Dublin fans are most disliked in the country

May 20, 2018

Dublin's Stephen Cluxton with supporters after their Allianz FL clash against Cavan at Kingspan Breffni Park.
©INPHO/Donall Farmer.

Dublin GAA fans are the least liked in the country, according to a poll carried out by Lottoland.

The Dubs came bottom of the popularity stakes with 39 per cent of the adults surveyed. They are least liked by people from Ulster and Connacht, while Cork supporters are the most disliked in Munster.

The Rebels are the second least liked in the country at 7 per cent, followed by Kerry fans on 6 per cent. Meanwhile, Kerry and Mayo fans are the least liked by their Dublin counterparts.

"There's no prouder nation when our sports teams, artists or business people are enjoying success on the global stage but strip it back and we just love a bit of good old fashioned local begrudgery," Lottoland's Graham Ross said.

It's hard to imagine Jim Gavin and co. losing any sleep over the findings of the survey!

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