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Easy Road Is Blocked - 9 Like(s)
First year of super 8's and Kerry don't make a semi final. Canavan is right and is probably talking for counties who have had unfair paths in years gone by. The days of Kerry walking into the last 4 in first gear seem to be a thing of the past. Super 8's if nothing else ensures fairness, it might prove to an unpopular change in Kerry going forward.

sam1884 (National) - 04/08/2018 20:15:27

Meath - 7 Like(s)
Meath football does not seem to be getting any better. Is there a link between all counties bringing strength and conditioning to a new level and Meath no longer being competitive?! The traditional strength of Meath football can be easily matched now, which appears to be stopping them making any progress. For a county it's size they are gone again, before the Leinster final is even played.

sam1884 (National) - 09/07/2017 08:54:16

David Gough To Referee The Final - 6 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "I'm just going to say the below one last time and then leave it there because there's no point talking anymore now that the decision has been made. Kerry will just have to grin and bare it and move one. However as a general principle: How would Dublin react if the man in the middle was some fella from Cork or Limerick who lived in Tralee, was essentially a member of Strand Road having thought in the school connected and right next to that GAA club, had been previously photographed after an All-Ireland win with players of the team and the Cup and finally had been allegedly invited into Kerry training sessions that very summer to take charge of practice matches. I mean if people can't see a conflict of interest there (unintentional as it might be on the part of the official) than you'd have to wonder! How can someone so heavily involved at club level in a competing county and working and living there be expected to be seen as impartial. For the next 3 weeks he will be in Dublin during the buildup and will face the consequences of his actions every day for months after in the capital. And you are telling me that, even at a subconscious level, that can't and won't have an impact? In the run in to the 2015/16 Premiership title race a ref appointed to one of Leicester's games was stood down because he had, in a private capacity, attended one of their games as a spectator earlier on that season. That was the only link he had with the club and yet the Premier League felt the need to stand him down, he had absolutely no issues with it and neither had Leicester or any of the media. And yet in the GAA we have the above. How far we have regressed in 90 years. In the early 1930s Cavan objected to playing Kerry because a Munster ref was appointed and the official was duly changed. That was a common enough back then and it was understood that ref's often needed to be changed depending on teams drawn to ensure impartiality. Like I said, I'll say no more now on it as there's no point. It's just another pothole placed in front of Kerry on the road to trying to stop an inevitable 5 in a Row."
As mentioned in another post Kerry's problem isn't the ref lives and works in Dublin. Kerry are doing two things - 1) Intimidate the referee, try and get a ref who is in awe of Kerry and is afraid to make a big call (2009 All Ireland Final throw in incident) 2) Get a fussy ref who will slow the game down, fall for Kerry cynical tactics and give them easy frees (Deegan in this years semi final) Gough is neither of the things Kerry want, he's the best referee in the country who will allow a fast paced game of football and won't be intimidated by either team. Kerry's tactics in previous finals won't work with Gough, he won't be biased in any way and won't allow any previous success or tradition to alter his decisions - with Gough in charge the best team on the day usually wins. Kerry simply didn't want him because he is such a fair referee who they can't imtimidate or fool, nothing to do with him living in Dublin, he is a Meath man at the end of day who hardly have much love for Dublin so Kerry's argument is hilarious and didn't fool the referee committee.

sam1884 (National) - 14/08/2019 16:32:04

The Last 5 Years In Football - 5 Like(s)

Replying To JDF:  "Sensible debate seems beyond some of the Dublin posters so they respond with sarcasm. It has been a poor era since 2015, very rare to see Cork, Galway, Meath & Down all so poor at once. Those 4 counties had shared 11 All Irelands in the previous 28 finals prior to 2015. Add in that a great Kerry team were finished its left for a dull championship which only left one contender who have their own psychological issues to get over. I think we're in for a great era of football going forward over the next 5 years."
Football was hardly the strongest during Kerry's 4 in-a-row with Dublin gone, Ulster in turmoil and Galway/Mayo fairly weak at the time. But yet that team is seen as the best ever yet in a stronger era this Dublin team "only won All Ireland's because of other counties being weak at this time". A great team is never given credit whilst they remain successful, it will be in twenty years time people look back and acknowledge just how special they were. Due to the agenda of people they probably have to win the 5 to leave no doubt they are the best ever because some just don't want to acknowledge their success.

sam1884 (National) - 21/03/2019 15:12:38

Meath V Dublin Leinster Final. - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Ulsterman:  "The Association should take a long hard look, this is the future of Gaelic football and the game will die if drastic action isn't taken. The crowds are staying away and people are bored stiff now. Turgid, turgid rubbish but you can't blame Meath who just want to keep the score down. The GAA have created a monster in Dublin that they can't, or more likely don't want to control. The game is dying a death."
All the "money", "unfair funding", "population" cannot be blamed for a team not having the ability to kick very scorable chances and frees. Meath shooting is shocking and adds weight to the GAA's view of counties looking at their own coaching of basic skills. Today's match shows something beyond "unfairness" is an issue in Leinster. Cutting Dublin's €1.3million will not result in other teams having the basic skills to compete overnight. What has happened a big, successful, traditional county like Meath? I'm afraid the GAA are correct when questioning coaching practices in some counties. You cannot blame Dublin for this!

sam1884 (National) - 23/06/2019 17:26:40

The Dublin Trinity - 5 Like(s)
The great traditionalists in Kerry will and would be hurting at this suggestion. A county who prides itself in being the aristrocrats of football, a county who fears nobody, who respects no other county and prides itself in taking on the best of any era. Has the great Kerry GAA in 2019 now accepted they cannot take on Dublin - especially Dublin who it's great past leaders loved battling with despite the difficulities. Maybe it's a sign of the times that Kerry don't want to work out the challenge they just want it to disappear - lets split the rival so Kerry can return to their "rightful place". A massive mentality split down in the Kingdom.

sam1884 (National) - 18/09/2019 10:50:55

All Ireland Final 18 - Dublin V Tyrone - 5 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "Never mind them lads - the usual cohort of Dub posters going out of their way to put the boot into Kerry even when they have an All-Ireland final to look forward to! Says it all about them. The arrogance and self-importance they show on here is nauseating at this stage and to see the tripe they're now continually posting (and being allowed post) just because they've experienced a few years of unprecedented and extraordinary success. They think what they have done in 8 years means they can degrade and dismiss Kerry's great history and tradition which has been built up over 120 years. It's really irritating to hear this guff constantly posted by them on the back of a few All-Ireland titles. At least, like I said, they are not representative of the actual Dublin fans you meet at League games etc. For the record I had no intention in getting involved in this discussion on the final, until I saw the slurry username was posting. And that's the last I'll be saying on this thread anyway. The only posting I will be doing on here come Sunday or Monday will be on how our minors got on on Sunday. To the real Tyrone and Dublin fans out there I hope ye enjoy Sunday."
Dublin success not going down well in Kerry!

sam1884 (National) - 30/08/2018 18:19:25

Dublin 2015 - 2019 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Crinigan:  "The lack of hype and buildup as well the reaction on social media says it all. 5 in a win, supposed to be special and nobody cares. Why? It's a 100% tainted achievement."
History won't mention the jealousy from other counties - it will honour a great group of footballers.

sam1884 (National) - 14/09/2019 20:38:03

Donegal V Cavan. Ulster Final. 2019- - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Game2Halves:  "Donegal have reverted to type. Is Jimmy McGuiness back? It's a pity, they tried expansive football last year under Bonner but now obviously winning has outweighed the need to play entertaining football. Awful to watch, using their big physical players to spoil the game, 15 men behind the ball. Back to the norm for Donegal . I think the attacking mark will be introduced next year and hopefully will be end of this sort of playing once and for all. I thought it was just a tactic against Tyrone but obviously this is how they set up. Back to rubbish football ."
They play the type of football Tyrone want to play. Strong defence, pacy half back line, quality tackling, the quick turnover, but the big difference which makes them entertaining and effective is they have something Tyrone don't have; a top quality forward line which allows us to see great scores. Donegal are starting to look the real deal and could continue to dominate the Ulster Championship for a few years yet. I'm not surprised to see salty Tyrone posters though.

sam1884 (National) - 23/06/2019 16:56:39

Good To Hear - 4 Like(s)

Replying To GeniusGerry:  "What a load of complete and utter pony. What 'noise' do you hear from Kerry bar a few anonymous posters on here? Is that a big enough sample size to tar the whole county the same? In relation to Kerry's lack of success in recent years that is down to a lack of playing talent, simple as that. The modern era and championship structure is not that much different today than between 04-09 when the made six finals in a row and won four of them. If we had that panel available to us today I would bet my lottery winning Dublin would not be going for five in a row. These things are cyclical you are up sometimes and down sometimes."
Kerry are very cute in how they influence the media and have a good representation there, putting out opinions that can and have influenced reputation of other teams. The 00's was a terrific era of football but don't forget the one team that Kerry tried to tarnish due to fear beat them in the 3 big finals they played. I also remember they tried the same tactics with another team who beat them in a final and went toe to toe with them. The same articles, opinions have been cutely put into the public domain about Dublin during this era that the only reason they are winning All Irelands is down to finance. The reality is Kerry will of course win All Irelands in the future but the structures now in place will make it extrembly difficult for a county like Kerry to dominate any era again. This Dublin team is the best team to ever play the game, it's not down to finance or unfair advantage but simply because they have coached correctly, and put together a dedicated group of players. There will rightly be documentaties, books etc written about them for decades to come and no matter what any county has achieved before will go down as the best ever especially if they land the 5. It must be hard for Kerry to stomach that hence we hear so much about finance etc.

sam1884 (National) - 26/01/2019 13:20:47

The Allianz FL Thread (Division 2, 3 & 4) - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Royal.Legend:  "Disagree with Ye here, there's not much between Monaghan Donegal Galway Kildare Tyrone cork down Meath Roscommon Cavan in my opinion, all these teams can beat each other on any given day, even Kerry and mayo can be beaten in the league depending on there mood."
There can be two places in Division 1 for average teams depending on the previous seasons Div 2. However Meath are not at the level of Donegal, Tyrone, or Kildare. These three are way ahead of Meath. Division 2 this year is fairly weak so Meath need to take the opportunity. Next year Kildare and most likely Mayo, Donegal or Tyrone will be in Division 2. Meath would not be promoted with those teams in Div 2. If they manage to get through a weak Div 2 this year which is unlikely they will lose at least 6 games in Div 1.

sam1884 (National) - 14/02/2018 12:12:22

Mayo V Armagh - 4 Like(s)
When a number of different counties mention the performance of a referee then there has to be something in it. With all the work teams put into the Championship the referees can derail a season unfairly, probably one of the most one sided performances I've seen it a while you'd have to ask why!

sam1884 (National) - 29/06/2019 21:42:35

Mayo V Meath - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Thejoeshow:  "Based on what? Missed super 8s last year Losing to ros? Scraping by down Should have lost to Armagh Beat Galway Hammered by Kerry? I think mayos experience may well see then thru to but to call the suggestion of Meath wining 'priceless' is a bit much all things considered"
Massive difference between playing against a fired up Kerry team in Killarney who arrived on the national stage with pace, power and great forwards to a very average Meath team. Mayo struggled to arrive at the Super 8 stage but played a fantastic team today who would have beat 31 teams with that performance. Mayo always play well in Croker and won't be playing a great side. Mayo to win by 5 plus.

sam1884 (National) - 14/07/2019 21:43:22

Sean Cavanagh Kerry Fans Dogs/Animals - 3 Like(s)
Cavanagh's article is an inside into Tyrone's mentality. Chip on shoulder springs to mind! Tyrone were blessed with their best and amongst the best GAA teams in the 00's. In place was a great manager and together they brought home three All Ireland Senior titles - people acknowledge this achievement - like or loate their style they were great for the GAA at the time. Due to that decade of success Tyrone people don't like not being compared to Kerry and Dublin and believe everybody should roll the red carpet because they're Tyrone and should show some respect. Tyrone don't and will never have the history of Kerry GAA. Kerry have been winning All Ireland's since time began and you cannot wipe their amazing history because your county had a once in a lifetime team. There is nothing wrong with cheering on your team at it's home ground and also nothing wrong with showing some respect when winning.

sam1884 (National) - 11/07/2019 15:40:16

Tyrone in 00s v Dublin in the 10s - 3 Like(s)
It is one thing to win an All Ireland, celebrate however struggle to win the biggest games the following year. Whilst Tyrone's record over Kerry was immense what was never acknowledged was that Kerry team got to six All Ireland finals in a row. Tyrone went into 2003, beating the previous years finalists (Semi and final), 2005 and 2008 fresh. There is no doubt it was an exceptional Tyrone team who brought 3 All Ireland's to a county who had none beforehand - but they could not get to two finals in a row, ironically even their neighbours Armagh managed it but found out how difficult it was to win back to back. This Dublin team have won 3 in a row, the amount of effort and hunger it takes to come back cannot be underestimated. Maybe if that Tyrone team played the current Dublin team five or six years in a row, Tyrone might have one or two days where they come out on top. However in no way can you compare this Dublin team to that Tyrone team, I actually suspect the Dubs to win five in a row. How can this team who have 3 in 3 be compared to a team who won 3 in 6 without putting two finals in a row?! Yes people might argue football was stronger then but I actually think the current Tyrone, Mayo, Donegal, Kerry teams would have competed comfortably back in the 00's - this current Dublin team are that good they make football look weak.

sam1884 (National) - 26/04/2018 17:35:25

Kerry V Dublin - 3 Like(s)
Kerry's tradition means they simply have to win this final. I've a feeling they'll somehow find a way to stop the 5 in a row. Expect to see the most passionate Kerry performance in a generation with players like Walsh and Moran in particular playing the games of their career mixed with other forwards that will click on the day. Forget everything Kerry have done this year - this won't have been a three week plan the new management team will have been working on Dublin since before Christmas. Kerry to win this by 2 points in one of the best Croke Park performances we've witnessed in a number of years.

sam1884 (National) - 31/08/2019 22:32:54

Dublin 2015 - 2019 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Donegal_abroad:  "This is hard to get away from.The AIG deal is unparalled in the history of the GAA. Massive money to essentially arrange a professional set up within the legal realms of the amateur game. Can Meath or Kildare or anyone outside Leinster get an AIG type deal? That's the next question. Canavan is right that other counties need to arrange this new model of preparing teams. The deal alone won't solve underlying issues and that's where credit is due to Dublin. They've wonderful players, a wonderful manager and a wonderful set-up which they take full advantage of and they just concentrate on becoming phenomenal footballers and a seamless collective. But in the background the money machine is making these things possible and when you see other counties sponsored by creameries and hotels... you really have to wonder where the equity of all this will come from. Is it the GAA's job to level the playing field? Is it up to the county boards to get similar deals to the AIG one? Dublin though were brilliant yesterday again and their insatiable resolve is admirable."
Kerry group, Kepak, Club Tyrone (A collection of very wealthly Tyrone business people), Elvery's are examples of companies who have been required to fund All Ireland winning teams. Also counties along the West coast in particular have huge money making machines overseas - so big they'd almost require a chief executive to deal with the input/output and logistics of the work they do. There was very little complaint about the money these companies or ex pats provided over the years; Dublin certainly didn't complain during their 16 years without an All Ireland. The GAA was actually a very small sport in it's own county in comparsion to it's population and the role of funding is make the GAA part of small communities within the larger urban areas. If the funding is an issue then we will have serious problems in the future. This current crop of players though were well into the system before this funding or sponsorship came about. Where the money from AIG is useful is preparing the team to be the best it can be but figures don't show Dublin as spending significantly more in preparing teams than the other big counties. Kerry group is one of the biggest multi-national companies in Ireland, in it's day of sponsoring Meath Kepak weren't a small company and Elvery's have also deep pockets. Tyrone have a multi-million pound training centre and train in more comfort than Dublin do. Mickey Harte always dismisses funding and senior Kerry people are careful of what is said because they know over the years their own counties have operated on a significantly higher scale than counties around them. Brolly talked about Derry being able to at least compete with Tyrone in his day but now due to the vast sums of money; Tyrone have become a superpower. Sponsorship differences is an issue in the GAA and we are having a situation where counties are pulling away from smaller/medium size counties. However it's not the reason why Dublin have won 5 in a row because there is a number of superpowers in the football championship - Dublin's main challengers are not exactly searching down the back of the sofa; they have very deep pockets themselves to prepare teams and ensure strength and conditioning mirrors professional sports teams. The Kerry's, Mayo's, Tyrone's and possibly Donegal are counties who are very wealthly and I'm convinced if they had the team to beat Dublin, money wouldn't an issue. The fact is this Dublin team are a very special group who would have won multiple All Ireland's in any era - jealousy is obvious but the true facts related to the likes of Kerry Group / ex pat groups are not mentioned because it doesn't suit the narrative.

sam1884 (National) - 15/09/2019 17:09:22

Roscommon Vs Tyrone - 3 Like(s)
It was a four point hammering in fairness. Tyrone did what they had to whilst keeping some energy for later in the year. You'd have to ask if the Connaught championship is going through it's strongest period. Mayo don't seem to take it too serious but will have a major say in the All Ireland Championship. This super 8 group is going to be a hard watch, to me Roscommon showed why they'll be playing Div 2 next year. I would comment on thr ref - what was going on I'd like to think the home crowd had an impact and nothing more because for me he did his best to impact the game but Tyrone were too good to allow him.

sam1884 (National) - 13/07/2019 20:33:53

All Ireland Replay Profits - 3 Like(s)
84,000 people, atmosphere electric, edge of the seat entertainment and two teams literally using every last bit of energy. The GAA get a lot of stick but imagine if the All Ireland final product was under the control of the IRFU, FAI, UEFA or FIFA. Tickets would cost upwards of €400 - yes it's amateur and I get that argument but for what the All Ireland final produces I think the value is spot on. I like your suggestion of giving money to clubs but I suspect a certain overspend in Munster will get some of the extra revenue :)

sam1884 (National) - 01/09/2019 18:53:54

The Allianz FL Thread (Division 2, 3 & 4) - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Richieq:  "We came within a point of Donegal last summer and with a bit more savvy in front of goal could of beaten them, we have been competitive with Tyrone in shy have we played them in and could also have beaten them in Omagh in 2015, Kildare certainly got the better of us last year but we had a period of dominance over them prior to that and I don't think last years games give an accurate reflection of the gap between the two sides, albeit they were far better in both days and deserved their wins. I would have no fear of playing those three teams and would believe that on our day we would certainly compete with them and could beat them so I think you could be accused of excessive use of the whip with your opinion there"
Every season Meath posters tell us they will do this and that!! Any big Championship game away from home is tough especially in the qualifers when teams have a run of games. Donegal went into Navan and won. The next day Galway hammered them which shows how far Meath are away - they couldn't beat a Donegal team running on empty in Navan. Donegal have freshed things this year and will kick on. They have played great football and been very unlucky against top sides!! Meath might not like it but Kildare embarassed them last year - without breaking sweat. Kildare are currently streets ahead of Meath with a promising young team. Are you seriously saying Meath are on a par with Tyrone?! You talk about a game three years ago, the reason there has been no recent games is due to Meath not being on Tyrone's radar. As I mentioned Meath may get lucky this year - as Div 2 is weak but ironically the way things are looking for next year Meath might struggle to stay up even in Div 2 next year. I really don't rate Meath but they try and market themselves well.

sam1884 (National) - 14/02/2018 13:53:57