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Sligo 2019 - 3 Like(s)
I honestly don't know what games ye guys are watching sometimes. This might not be popular but here goes. "No defensive structure" - this is simply not true. Time and time again you can see the defense getting set up but the simple fact is opponents seems to easily break or evade tackles and then all hell breaks loose. Some of the decision making by defenders then has been crazy though it seems to be an epidemic in intercounty football - several examples recently of defenders and keepers making crazy decisions and opening up goalscoring chances rather than settling to concede a point. A symptom of blanket defending of recent years I believe....the art of defending properly has been seriously compromised. You can see the few lads who can tackle in our defense 1 v 1....this simply has to improve. We could do with a few bigger players in defense also. Overall though to say there's no structure is not really right. "Poor Offaly team" - again this is just wrong. Offaly were the better team and should have beaten (Division 1) Meath in their previous game. They were pretty unfortunate in the early rounds of the league and should realistically have been competing for promotion instead of battling relegation. They're a decent outfit with many players with several years of intercounty experience. They also have the luxury of leaving their best scorer on the edge of the square all through the game. Taylor was given a hospital pass taking this job on this year. Last year it took a half time revolt by the players to spark a defeat of Derry which saved us and put them down. Obliterated by Galway in the championship, well beaten at home in the qualifiers and then you lose Donovan, Harrison, McDonnell, Kyle Cawley, Cian Breheny to start with. The potential of Red Óg Murphy whipped away. Also without Ewing and Keelan Cawley, two of the remaining experienced defenders, for most of the league and then Liam Gaughan as well. Could any manager in the country have done much better? I'm not sure. If you take 6-8 players out of any team (bar Dublin) they'll struggle. That the championship results were certainly no worse this year than last is being missed by many. It's not acceptable but it kind of is where we are. Need to hit the ground running next year in a big way.

ShakeHands (Sligo) - 25/06/2019 12:04:04

Sligo 2019 - 2 Like(s)
I find some of the comments on here absolutely disgraceful, especially in relation to a legend of Sligo GAA who has never done anything but give his best for club and county. I know for a fact that the time and effort being put in by Paul Taylor and his management team and players is first class. These people are giving it everything they can and deserve some respect and support at least. We've had some terrible (well paid might I add) managers in recent times who got far less stick. It's absolutely ridiculous. There are massive underlying problems in Sligo GAA. The Junior or development team has often been badly run but to be fair the county board (who get lots wrong) got a proper structure in place to try and run it rightly this year. I heard about 50 players were contacted and less than 20 responded (and some of them were to decline). Fair play to them they kept at it and have a panel for Sunday but you have to ask yourself why is this happening. Is that also Paul Taylor's fault?

ShakeHands (Sligo) - 16/05/2019 09:53:30

Sligo Hurling - 1 Like(s)
Ya a double header would be great....could start the second game at 10pm and maybe make the pub for a pint afterwards

ShakeHands (Sligo) - 18/09/2019 18:28:04

New Club Managers - 1 Like(s)

Replying To MrUnderhill:  "Or divide it in two. Probably east west the best option."
Up to other clubs to get up to the standard and I think it can be done. Coolera probably gave them their best games in championship in recent years abd have beaten everyone else in that time but they haven't been doing well at underage for a good while. Surely some clubs who are stronger at underage over the years should be able to compete? I think we love making excuses in Sligo. Meanwhile Tourlestrane are running their junior side properly (only club in Sligo doing so in my view), giving young lads a "senior setup" albeit at a lower grade while clubs with bigger populations are struggling to field at junior. Tourlestrane deserve massive credit but what other clubs are getting the most out of their resources? A short list I'd guess.

ShakeHands (Sligo) - 15/01/2020 09:40:40

Sligo 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To eoinog:  "Hammered out the gate in Castlebar. Suppose we are as well to sack all of that Mgt team, kit man and water boys as well to go along with Taylor and the Co Board. .....Or we could say the writing was on the wall with the way we conceded goals against Roscommon and didn't learn."
If you were there, and gave a fair appraisal, you wouldn't say we were "hammered out the gate". I know you're joking about the rest of it. Management did a brilliant job here - one of the best prepared underage sides I've ever seen in Sligo. Last night the lads just didn't perform up to what they're capable of....despite best efforts the venue bull clearly impacted them. They misplaced passes, took wrong options and gave away more ball than they've probably done all season. It was only a small slip in levels but it cost a few really poor goals and a crucial chance when 2 v 1 and only 6 behind. Make no mistake - we beat ourselves here. I'm still of the opinion we're better than that Mayo side and several sides who'll make the last 8 but that's all for nothing now. To be honest I'm heartbroken over the whole thing.

ShakeHands (Sligo) - 27/06/2019 09:14:06