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Championship 2017 - 5 Like(s)
Compare Jack in the championship to say Peter Canavan. Remember tyrone v Armagh. That point to o win the semi final. Or canavan v down in 2003. Bernardo, is there something wrong with you? why in the name of jaysus would you compare Jack, who is only in his first full proper year at inter county cos of injuries, to one of the greatest of all time who had been playing for tyrone seniors for 13 or 14 years at the stage you're comparing them?? ridiculous No one player loses any game, anyone with a brain in their head knows that. if the whole team had played well that day then monhaghan wouldn't have been in the position to need a last minute free to draw it.... cop on

turkeyplucker (Monaghan) - 11/07/2017 09:11:22

Martin McGuinness RIP - 4 Like(s)

Replying To gotmilk:  "I share the thoughts of a lot of you on this thread. Driving into work this morning a sense of fear and sadness came over me. I'm afraid of the direction the Republican movement in the North will head. Will it follow the way of the DUP and watch the principles disappear for greed. I hope it doesn't. Will republicanism have a leadership that will be willing to bend as much as Martin was for the greater good. There is no doubt that Martin McGuiness was willing to look at the bigger picture and the broader community. It may not seem it to some in the south but the moves he made in relation to policing had a lot of people who would have been supporters of his in the past vying for his blood. What may have seemed like simple gestures were actually quite massive when you consider the backwards nature of a lot of people in Northern Ireland. Shaking the Queens hand and going to a NI soccer game were massive step forwards.

For a man that I never met I am actually quite upset. Martin McGuiness did not know any of my family members but he had a massive impact on our lives and the lives of Catholics up and down the country. At a time when we were been treated as second class citizens in our own country, a time when we could not get a job, we could not vote, we could not get an education, we couldn't even be christened what we wanted to be (my father is known as Sean but on his birth cert his name is John because those over the birth cert refused to accept Sean as a legitimate name.), he fought back. He stood up for the people who were being punished, he fought back for those that were being discriminated against, he fought back for those that were being burned from their homes, he fought back for those who were considered legitimate targets by security forces and loyalist paramilitaries based on where they went on a Sunday morning. He also had the vision to realise that you could only fight back so much before you had to talk to your enemy and work out your differences from there.

There are only two politicians this island has produced that I feel cared about it's citizens. Both are now deceased, one was David Ervine, the other Martin McGuiness. This island is definitely the poorer for both being deceased. It is now time for those with the capabilities to stand up and deliver like both of these men did."
Great post GotMilk. RIP Martin Solas na bhFlaitheas dá anam uasal

turkeyplucker (National) - 22/03/2017 09:46:31

The Sunday Game... do certain pundits have an agenda - 2 Like(s)
So what exactly is their agenda?

turkeyplucker (National) - 10/07/2017 10:29:34

Well done RTE - 2 Like(s)

Replying To witnof:  "Stop. These are our National sports, our National broardcaster should have shown these and the U21, the club games, ladies football etc for yeats. As money takes over other sports RTE will try to show more GAA reluctantly because every other has told them to! @#$ off"
These are our National sports, our National broardcaster should have shown these and the U21, the club games, ladies football etc for yeats. Why? do you think rte only exists to show GAA? What's the harm in TG4 having the rights to club games and ladies gaa? they do a great job, i'm glad they have the rights for them and would hate to see GAA totally removed from TG4. it's so easy to say 'oh rte don't care about club games and that's why they don't show them'. it's hardly as black and white as that

turkeyplucker (National) - 04/08/2017 14:13:24

Mr Murdock's Sky in Monaghan! - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Bernardo:  "I am not sure what you mean. However by point re francie bellew stands. If francie had taken the frees jack took he would be off. The freess were that shockinlgy bad."
What happened to you not posting til the quarter finals?!

turkeyplucker (Monaghan) - 27/07/2017 10:38:43

Why are the qualifier games not on TV? - 2 Like(s)
For god sake, RTE only have the rights to a certain number of games. Is it 31? So maybe if they had the rights to 32 games then they could have shown a game on Saturday, but they don't. We would all love if they showed every game possible every Saturday and Sunday from May til September but that's not part of the deal with the GAA

turkeyplucker (National) - 19/06/2017 10:11:38

Championship 2017 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Bernardo:  "Turkeyplucker canavan was 24 in the All ireland final in 1995."
And what? You didn't mention 1995 in your comparison post- Compare Jack in the championship to say Peter Canavan. Remember tyrone v Armagh. That point to o win the semi final. Or canavan v down in 2003. And even if you wanna talk 1995, that wasn't Canavan's first full year playing football for tyrone was it, he had been playing since '89. it's an unfair comparison and you know it

turkeyplucker (Monaghan) - 11/07/2017 14:36:11

Brolly gives Down a free pass - 1 Like(s)
I usually pass no remarks on Brolly but I thought he was very hypocritical last night. In one breath he was saying he could understand Connolly's frustrations with the linesman as he had no protection from the 3 Carlow players and in the next breath he was praising Down's aggression while highlighting 3 of them push McManus to the ground while another put his knee in to him.... does he not think McManus deserves the same protection as Connolly? And as for his rant about Spillane, what an absolute joke considering how he treated Sean Cavanagh. I had to turn the telly off last night

turkeyplucker (National) - 26/06/2017 11:47:36

Cavan V Monaghan - 1 Like(s)

Replying To MadgeKing:  "There's a lot of emphasis being put on league form as the reason Monaghan are strong favourites for Sunday. That's fair enough on face value but you can look at a bit different too. v Dublin: Both lost Head to head: A draw (that Cavan probably should have won) v Tyrone: Both lost v Donegal: Cavan lost, Monaghan draw (thanks to a dodgy injury time penalty) v Mayo: Both won v Kerry: Cavan draw, narrow Monaghan win (1 point swing) So the real differences came down to Cavan tanking against Roscommon while Monaghan beat Roscommon like every other team in the Division did. We are not that far off when you look at it that way. If Cavan can avoid the nightmare 'Roscommon-type' performance then its there for them. Plus Monaghan hate the favourites tag..."
And what exactly was dodgy about the penalty in the Donegal game?

turkeyplucker (National) - 08/06/2017 13:30:19

Championship 2017 - 1 Like(s)
Funny thehut i thought it wasn't a penalty myself, actually thought it should have been a free out for over carrying. but these things happen in every game and i would take nothing away from Down, they more than deserved their victory. Actually think it's a bit disrespectful of posters on the main forum saying it was Monaghan's mentality and arrogance that lost them the game. saying that is to take away from a very good Down performance. Their tackling was class, they kicked some beautiful long range points, their full forward roasted one of the best full backs in the country... there are some serious footballers in Down and they showed it on Saturday. I don't agree with the posters saying Owen Duffy should have been left on, he had a very poor game and was contributing nothing. I thought Malone did well when he came on, brought intensity when tackling and actually looked and tried to win ball back instead of letting Down players run through him. 100% agree that Walshe's best position is corner back. Kieran Hughes has the potential to be an unreal midfielder, some of the balls he plucks out of the air are a joy to watch, but then he goes missing for such big chunks of the game, there was 20 minutes in that second half where ya would hardly notice he was on the field. I was sick leaving Armagh on Saturday, couldn't talk about the match for the rest of the night but it's in the past now and what's done is done. I'm looking forward to the trip to wexford and hopefully a big improvement

turkeyplucker (Monaghan) - 26/06/2017 12:44:35

What does Michael Duignan think of this? - 1 Like(s)
Oh great ANOTHER thread about RTÉ, well done f*ck sake, TG4 have the rights to some competitions, RTE have the rights to others, what is the big deal? they can't show GAA on RTE 24/7. Believe it or not some of the people who pay the €165 licence fee have zero interest in GAA

turkeyplucker (National) - 13/07/2017 08:58:14

Championship 2017 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To farneyhammer01:  "Good Post Supermon. The level of criticism of the players against Carlow is OTT.I work with a good few Carlow people and they were very confident of turning us over on Saturday night ,they were well prepared and said they would ambush us .Credit to them they raised there game and give it there all ,but at the end of the game our experience and fitness levels told to us and we had still more in the tank .Our players are not and rarely have got any credit from the media in that I mean National and Provincial media all forms .We don't have to prove to anyone what a super bunch of players we have. We don't have the biggest pick in the country but these lads are the ones putting it in everyday for us. Yes sometimes they don't play to there capabilities and this happens for various reasons but one thing is we cannot question is their commitment to the Monaghan cause. For once the qualifiers have been kind to us and if I could have picked a team to play now it would be Down. Make no mistake this will be a different game than the one in Armagh and we will be better for that. The abuse that Conor had to contend with from before the throw in was dreadful l,once again all players must get the protection from the officials .The players owe it only to themselves that this is not the final game for this season ,they know they didn't perform or indeed were not let perform against Down and some of the sledging was certainly in the black card territory. We have to go to Croke Park in huge numbers and get behind these lads and together who knows how much longer this journey continues. "The Farney Hammer""
I don't think anyone is questioning the level of commitment the boys are giving to Monaghan. But there's nothing wrong with discussing who's playing well and who isn't, so long as no one's being nasty about it..... we all know how good they can be and that's why it's so frustrating that they haven't been performing well all summer. We weren't nearly beaten because Carlow were confident of turning us over and played out of their skin. Carlow were very poor and the reason we were nearly bate is because we were even worse until the last 10 mins. if we had played like that against a team playing half decent football then we wudda been hammered. Anyway, that game is done so it's onwards and upwards. Like I said previously I think Croke Park will suit McCarron and McCarthy so start them both along with McManus. I have a notion Jack is gonna have a great game and will relish playing in Croker. Drew will be like a man possessed and there's no way Harrison will have it all his own way this time. If we finally perform well, bring some hunger and intensity, and there's a half decent ref who doesn't let Down away with what they got away with in Armagh, then we should win. I'm looking forward to a big performance from the boys.

turkeyplucker (Monaghan) - 20/07/2017 09:36:35

Tyrone for Sam 2017 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To ctowers:  "I think thats the moment we find out if they are a proper team . They "bottled it" against mayo last year, game was there for them but the fear of losing stopped them pushing to score enough to win. Great performance V Donegal , clever around the centre field and great pace in attack but they also got it easy from donegal. The difference in physicality in the tackle and in breaking one on one tackles was so stark that ir was really surprising. Its down to who do you affirm that to . V good tyrone or Poor donegal. Monaghan played a bit more attcking in the league and then reverted to type in the summer . Will Mickey Harte revert to what he knows best when the pressure game comes (semi or final) or is it he finally has a squad of players to play this way ? Wont know but definitely contenders in the top 3/4 where games are won and lost mostly on the odd score"
Monaghan played a bit more attcking in the league and then reverted to type in the summer Monaghan have scored 2-35 in their two games this summer, not bad for a team 'reverting to type'

turkeyplucker (National) - 23/06/2017 12:26:23

Championship 2017 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To GeneralFranco:  "Many folks heading for the bright lights of Wexford and making a night of it?"
Aye, 3 of us heading down saturday morning and staying that night. couldn't get a hotel in the town so staying in a BnB a few miles outside it

turkeyplucker (Monaghan) - 30/06/2017 08:43:25