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First round of fixtures in Junior football kicks off tomorrow. Who are the contenders and no-hopers?

Think Junior honours this year will be between Brocagh, Dungannon, Killyman and Aghaloo. My verdict on tomorrows games is:

Aghaloo O`Neill's v Tattyreagh St Patrick's - Aghaloo by 3
Beragh Red Knights v Drumquin Wolfe Tones - Drumquin by 3
Brockagh Emmetts v Dungannon Thomas Clarkes - Very close Dungannon by 2
Clogher Eire Óg v Killyman St Mary's - Killyman by 2
Dregish Pearse Óg v Droim Ratha an tSáirsealaigh - Drumragh by 4
Fintona Na Piarsaigh v Glenelly St Joseph's - Glenelly by 1
Owen Roe O`Neill's v Errigal Ciaran - Errigal by 6
Newtownstewart St Eugene's v Castlederg St Eugene's - Newtownstewart by 5

thehallion (Tyrone) - Posts: 63 - 06/04/2012 15:15:00    1145006


any opinions on who's gonna do well the year??

i hear brackaville are goin well under new management....also i hear dungannon are struggling bigtime!!

think brocagh will be close this yr!

sluddensdentist (Tyrone) - Posts: 120 - 12/04/2012 13:34:55    1149858


Anyone know why the Brocagh-Dungannon and Fintona-Glenelly games didnt go ahead?

Finscealach (Tyrone) - Posts: 38 - 12/04/2012 13:43:55    1149865


12/04/2012 13:43:55
County: Tyrone
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1149865 Anyone know why the Brocagh-Dungannon and Fintona-Glenelly games didnt go ahead?

Probably players on the U21 panel

GrizzlyAdams (Tyrone) - Posts: 576 - 12/04/2012 16:40:21    1150135


Well any thoughts on this weekends fixtures? Killyman to bounce back from a bad start?

mmdtc2011 (Tyrone) - Posts: 125 - 13/04/2012 14:39:23    1151070



I wouldnt say the Clarkes team is "struggling bigtime" from what I hear there is great team spirit amongst the lads and their training sessions are quite good. I've been told it's the hierarchy of the club (i.e the committee) that is struggling bigtime. Maybe this is the reason that numbers have dropped quite significantly since last year players not been treated right, incidents and occurings being brushed under the mat and kept hush hush. It seems to be the way the club is being run, not so much to do with the players or team.

youngwarrior (Tyrone) - Posts: 6 - 17/04/2012 11:54:44    1153974



My bad!!! Was talkin to Clarkes player last week and he did mention that theres a bit of a fall-out amongst few people in the club...he said that the numbers had gone down at training and that they were struggling for competition for places!!

Id say they'll be alrite...good win last week and i tip them for another this wk!!

sluddensdentist (Tyrone) - Posts: 120 - 18/04/2012 13:47:40    1155027


Beragh Red Knights 1-12 v Castlederg St Eugene's 1-6
Brackaville Owen Roes 2-21 v Drumragh Sarsfields 1-4
Brockagh Emmetts 1-11 v Fintona Pearses 2-11
Drumquin Wolfe Tones 3-5 v Killyman St Mary's 1-16
Glenelly St Joseph's 0-12 v Dungannon Thomas Clarkes 1-12
Newtownstewart St Eugene's 0-15 v Aghaloo O`Neill's 0-11
Owen Roe O`Neill's, Leckpatrick 1-7 v Clogher Eire Óg 0-15
Tattyreagh St Patrick's 1-8 v Dregish Pearse Óg 3-7

Any views on the weekend's results??

only_1_tyrone (Tyrone) - Posts: 12 - 23/04/2012 10:26:02    1157982


Impressive result for Brackaville. They are obviously going well...possible contenders for promotion??

mmdtc2011 (Tyrone) - Posts: 125 - 23/04/2012 11:05:42    1158011


A hard fought win for Dungannon against Glenelly. A great hard fought win for the Clarkes. Easy to see that there is great team spirit amongst the team.

TheHedge (Tyrone) - Posts: 22 - 23/04/2012 14:08:48    1158191


Looks like it is going to be a very competitive league this year. Notable result for Brackaville against Drumragh..big margin! Newtownstewart won all three matches but apparently were very lucky to beat Castlederg in the first match. From a western point of view, main challenges looking to come from Newtown, Glenelly and Dregish.

westtyroneman (Tyrone) - Posts: 78 - 23/04/2012 20:15:30    1158583


Watched Brackaville on Sunday and they were very impressive...... Dungannon goin well aswell..... Id say there'll be 4or5 times fighting for league this year!

sluddensdentist (Tyrone) - Posts: 120 - 24/04/2012 13:52:11    1158989


worst drumragh team ive seen in years!! they have lost afew older men this year - it will be a very hard and long season for them. also whats happened the tatts 3 defeats in a row!! football in and around the omagh area not going to well at the moment!!

westender (Tyrone) - Posts: 14 - 25/04/2012 11:36:23    1159582


Drumragh better than that performance. They will be top six or thereabouts this year again.

slamdunk (Tyrone) - Posts: 1 - 25/04/2012 15:43:38    1159900


think fintonas result was the most impressive going to brockagh and winning might be the dark horses. as regards the best of the west you could take the pick of newtown and glenelly and they wouldnt win the league. fintona dungannon killyman and ahghaloo for me.

weebox (Tyrone) - Posts: 272 - 25/04/2012 21:50:28    1160163


Surely newtownstewart are going well and are most likely favourites for promotion? I hear Glenelly tried everything to beat Dungannon last weekend and that the young Dungannon team rose above it and unlike in such games last year thye managed to run out winners by 3 points! Fintona look like they could be the dark horses this year...following in Derrytresk's footsteps possibly?

mmdtc2011 (Tyrone) - Posts: 125 - 26/04/2012 11:30:32    1160304


Not running Fintona down, but I saw them in their first match and if Dregish had have taken their chances the game would have been long over after 10 minutes of the second half. A fairly good team, but upper mid-table for me.

westtyroneman (Tyrone) - Posts: 78 - 26/04/2012 16:01:50    1160597


Was at the Dungannon game in Glenelly, it was a great game to watch from the sideline. although Dungannon seem to be playing good football,

TheHedge (Tyrone) - Posts: 22 - 26/04/2012 17:31:35    1160724


westtyroneman wud have to agree with you there!!! We'll see how far Fintona have come on when they play likes of Newtownstewart and Dungannon...

sluddensdentist (Tyrone) - Posts: 120 - 27/04/2012 10:41:06    1161108


I watched newtownstewart against clogher, an i must say was very impressed, they played most of the second half a man down an won at a canter! must have had there homework done on cloghers young corner forward who scored 11 points the week before barely had a sniff!! not sure if there promotion favourites but wont be far away!!

True_Gaels (Tyrone) - Posts: 9 - 28/04/2012 10:16:40    1161780