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Sligo Club Fixtures 2019 - 1 Like(s)
You really have to wonder who makes these calls. We will be in the last week in July and not a single double header? Curry and Easkey have been asked to play at 6pm on the Sunday for some reason which I don't think is at the request of the clubs. And some of the venue choices are strange. Asking Ballymote to go to Enniscrone to play Castleconnor is strangest of all when Tourlestrane or Cloonacool would have been much more appropriate. Enniscrone and Johns hitting for Cloonacool seems a funny call too. Surely could have worked it in Collooney or somewhere. Molaise and Sham Gaels being brought up to Tubber, Marys having to drive through Tubbercurry to play Tubber in Curry. I know we all like a whinge and a moan a bit too much maybe but they are strange calls.

westsligoawakes (Sligo) - 18/07/2019 08:58:34