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lads what time is this game really at its been give on the preview for a 4pm throw in

lillymadfan (Kildare) - Posts: 1085 - 27/07/2012 12:19:03    1230315



john.no1 (Sligo) - Posts: 456 - 27/07/2012 13:07:47    1230406


All the best tommorow lads...

DUB1 (Dublin) - Posts: 5583 - 27/07/2012 13:50:57    1230505


Although they have named the same team as last time out. Surely that will change before throw in? We could do with Johnny Davey in from the start... and Hughs if hes fit....

HotFuzz (Sligo) - Posts: 68 - 27/07/2012 14:41:38    1230601


Very best of luck to ye. Hope ye can produce the goods and all of Ros will be behind ye in the Hyde

Ros2013 (Roscommon) - Posts: 470 - 27/07/2012 14:42:26    1230609


Still no place for Coen... a good player

unclegerry (Mayo) - Posts: 1182 - 27/07/2012 15:21:14    1230676


Muscles: I cant believe they are estimating 17,000, I would have thought around 13,000 - 14,000 to be attendance. Considering there was only 11,000 at the Kildare v Limerick match in Portlaois ans 15,000 at Kildare Cavan match.

Both of those figures for Cavan and Portlaoise were imo an underestimation of the actual attendances. In Cavan there was easily 20,000 and in Portlaoise at least 15,000+

lilywhite1 (Kildare) - Posts: 2966 - 27/07/2012 15:36:23    1230698


I meant to add that there were at least a couple of thousand children who are not included in the terrace figures as they get in for free the same as will be the case in Hyde Park tomorrow night.

lilywhite1 (Kildare) - Posts: 2966 - 27/07/2012 15:39:49    1230702


Lets be honest.Sligo are a poor team and this is not a wind up.They have beaten a bad bad Galway team and lost to a Mayo team that wiped the floor with them midfield and if things went right in front of goal and a perfectly Andy Moran goal stood Mayo would,on another day,beaten Sligo by 7 or 8 points.Sligo struggled to track Mayo runners and Kildare are a running team.The only thing that could go against Kildare is their shooting which in fairness Sligo are fairly efficient at.Kildare should win this comfortably enough though.

Take_em_off (Mayo) - Posts: 212 - 27/07/2012 16:36:19    1230789


Take_em_off that's your opinion, I posted before Galway game that Sligo could beat them as Galway were no great shakes and very indifferent league and to ignore Ross game as Ross never showed up. So agreed on that.

I also said Sligo/Mayo game would be won/lost tactically and saw Mayo playing sweeper and see how Sligo could counteract this. In fact Mayo had 2 people dropping back in 1st half to sweep up and Sligo kept pumping high ball in over sweepers and Mayo's defence cleaned up! These sweepers Higgins and Keegan then broke forward and weren't tracked as you said. Management did nothing till too late in game and bring in 3rd cornor forward

Moran caught a flight of ball over his head. O'Shea brought on fresh and Taylor tired legs, O'Shea ran all over him and wasn't till o'Shea's point management took Taylor off. Against the wind in 2nd half Sligo needed ball carriers to get ball forward, as couldn't get long ball to forwards, Brehany did well to carry ball, but our best ball carrier, J Davey was brought on too late

Sligo doesn't have a bad team trust me.

Also Moran's goal wasn't legit, there must be clear striking motion, the hand holding the ball moves with the striking hand preventing a "clear" striking motion!

muscles (Sligo) - Posts: 341 - 27/07/2012 17:21:28    1230848


Also meant to say had it not been for frees Sligo would have been well behind Mayo also, failed to create many meaningful attacks from open play

But no way can you say our defence is poor :)

muscles (Sligo) - Posts: 341 - 27/07/2012 17:22:51    1230849



Thats fair enough.I hope Sligo do win but I fancy Kildare but stranger things have happened.Sligo will need to be really economical with their scoring chances though because Kildare have a massive fitness which could see them through in the closing stages if the game is tight.You seen yourself what happened in extra time versus Limerick.Best of luck.!

Take_em_off (Mayo) - Posts: 212 - 27/07/2012 17:33:23    1230853


Also to add,Sligo never once looked like creating a goal chance and as for Andy Morans goal,how many of them passes would of been let go around the middle of the field,i would say 90 percent.

Take_em_off (Mayo) - Posts: 212 - 27/07/2012 17:51:33    1230870


Best of luck on sat , hope ye have enough in the tank for them.

blueman1903 (Cavan) - Posts: 719 - 27/07/2012 20:20:40    1230961


All the best today lads and lassies. May the best team win.

derfil1 (Kildare) - Posts: 1610 - 28/07/2012 09:36:36    1231054


take_em_off you would think you were world beaters yourselves. Ye got over the line with very average forwards and reality is if Sligo had played the angled ball to Kelly and Marren like they did against us (they booted i counted 6 high balls into your fullback line in the 1st 20 mins alone) they would have won. But of course could have should have is immaterial now. That goal in the Connacht final was not a perfectly good goal as the pass to Moran was between a throw ball and a palm pass. It has to be fully on the fist. We may have been poor this year but a bit unjust to Sligo as reading the post it was down to good Sligo play that beat us not because we as you say we are a 'bad bad side'. While we have problems adapting to mass defence systems etc Galway will rise again but knowledgeable Galway fans know this will take time. And we won't do it playing our traditional natural free flowing game. Everyone bar Meath and Down have resorted to building from the back with guys behind the ball and fouling beyong the 45 or 50 to keep frees from the natural scoring zone. Ye Donegal, Kildare etc have perfected this and hats off if that is the way the game is gone. In hurling natural talent will always win out but in football as the guy does more of the work than the ball a good system with average players might win an all-ireland. I hope Sligo play teh angled balls into Kelly and Marren who were the two most natural ball players in teh Connqacht final and deserve to be playing at teh business end of the championship.

kiloughter (Galway) - Posts: 1688 - 28/07/2012 11:02:01    1231106



When did i say we were worldbeaters??..Are we the best team in connaught??.Yes.!.I dont think Mayo will go any further than a semi and thats depending on the draw in the quarters.I just made my point that Galway are a poor side and I dont think Sligo are any great shakes either and iv been proven right about Galway,being hammered at Home and then getting bet by the worst team in Ulster.

Take_em_off (Mayo) - Posts: 212 - 28/07/2012 16:28:27    1231302


Is the game on Ocean lads? Wouldn't mind listening in, should be a cracker. Fancy ye for a shock.

theboydonegood (Donegal) - Posts: 522 - 28/07/2012 17:52:35    1231415


its on ocean ....bad start by Sligo two points down already.

51longago (Mayo) - Posts: 2981 - 28/07/2012 18:32:42    1231456


3 points down ffs

51longago (Mayo) - Posts: 2981 - 28/07/2012 18:33:30    1231457