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Replying To Sligonian:  "Taylor Resign please, your not the source of our issues but you are a symptom of the choices of an incompetent county board. Given the results which show to me a lack of learning or progress, conceding 3-17 today to Offaly, not a div2 side, a side that's struggled to stay in div 3 is unacceptable. The worst year in a long time if ever for our Seniors. We are in danger of throwing away all the good work at underage if Taylor stays."
Judging by his interview with Ocean FM he's in no rush out the door. This man I'm afraid is better cut out for politics than football with him trying to flog the same story again as he was all year. Saying they're doing all the right things, working hard, young team etc. If he were getting the most out of them Sligo wouldn't have the results they had all year. Time to see how strong the new chairman is because we got rid out outside managers for far better outcomes.

Sligoman1234 (Sligo) - 24/06/2019 09:48:21

Sligo 2019 - 1 Like(s)
Surely yee will get rid of Taylor after that year. Malachy O Rourke is now available he's the type of manager yee should try and get in to work with the younger players. I'd also say Fergal O Donnell as he knows Connacht football and is a great manager with young teams. It's an ideal job for someone playing Div 4 you can start from scratch and Bulld a team over a few seasons. Sligo aren't a bad team and have good underage structures so it's not the end only the beginning. Look at what terry hyland has done with leitrim getting us promted with a very young team he will hopefully make us compitive again in the next couple of years.

Champotime18 (Sligo) - 24/06/2019 14:06:13

Sligo 2019 - 1 Like(s)
Shocking performance yesterday againat a poor offaly team. Defintely not all the managers fault but played like a team of individuals. No structure or belief. Defence was very poor. No on field leaders is a worrying site. Think sligo Gaa needs a complete overhaul starting with the county board. Not sure how we cant be competitive especially when you see Roscommon this year. Questions need to be asked.

SuperSligo (Sligo) - 24/06/2019 20:50:57

Sligo 2019 - 1 Like(s)
10 competitive games played under this manager and 10 defeats. We have ZERO defensive structure and have conceded 23 goals in these games. When we played Offaly in the last league match, we were unlucky to lose by a point. Yesterday we lost by 11 points. Therefore we are going backwards at a rate of knots. I agree with Sligonian that the manager is not the only problem. Nonetheless we need to urgently change the manager. Otherwise I fear we will not win any games next year either, even in division 4!

SligoCody (Sligo) - 24/06/2019 16:23:26