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9 Dubs forwards, would any not make the Mayo team? - 6 Like(s)
This thread should be printed and hung on the mayo team dressing room wall. I'd love to see this arrogance silenced on Sunday week. C'mon Mayo

republican (National) - 07/09/2016 17:50:23

O'Gara red overturned - 4 Like(s)
While I am glad to see this overturned the rule in the official rule book states a strike with hand or fist is a red card offence. What was this? "Striking or attempting to strike with arm, elbow, hand or knee." cat 3 offence. 1 match ban

republican (National) - 19/08/2016 18:06:59

Cleverest / wittiest GAA flags - 3 Like(s)
When sligo were in the connacht final in 2007 they had a flag that read "32 years of foreplay, now we want some action" We hadnt won it since '75. Thankfully we won that day!

republican (National) - 18/08/2017 16:00:14

Galway Vs Clare - 3 Like(s)

Replying To clare_sparrow:  "I would take a lot of positives from Saturday. Clare threw the kitchen sink at Galway and we survived. We did make a few mistakes such as the line ball at the end. And some nasty wides but again we showed we have the individuals to win these games. Canning, Coen, Daithi Burke, Whelan, Mannions, some great winners there. Management probably could have played a bigger role but maybe the next day they will. Im really unsure about David Burke in the middle, Hes good for a score or too so maybe further in, but he doesnt win any ball in the middle, which is costing Galway. I like the guy a lot and believe he is a great captain but I am not convinced of his hurling ability at all. Also why was Glynn not left in on the edge of the square for the whole game. He was winning some amount of ball in there with Conor Cooney. They are some duo in there..."
This comment should be saved and kept for comic value in 10 years time or so. David Burke is one of the finest hurlers to ever play for Galway!

republican (Galway) - 30/07/2018 15:57:45

Mapping GAA clubs across the country - 2 Like(s)
Great idea! I might mark where Tom Parsons' house is in County Sligo ;)

republican (National) - 06/11/2017 18:28:47

Donie Vaughan - 2 Like(s)

Replying To bananaskin:  "Also Vaughan is 29 years old nearing the end of his playing career. I don't see this being a case of a player swapping clubs to win some silverware."
Are you blind? This is a toxic move, Donie has made some mistakes over the years but this is just two fingers to your grassroots who worked so hard over the years to make you into what you are today.

republican (National) - 15/12/2017 15:20:17

Donie Vaughan - 2 Like(s)

Replying To bananaskin:  "I was being tongue in cheek with the contract incase you didn't realise! You're over reacting calling it a disgrace. Enough of the pride of community bulls**t. It happens all the time in the GAA no big deal. Again Vaughan resides in the town and has a business there so he's perfectly right."
Pride of community bulls**t ??? Thats literally what the ethos of the Gaa is built on. You need to take a step back, maybe think of the Ballinrobe kids watching Mayo in croker focusing in on every single movement their hero clubmate is making. That is one of my earliest memories of GAA. I remember being borderline obsessed with the intercounty guys from my club. And I'm from Sligo! imagine the difference with Mayo with all the exposure they get. This statement reeks from Vaughan.

republican (National) - 15/12/2017 19:30:22

League 2017 - 2 Like(s)
"Sligo deserve more credit" Give me a break Carew. This weekly column in the champion is absolute nonsense. Great start to the league. Keep it going but please refrain from this kind of a statement.

republican (Sligo) - 16/02/2017 17:22:37

Sligo 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To muscles:  "Yes, I mean why didn't anyone else think of that, copy Kerry and we be winning All Irelands. Fact is many counties have tried and failed, what works in Kerry hasn't worked anywhere else"
This poster may just have saved Sligo football. Copy Kerry... genius

republican (Sligo) - 06/03/2019 14:49:08

Armagh - 1 Like(s)
It all stems back to our lack of success underage. I've been saying this for years we need to stop the rot of getting trounced by Ros/Mayo/Galway year in year out at U20 and below.

republican (Sligo) - 25/06/2018 17:59:59

NY GAA 2017 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To UP_THE_PUBS:  "jeez lad have some sense of optimism who says cadden won't be able to pull it off again.....granted they might not win (their not expected to)....but have a sense of belief.......everyone is this town is so hung up the negativity and nit-picking at NY.....what they fail to see is a team that has a legitimiate shot not to mention a home grown talent in Shane Hogan who is just as good as some of county players back at home.....NY will give it a right go and if their down by 2-3 points at half time on a slippery day at gaelic park one never knows stranger things have happened."
Sense of optimism? Do you not see what county I am from?!

republican (USA) - 26/04/2017 21:35:01

Martin McGuinness RIP - 1 Like(s)
History will be kind to Martin. A true inspirational figure, a gentleman and a Gael. May he rest in peace in the knowledge that the Ireland he left behind is a better place because of him. May he inspire others to live their lives with courage and the ability to forgive and forget for the greater good of our nation. RIP

republican (National) - 21/03/2017 13:23:50

Mayo v Sligo - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Benbulben:  "Helicopters and the like, at least the lad at the centre of the selfiegate saga has a few Connacht medals to his name."
Best comment i've seen in a long time. The whole helicopter thing is very embarrassing. On the game last Sunday, I cant add anything. It was very disappointing and I'd agree with the sentiments above, Mayo won at a canter and basically never got out 2nd gear. There was no point on Sunday when I thought we had a chance of winning. It looked like a damage limitation job which is sad. it was men against boys and then you have the Helicopter Columnist, The Flying Coach telling us that we competed for 60mins. Its an insult to the GAA people of Sligo

republican (Sligo) - 25/05/2017 16:53:18

Sligo 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To eoinog:  "Rory Gallagher..... I presume you are joking. There would be more scores in the Showgrounds. Don't think Maughan is going anywhere."
Ya because finishing rock bottom of div 3 -48pts and conceding 3-17 to the mighty Offaly is better than being defensively conscious. You're spot on Eoin, lets keep the Taylor train rolling. He should be ran out the door after that pathetic year. No aspirations whatsover

republican (Sligo) - 07/08/2019 14:08:02

Donie Vaughan - 1 Like(s)

Replying To bananaskin:  "Obviously not blind. He is not contracted to Ballinrobe GAA, is he? They have agreed to the move so what about."
"not contracted" Will you listen to yourself. This is the GAA not pro sport. I'm conscious of spewing the same old jargon (pride of community, playing with your childhood friends blah blah blah ) but this is nothing short of a disgrace. I'd be furious if I was from Ballinrobe

republican (National) - 15/12/2017 16:44:24

County u-21 football team for 2017 - 1 Like(s)
Congrats to all. Galway have some cracking players. Its great to see the Galway of old, classy free scoring forwards and attacking half backs. Reminded me of the days of the Meehans, Joyce, Ja Fallon, Donnellen etc.. You'll have an all ireland before you know who!

republican (Galway) - 03/04/2017 16:59:54

Mayo v Sligo - 1 Like(s)
We'll beat Antrim and all will be great again. Book up the chopper for that weekend!

republican (Sligo) - 06/06/2017 14:53:01

Infamous GAA moments - 1 Like(s)
Its amazing how many people do not understand what "infamous" means! I think the moment Seanie Johnston transferred to Kildare

republican (National) - 08/06/2016 19:01:12

The positive Sligo GAA thread - 1 Like(s)
Great to be reading Sligonian comments again. Its been far too long. Hes the reason I joined this site. All we need now is Rich Dublin and we're back to the dream team. Are you there Rich Dublin or are you still mourning Tubbercurrys loss?

republican (Sligo) - 27/10/2017 19:16:38

Sligo GAA fan engagement survey - 1 Like(s)

Replying To SligoStudent:  "Hi, Could you please take a few moments to complete this a survey. The survey is to gather your views on fan engagement between Sligo GAA and their fans. Your input is greatly appreciated. If you have any queries, suggestions or questions about the survey please feel free to ask. Sligo Fan Engagement Survey: Thank you."
at first glance i thought there was a great big engagement party in NY

republican (Sligo) - 28/04/2017 21:24:21