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NFL 2018 Division 3 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Maggiepie:  "An accurate summation of the game, but no sign of a rising coming from Sligo football I can assure you. Were it not for two barrel chested tackles from Ross, where he stalled Wexford advances in their tracks , we could well have had a different outcome. In the first half alone Ewing gave four direct turn overs to Wexford, I stopped counting after that in dismay. O Connor, Cawley and Carrabine were reasons for optimism and their work rate was excellent. Hughes and Murphy both not that long ago mentioned in All stars dispatches , are either disinterested ,injured or possibly over the hill already. Only they can answer that. Form can desert anybody, but effort, never. I also thought that the sideline took a very detached stance and I was really dissappointed in this. Running up and down the line roaring and shouting is not the answer, but vocal encouragement is called for, not this occasional half-hearted shout. Could see no difference in approach from last year, so what was the big deal for change all about?!"
Slightly surprised at some of Maggie's report. Some I agree with but some doesn't tally with what I saw if 'm honest. I'll go down through your points in the order you posted them. Yes we could have let this slip easily. Ross played a big role in holding the FB line together. We're blessed to still have him, he's something else. Overall though we deserved the win and played good stuff at times I thought. I don't recall that succession of turnovers and thought Ewing played well as he usually does. If he did lose possession a few times I guarantee he won it back more often that that. He's a good lad and important to us and can fill a variety of roles. I also think he has a major role in organisation of the defence which looked better to me in general despite some lapses. Comments on Hughes and Murphy are unfair bordering on ridiculous. Neither played up to their best or to what we know they're capable of but the suggestions you make are very unfair and wrong. Have you something against these lads? It certainly looked to me like they were trying and possibly the harder they tried the worse it got. Suggestions of a guy who played international rules a few months ago being over he hill at 24 can't be taken seriously. Ridiculous. I wouldn't question their effort and I'm certain both will be back to their usual levels very soon. I thought there was a very obvious difference from last year in terms of defensive shape and the players understanding of their roles. It wasn't perfect and needs more work but looked like it had purpose rather than a load of guys standing around aimlessly like the last few years. The encouragement and instruction from the mentor up on the camera position was excellent from what I heard and at all times positive. Overall I left with a positive feeling. We have to remember this is a very inexperienced side and we are missing a few very important players through injury and unavailability. They're learning and showing signs of learning fast. As you rightly pointed out, O'Connor, Carrabine and Cawley had fine games and so too did Luke Nicholson. Others that didn't stand out as much had good moments too and most importantly got the win. Onwards and upwards. Two more wins needed at least.

an_broc (Sligo) - 06/02/2018 12:42:56

The positive Sligo GAA thread - 1 Like(s)
Good win for Attracta's today in the Connacht colleges A semi against Geralds. Playing Rice College in the final who defeated Jarlath's. Go ahead and finish the job lads.

an_broc (Sligo) - 21/02/2018 17:41:17

Club Championships 2018 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To leyny:  "Think we will have the favourites in both Senior and Intermediates winning at their ease. Whilst Mull/Co usually put up a decent performance against Tubber I dont expect them to have the power on this occasion as they have quite alot of very young players scattered through their team and after all this is real championship. Tubber by a min of 6. To my knowledge, Coolera have never beaten Tour in the championship and this Sunday will be similar. Molaise were talking themselves up prior to game in Bunnyland but, in truth Tour had the game won after 18 mins. Whilst Coolera accounted for a very hot or cold St Marys (depending on the day), Tour have too much power and pace and will win pulling up by 5 as Coolera have overachieved in reaching the semis. Enniscrone are more organised this year and this is a testimony to an exTour and Coolera stalward, Con O'Meara, in truth they are another that has overachieved and again I expect Gaels if they are tuned in correctly to win by 6 ."
To your knowledge, when did championship begin? In the mid 2000's???

an_broc (Sligo) - 27/09/2018 17:18:16

NFL 2018 Division 3 - 1 Like(s)
On yesterday - football never ceases to amaze in its complexity and also its simplicity. We started yesterday with an extreme form of blanket defence which Longford had the patience and confidence to wait for the right moment to pick it apart. Our lads were trying but are just not suited to this system and Longford showed they're a good team going well to build a 5 point lead. It was awful watching our lads try to break forward and only have Coen 60 yards ahead of them with 3 Longford defenders for company. I noted one of our players pleading with the management to let them push up and when that happened the change was massive. Our lads were able to get their game going and rattled off 10 points in a row to take control. Longford responded with a killer goal and from there on it was just two good teams battling it out in an absorbing contest. We're far from the finished article but when we were let off the leash so to speak and allowed play to our strengths we showed we're as good as most sides in this division and I would say capable of more. We could have won, could have lost which would have been very unfortunate and not deserved. We'll take the point I suppose. I hope this is the end of ultra defensive tactics. We just can't master the defensive side even and then the transition to attack has been hopeless. Time to ditch those tactics. I feel the management are still learning about the players which is perhaps understandable to a degree but needs to be sped up. Some substitutions yesterday again had me scratching my me the game was crying out for Carrabine (unlucky not to start in my book) and Kyle Cawley for the last 15 minutes but they only got on very late. Huge game away to Offaly next week. We're capable of winning but it will be difficult. They've got things going now as have Derry who we meet at home in our last game.

an_broc (Sligo) - 12/03/2018 09:44:49