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Sligo v Kildare

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I think the hyde will look great with us having the same colours in flags etc be it the other way around but it should look great.

lilywhitemagic (Kildare) - Posts: 1693 - 25/07/2012 20:39:24    1229111


Dingus and lillymadfan

I would like to see sligo win, but if kildare do happen to win it wont effect me too much, another victory over kildare this yr would be welcomed if we happen to meet!!

Up sligo, admire there football i have to say, do the west justice boys :))!!

Graham (Meath) - Posts: 39 - 26/07/2012 08:26:01    1229224


May the best team win, KIldare if its you's, meath will enjoy another victory if we are to meet!!

Graham (Meath) - Posts: 39 - 26/07/2012 08:56:50    1229229


Lily, our flag is white & only white!

I see the Meath obsession with us lives on. I can't decide if it's more like Fatal Attraction or Single White Female.

Count_Awesome (Kildare) - Posts: 736 - 26/07/2012 09:42:42    1229260


Wow, in the time it took me to type a comment about the Meath fascination with Kildare TWO more comments from Meath showed up!

I bet you close all the curtains and dress up in Kildare gear, don't you Graham?

As for the match, are Sligo people expecting a big crowd?

Count_Awesome (Kildare) - Posts: 736 - 26/07/2012 09:45:44    1229265


My guess would be 6,000 - 7,000 Sligo fans on Saturday evening if we're lucky. Alot of people within the county writing off the team already

From everyone I've been talking to everyone seems disappointed with management decisions in Connacht final. Its easy to realise mistakes in hindsight

muscles (Sligo) - Posts: 341 - 26/07/2012 11:15:58    1229344


Dingus you may explain what "Cosmopolitan " means to Graham he is from meath after all.

what are you trying to say lillymadfan??..I genuinely do think Sligo are well able to beat Kildare, as somone pointed out they are way too overhyped. And I wouldn't mind what some people are saying about kildare wanting to make up for Limerick, they said that after us, and then they were back to their usual selves after Cavan. I think it's obvious to all that fitness won out in the end against Limerick, but that won't be the case with all teams. Yas have some decent footballers up there. Have some faith!!!

ClassApart (Meath) - Posts: 1200 - 26/07/2012 12:28:47    1229424


County: Meath
Posts: 23

1229229 May the best team win, KIldare if its you's, meath will enjoy another victory if we are to meet!!



lillymadfan (Kildare) - Posts: 1085 - 26/07/2012 12:58:18    1229453


You're from Meath, Graham; if we were playing some team from Outer Mongolia, you'd like to see them win too. If we do beat Sligo and if you do beat Meath, the odds are against you should we meet again. I'm off to have a look at the continueing disintegration of the Dublin-Meath love-in on the Dublin forum. You're doing a lot of whinging about booing these days. I expect more of the same after the Laois game.

Dingus (Kildare) - Posts: 271 - 26/07/2012 13:04:41    1229464


Cant understand any negatives in Sligo

In 2 C Finals over 3 years, have twice beaten Kildare in Championship in recent years. Ye have Eamon O' back v a Kildare team struggling badly at mid.

On recent form ye hammered Galway while Kildare had to rely on a last minute peno to get over them.

A nice rest after C Final as Kildare struggled v Limerick and brought to ET.

All set up on own door-step so handy favs.

Kildare still short Callaghan, Flynn & Lynch with Dermot & John Doyle over the top.

Kildare will need a stormer to have any chance and even that might not be enough for them.

My Sligo cousins might prefer not to be seen as the favs but sure I will have a team to support whoever wins.

KELF (Kildare) - Posts: 775 - 26/07/2012 13:09:14    1229471


I know we are all white conleth but if you look at flags been waved the writing on it is in black with the expection of the new logo flags.
The flags that are not official gaa merchandise are nearly always white background with black writing that reads cill dara/kildare there is even ones with black and white squares.

sligo are all black but again mostly black background flags but with writing that in white
so the hyde will look great
hope that clears it up

lilywhitemagic (Kildare) - Posts: 1693 - 26/07/2012 13:23:30    1229492



All im saying is i hope sligo win, i happen to prefer them over kildare. And i feel that they will have the better of you's, i feel kildare are far to overated. The bernard dunne's of Gaelic football in my opinion. In fairness you's had a great preformance against the mighty limerick last week so i congratulate you from the bottom of my meath heart on that one!!!

Graham (Meath) - Posts: 39 - 26/07/2012 13:29:42    1229501


Well Muscles that might be the best way to have it! absolutly no hype or expectation but if we pull a big performance were in with a chance!
I guess there will tickets be available at the hyde? not too confident of a win but hopefully well get a good performance!

HotFuzz (Sligo) - Posts: 68 - 26/07/2012 13:37:23    1229515


Ha ha Graham, well if we are the Bernard Dunne of GAA, then Meath are the Derek Chisora s of the GAA.

Willie Nelson (None) - Posts: 972 - 26/07/2012 14:42:19    1229576


Hope Geezer and the back room team remember to count the subs. A mistake against Sligo could prove costly!

ruff1106 (Kildare) - Posts: 175 - 26/07/2012 14:52:27    1229589


Fair play yew_tree Nice to see you supporting your neighbours. Down west & in Ulster always manage to put the local rivalry aside to do that.

I would always have done the same for any Leinster team but I notice the MH & LS lads are too bitter for the "most important cammandment" ( with one notable exception).

Saw Sligo in Tullamore in the League and they hammered us that day, with Coen outstanding (Kelly was missing as was O'Hara).

They should be much too strong for Kildare at midfield (even tho they lost that battle v Mayo) with O'Hara to supplement 2 big men.

Jonh Doyle is really off form and Dermot Earley seemss to be struggling badly for fitness and form, Flynn is constantly injured and hot headed when he manages a game while Hugh Lych had been out for over a year. All this means Kildare have no actaul midfielders. If Costolloe & Breheny can feed a Kelly, Marren Conen full line Sligo could win this by 5 to 10.

KELF (Kildare) - Posts: 775 - 26/07/2012 15:17:06    1229623


26/07/2012 11:15:58
County: Sligo
Posts: 156

My guess would be 6,000 - 7,000 Sligo fans on Saturday evening if we're lucky. Alot of people within the county writing off the team already

From everyone I've been talking to everyone seems disappointed with management decisions in Connacht final. Its easy to realise mistakes in hindsight


On the Sligo GAA page that 17,000 is expected on Saturday so 7,000 from Sligo?

Gaa_lover (USA) - Posts: 2488 - 26/07/2012 19:12:59    1229932


gay-lover there will be 10,000 from kildare at least and more than 7,000 from Sligo.

ruff1106 (Kildare) - Posts: 175 - 27/07/2012 08:57:37    1230119


@Kelf - I think your forgetting Sligo have no midfield either!

@hotfuzz Yes very true, Sligo always up their performance when everyone has them written off. Hopefully things go right! I'm hoping there will be tickets on sale also at Hyde as havent been able to pick mine up this time

@GAALover 17,000?? I cant believe they are estimating 17,000, I would have thought around 13,000 - 14,000 to be attendance. Considering there was only 11,000 at the Kildare v Limerick match in Portlaois ans 15,000 at Kildare Cavan match.

@Ruff1106 At least 10,000 from Kildare, there was only 11,000 at the Limerick match which was just down the road in Portlaoise, what makes you think all the Kildare fans will now come out of the woodwork? I think the Kildare fans won't be seen unless they reach croke

muscles (Sligo) - Posts: 341 - 27/07/2012 10:14:10    1230173


All the best for Saturday lads... If Sligo show up like they did v Galway you will win this... It will be a physical battle around the middle third but if you can break even you have the better forwards... Exact same scenario going into the Connacht final but B Moran and A O Shea were the diff around the middle..

I think ye are great value @ 7/2... Best of luck

unclegerry (Mayo) - Posts: 1182 - 27/07/2012 11:38:18    1230264