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We were beaten before the ball was thrown in with the team that was selected. Our midfield is not existant and instead of bulking up our half forward line with grafters and players who win breaks Walsh drops Egan (presumably because he got married the previous week) and brings in another scoring forward. Unfortunately the likes of Coen, Kelly and Marren need possession in order to score.
David Maye a youngster of 20 starting his second championship game who is normally a corner forward played sweeper while O'Hara, Egan and Hughes players who would have relished the physical exchanges kicked their heels on the bench - clueless stuff from Walsh and co.
Kildare are a big physical team and our response to that was to leave our physical players on the sideline. In atrocious conditions we were always going to be bullied off the park.

Anto (Sligo) - Posts: 270 - 30/07/2012 09:46:31    1233105


Sat evening was what a lot of people feared, a team not turning up or just not good enough.
When Sligo are knocked out of the Connacht C'ship that's the end of our Gaa year.
I was never a fan of B E but I hope he scored last wk end;)

allSOran (Sligo) - Posts: 690 - 30/07/2012 12:12:42    1233335


A disgraceful performance on Saturday. The fact that there was not one starter from the current county champions says alot (and I am not from Tourlestrane)...the management together with the back room team need to be replaced ASAP. With the exception of a small number of players, there was zero pride shown in the jersey. As has been said many times, Sligo football needs to be examined from the grass level, unlike successful counties like Kilkenny and Tyone, Sligo county players rarely turn out for the clubs, this is not acceptable.

Garavogue (Sligo) - Posts: 95 - 30/07/2012 12:32:28    1233369


First thing is that I'm relieved that the game was not shown live. For whatever reason, Sligo just did not turn up.

Sligo have now reached a serious crossroads. I'm no expert but if you're 5 points down playing with a strong wind you go for it. For most of the second half Sligo played with 2 players in full forward line and everyone else behind midfield. So when we got possession we had to handpass out of defence as there was no one to play quick ball to. At one point we got a free on our 45 from a Kildare attack. There were 7 Sligo players within 10m of the free taker so no one to play quick ball to in the forwards. Queue more handpass suicide.

In the first half no one was showing for the ball either. Players just standing there. My playing days are long gone but I'd always keep moving. You won't tire them out but as a forward you have to make defenders concentrate on where you are all the time. Also, as Kildare being bigger and not known as shrinking violets, we were always going to struggle on 50/50 balls. Kildare also seemed to have a plan surrounding breaking ball in midfield while Sligo seemed bereft. You don't win that much breaking ball by accident.

Not that it mattered, but on another day, the ref's performance would have to be looked at. By all accounts Sligo's third point was wide, but that is what umpires are there for. If necessary linesmen should stand in line with free takers so they can offer an opinion if necessary. I didn't see the Harrisson incident but consencus around me was he had to go. However, he was getting lumps kicked out of him before that and no protection offered. I think it was Ocean FM commentary indicated Kildare should have had 3 yellows for fouls on Harrison. I saw Marren being pulled down to (stupid by Kildare defender as definite foul), but don't know whether a penalty or not.

I think any county team would have beaten us on Saturday we were so bad. Funnily enough I thought we had every chance at half time - only 5 points down with a stronger wind than what we had when playing Galway.

The question is, which is the real Sligo???

Bawner (Sligo) - Posts: 27 - 30/07/2012 13:48:19    1233498


Going forward I think sligo should forget about the championship for the next few years and focus on their position in the league. They should be aiming to get into Div2 and work on staying there where they will play better teams at a more intense level. They completely lack experience at playing the bigger teams and they don't get enough games over a consistent period in the championship to benefit them. Kildare are not winning leinster titles but they are making Qfinals and Semi finals consistently for the last few years because they are used of playing at that level. We need to bring consistency
into our football. Beating mayo and galway Div1 teams one year and loosing to Leitrim and Wicklow Div4 teams the next, how will we ever improve with those type of rollercoaster performances.

HotFuzz (Sligo) - Posts: 68 - 30/07/2012 16:45:50    1233801


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Killer_88_ splitting hairs if because my description was slightly off but bottom line it was not a legitimate goal and a good call. I will admit that other similar handpasses may get let go but if you want to stamp the throw/palm type pass it is good to see some refs getting it right.

You said it has to be a fist, I corrected you. That's not splitting hairs. There's no rule against the "palm type pass". The decision is debatable. The ref clearly pulled it for a "throw", a throw it certainly was not so the ref got it wrong in that sense. The only question is whether the striking action was "underhand". It's a tight call and thankfully didn't disrupt the result in the end.

killer_88_ (Mayo) - Posts: 2040 - 30/07/2012 20:24:14    1234051