If teams could only pull 1/2/3 players per year from the minor team, panels would stay plentiful. Tourlestrane are the benchmark in every aspect. Not just in winning county titles. There are other ways to win other than throwing teams together to compete in 'A' competition. Good lads will be left behind and the pools will become smaller if that's the attitude. Credit to any club going alone and working hard to get it right.

westsligoawakes (Sligo) - 09/10/2019 11:47:18

Sligo 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To pointman2007:  "I wouldn't be a huge man for mixing football and politics however if we get beat by Galway I think Taylor will find it hard to retain his seat the following week. I do on the other hand think another football man Willie Gormely has a great chance of topping the poll. London showed at the weekend thst Galway are vulnerable and although Im still expecting a Galway victory, I would be hopeful of a good Sligo performance and still being in the game in the last 10."
Who cares about their political aspirations?

westsligoawakes (Sligo) - 10/05/2019 11:28:08