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All throws in this weekend.

As for a recent transfer request being denied- what else are the club expected to do- players know there are no club to club transfers after the 1st of March.

This has been the rule since 1999 after Garryowen employed a lot of players from another club to help with their championship campaign that year
Common knowledge and Fulham had no other choice but the route they have taken.

Lets get back to the football

scutterbag (UK) - Posts: 150 - 30/08/2013 17:04:40    1471590


Transfers are not allowed between clubs in the same county after the march deadline.

Just on another point there are in excess of 120 players transferred into London clubs in the past three months.
Are there new clubs in the offing or what is happening to the players being displaced.
This is enough players for 7 teams? What effect will it have on English born players who may not be up to the same standard?
Is there room for other competitions to facilitate all of these players, both arriving and been displaced?

millbrook (UK) - Posts: 103 - 05/09/2013 09:13:21    1475475


if they are not good enough what do you think?

To the line with them

Clarebearstare (Clare) - Posts: 192 - 05/09/2013 11:23:49    1475573


With the number of players arriving weekly. I think you need about another four clubs.
It would not be in the interest of the gaa to loose any players no matter what level.

millbrook (UK) - Posts: 103 - 05/09/2013 16:25:05    1475927


05/09/2013 11:23:49
County: Clare
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if they are not good enough what do you think?

To the line with them

Unfortunately this is most likely the case for the majority of lads who are now also ineligible for the reserve sides if they even have a reserve side in the club.

Most likely they will be marginalised until the club realises next March they don't have enough Senior players for a game and they'll get the call again...most lads are decent folk/club men and will go out again rather than take the logical step and move to another club or perhaps even a Junior side...unfortunately there is still a stigma around Junior football in the County. Some of the better games I've seen this year have been in the junior grade; whether that's because of the openess of games or skill is not always certain but at least they would get more games.

I'd be interested to know how many lads have given up football in the county after being pushed out of the senior teams and haven't considered/looked at moving to another club?

Eire Og have done a fantastic job over the past couple years starting a new club and Crawley/Brighton Gaels have got up and running too. Unfortunately we have seen Robert Emmetts go by the wayside.

Kerryman (UK) - Posts: 403 - 06/09/2013 10:39:34    1476302


you do get quite a good few lads come over and think they are above playing Junior football in London, meet them a few months later and find out their not kicking any ball at all, went to a senior team and didn't make the grade.

Rosineri1 (UK) - Posts: 1908 - 06/09/2013 12:30:44    1476458


The standard at junior level is brutal. I don't blame lads for not wanting to play at that level.

fancyaride (Mayo) - Posts: 141 - 06/09/2013 13:50:38    1476541


06/09/2013 13:50:38
County: Mayo
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The standard at junior level is brutal. I don't blame lads for not wanting to play at that level.

Based on what 'fancyaride'?

Granted it's not the senior grade but the gap between intermediate clubs and junior is not that great anymore like it was maybe 5-7 years ago. St. Anthony's are 4th in Div 2 and whilst Garryowen are top of Div 3 I don't think they've had it all their own way. I umpired their game against Pearses and they scored a goal in the last few minutes with Pearses missing two easy enough frees to win the game.

I've watched some very good games at Ruislip this year involving Junior clubs and some bad but the same can be said for intermediate and senior. In any case, I don't think the answer to improving the Junior grade is to say it's a brutal. If the fellas aren't good enough for senior they should accept it and play intermediate/junior and perhaps then we'd be on the right track.

All that said, I don't think this forum is about Junior football, it's actually about the Senior champs so maybe lets all stick to that.

I'd say FI will be most disappointed with their draw. Anyone else think Kiernans could make a final this year?...TCG are still the team to beat though I guess.

Kerryman (UK) - Posts: 403 - 06/09/2013 14:13:50    1476572


Junior is a building block, If you put in the effort you can quickly move up the ranks.

Clarebearstare (Clare) - Posts: 192 - 06/09/2013 14:27:30    1476589


The standard is pure bad. The gamess could be entertaining but it doesnt mean the standard is good.

TCG to win Senior and beat KKG in the final again. Neasden will top their group and Fulham to come second.

fancyaride (Mayo) - Posts: 141 - 06/09/2013 17:03:09    1476772


Seems like very little thought went into a lot of your posts here on this one, 130 players in the last few months transferred into London, if 20 of them haven't played championship football at home that's probably the max which leaves them ineligible to play championship here so the impact they will have is very little, and as for the recent transfer request, it was lodged at the beginning of the year and he is obviously still waiting for it to be signed so no problems there either. That should have you all caught up now.

yablind (UK) - Posts: 11 - 06/09/2013 18:19:05    1476820


fancyaride, 4 games on in Ruslip the otehr week, two junior and two senior, two senior games were dreadful in particular Kiernans v Brendans, skill level was shocking. Final game between McCurtains and Anthonys best game of the day both teams played flowing football, and some great scores and played with a real intensity. Also last year Cuchullainns won London junior and went on to beat the intermediate champions to represent London in the All Britain and just fell short of that. Granted there are games that are pure muck in the junior grade but when you get to the business end of the year the standard of football is good.

Rosineri1 (UK) - Posts: 1908 - 09/09/2013 10:13:29    1477952


rosnieri- 100% right, lots of lads play no football in Ireland between the ages of 14 and 20 then come over here and think they are superstars. end up joining senior clubs and haven't the ability to make the grade, and as you say end up kicking their heels.

if they'd go away and join a junior club, get some games under their bely and move the following year if they felt they were good enough it would be a lot better for London football.

how come round towers had to play TCG in championship earlier in the year in Greenford and now have to play them again in Greenford.

I cant remember the last time (in London) senior champo was played outside Ruislip, and I have defo never heard of a team getting home advantage twice in the same year against the same opponents. what a joke.

why cant the game be played in mitcham?

JimStynes (UK) - Posts: 33 - 10/09/2013 15:25:08    1479283


soz for puutn it up here,who will win intermediate hurling ths year???

edshamrocks (Wexford) - Posts: 332 - 10/09/2013 18:01:46    1479474


Great win for Kiernans yesterday, which means Fulham or Neasden will be out in the group stages. Much improved on their opening day performance v Brendans.

Rosineri1 (UK) - Posts: 1908 - 16/09/2013 14:38:17    1482941


was a bit surprised neasden didnt offer more, makes the task extremely difficult in that group with the runners up potentially facing tcg

will kiernans be facing a fulham with or without mulvey after the red card?

if fulham beat kiernans then potentially neasden or brendans into a relegation play off

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 16/09/2013 14:48:01    1482947


can anyone tell me how positions are determined if teams finish on the same points. does it come down to head to head first or is it score difference?

duffer84 (UK) - Posts: 4 - 19/09/2013 14:30:42    1485094


if its 2 teams head to head, 3 teams score difference, similar happened in my home county championship when 3 tied it was score difference

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 19/09/2013 15:19:56    1485147


any views on the last group games this weekend? thoughts on the championship so far? possible semi final pairings?

duffer84 (UK) - Posts: 4 - 25/09/2013 16:38:14    1489347


Looks fairly straight forward for TCG this year again. Thought Fulham and Neasden would have pushed them hard this year, but it hasn't materialised. Too many fellas deserting them come championship time. Kiernans will be looking to go close this year, especially after impressively beating Neasden. But not sure them, Parnells or KKG have enough resources, particularly coming off the benches to really push TCG.

Lazarus1 (Galway) - Posts: 173 - 25/09/2013 19:22:16    1489484