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It's Old Firm time in Tyrone Hurling. Eoghan Ruadh v Eire Og tonight at O'Neill Park Dunagnnon 7pm. Time to rumble!!

wise_guy (Tyrone) - Posts: 1584 - 08/06/2012 13:46:16    1189724


7.30pm throw in wise guy.

26plus6equals1 (Tyrone) - Posts: 430 - 08/06/2012 14:31:34    1189786


typo there 7.30pm is right.

wise_guy (Tyrone) - Posts: 1584 - 08/06/2012 15:25:29    1189852


Good result for Eoghan Ruadh against Eire Og. Probably not the strongest Eire Og team but is there ever an easy one to beat?

wise_guy (Tyrone) - Posts: 1584 - 08/06/2012 21:54:38    1190139


I see from Twiiter that Dungannon have been stripped of the points from their game against NCC.

Bit of confusion yet but I would reckon DGN still win the league on points difference. Shows the whole thing up as a pointless excersize by NCC in the first place.

Hopefully they are made to play another game without the County boys. DGN would really stuff them and win the League cup. Or have NCC improved the same way their U14 team did since the league match?

26plus6equals1 (Tyrone) - Posts: 430 - 11/06/2012 13:52:42    1191752


Supposedly Shamrocks are awarding points to NCC for game which hasn't been played, Cappagh never turned up to play NCC either, NCC lost to Dungannon (who have since been stripped of the points) and they defeated Carrickmore by two points. If they end up winning League Cup they'll have done it by winning one game on the field!! Not what you'd call creative Hurling!!! Catch a grip lads, if you're going to win, try and do it on the pitch.

martinprince (Tyrone) - Posts: 187 - 11/06/2012 14:42:03    1191830


Eoghan Ruadh 2.09 NCC 1.10, result from last night.
Enter excuses below please.
Is that enough space?

martinprince (Tyrone) - Posts: 187 - 15/06/2012 08:50:45    1194630


As an edendork man i was at the match as a neutral, thought is was a decent game despite the absoulte worst weather ever! there was times when sticks were just flying out of the players hands and umpires couldnt see if balls were wide or not. fair play to all who played.

some very nice points taken on the night by both teams. i must say though as dungannon won by 2 points it was nt a real reflection on the game. i thought coalisland had more domanince all over and had some great scores from play and were the better team. the two goals that they conceded looked fairly soft and more opportunistic than anything else. a win is a win however. going by the people in the stand both sides are missing a few main players.

best for me on the night was coalislands No.9 and No. 3 and No.14. dungannons no 8 was good also. man of the match i would say coalislands no.9

keep up the good work....will defo be at more hurlings games.

beagball (Tyrone) - Posts: 44 - 15/06/2012 12:04:22    1194779


21/10/2010 13:08:54
County: Tyrone
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Thanks for the genuine congratulations on the win. unfortuantley we aimed to be in the county final and did nt celebrate the intermediate win at all. a draw against dungannon and 2 point defeat to carmen in championship. i have no doubt we will be their next year. just like to record to the young dungannon poster, we won the tyrone senior leangue (never lost a game) beat dungannon by 6 pts. you never beat us this year at all. lucky to get a draw against us in championship.

2009 ulster club junior hurling champions (ulster club winners medal)
2010 all ireland club junior hurling final in croke park (sliver celtic cross) beat by a brilliant limerick team Black rock (intermediate limerick club)
2010 senior league champions
2010 intermediate champions (4 times in a row)

P.s Dungannon dont like fulfilling fixtures lol ....how many armagh league games did you play last year. waiting until league over and waiting on teams to hand you points rather them travelling..NICE ONE

our club is only 20 yrs old and has own field, yous have been going from the day dot only managed to get an oul council field last year...joke.

Post on another Forum under banner NCC, (check date above)
I can always smell a Rat! Nice try though. The righteous praise for yourselves let you down, and even calling yourselves Coalisland was a nice decoy.

martinprince (Tyrone) - Posts: 187 - 15/06/2012 12:23:42    1194799


Well spotted martinprince.

That dude must feel like a right prat after that

26plus6equals1 (Tyrone) - Posts: 430 - 15/06/2012 12:57:59    1194833



this reminds me of NCC!!!

Good spot Martin, because Edendork men are notorious for going to Hurling matchs, and being from Edendork wouldn't make you neutral as Eoghan Ruadh have a number of Edendork men on the team and it's in Dungannon parish. The Clonoe men won't like you calling your club Coalisland!! And you based your whole arguement which martin prince found on ONE year!! Go back one or two before and look at results, that's if you want to live in the past.

It was a very even game and both teams scored flukey goals and both teams had about the same from play and dead balls!!

wise_guy (Tyrone) - Posts: 1584 - 15/06/2012 13:32:43    1194856


Must be exams on this week in St Joseph's. None of the usual children are able to get to a computer today.

martinprince (Tyrone) - Posts: 187 - 15/06/2012 14:21:07    1194899


League games set for a Saturday afternoon is a bit of joke really. Im sure i wont be wrong in saying that many of players will having to give up work to attend games. Wasn't much thought taken when it came to drawing up the fixtures again

1stRoundExit (Tyrone) - Posts: 20 - 21/06/2012 16:40:04    1199346



For once we agree. Friday nights where working fine! A lot of lads work on Saturdays and no-one can afford to miss any work these days

wise_guy (Tyrone) - Posts: 1584 - 22/06/2012 12:59:34    1199803


County: Tyrone
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1199346 League games set for a Saturday afternoon is a bit of joke really. Im sure i wont be wrong in saying that many of players will having to give up work to attend games. Wasn't much thought taken when it came to drawing up the fixtures again

I blame George Byrne he agrees at the meetings and when the games start then kicks up A fuss. ie fixtures and rules

TYRONE_MICK (Tyrone) - Posts: 322 - 22/06/2012 17:13:09    1200065


Eoghan Ruadh 2:17
Shamrocks 2:08

That is all!

wise_guy (Tyrone) - Posts: 1584 - 30/06/2012 14:07:57    1205440


wiseman tell me have u ever played hurling?

Up4it. (Tyrone) - Posts: 188 - 30/06/2012 15:47:35    1205510



wise_guy (Tyrone) - Posts: 1584 - 30/06/2012 20:24:13    1205845


Not the Tyrone league but Eoghan Ruadh beat Eire Og narrowly in the Armagh League Tuesday. Things looking up for the Dungannon compared with last year.

hurling_abu (Tyrone) - Posts: 7 - 04/07/2012 12:56:26    1209271


Tyrone hurling is strange. There seems to be boys playing for Dungannon who would be their better players yet don't play for the County. Was the Carrickmore team last night their first 15 or were they missing many. The County did well this this year to win the Lory Meagher, but to really challenge for the Nicky Rackard the best hurlers in Tyrone need to be playing for the County. What would be the strongest 15 hurlers from the county if everyone was considered?

geoff (Tyrone) - Posts: 375 - 04/07/2012 14:12:08    1209382