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No backpacks and large bags in Croker. - 3 Like(s)
This makes no sence unless they search everybody entering a stadium as most jihadist terrorists use suicide vests & will still be able to set off explosives. I feel it's just the GAA saying they've done something while forceing people to now buy food & drink inside the grounds.

SligoNSEW (National) - 20/06/2017 00:09:28

Another embarrassment in Croke Park - 1 Like(s)
Poor call by the umpire but I can't understand why we use a white ball & white posts. The older I get the more I have been complaining about this surely it would be very easy to use a different coloured football & this would make it easier at all football grounds.

SligoNSEW (National) - 25/09/2016 22:01:02

Club Season 2016 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To SligoCody:  "I see that they are giving out about amalgamations in the Minor A championship on the Leitrim forum. They reckon that amalgamations should have their own competition. I fully agree and don't think it's fair that Owenmore Gaels were up against an amalgamation of Easkey / Enniscrone / Kilglass in the Sligo Minor A Final. I have no association with any of these clubs. It's just a general observation."
Is the A championchip not almost always made up of amalgamated clubs. I could be wrong but surely Owenmore gales is amalgamated, you have the parishes of Ballisodare & Collooney. Easkey & Kilglass are also two parishes as Enniscrone is only a town in Kilglass. Unfortunately at underage almost all single parishes seem to be struggling to field teams & it will only be a matter of years before you have a lot more amalgamated teams.

SligoNSEW (Sligo) - 29/10/2016 17:01:14