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I hear the lads are back training. Many new/old faces? Surely our championship is the league this year and get out of Div 4 is the only aim for the team.

lugdrum (Leitrim) - Posts: 234 - 29/10/2015 16:16:48    1802925


League will be tough with away trips to Wexford, Antrim and London (depends when we get them)
Looking forward all the same. Hopefully a high turnover of lads will get a runout in the FBD.

Mugatay (Leitrim) - Posts: 84 - 29/10/2015 17:07:23    1802944


Will be a massive ask to get out of Division 4 given the fixture list and the turnover within the squad.

Squad continuity has always been our biggest problem.

Hopefully having Emlyn Mulligan and Paddy Maguire involved this year will provide a boost, and compensate for the loss of one or two players.

Players I'd like to see involved this year are forwards, more forwards, we can bring through good defenders, (Murphy and Woods last year for example) but lack of genuine threats up front are always problematic.

We badly have to be able to score if we are going to get out of Divison 4.

Dodgy_Pass (Leitrim) - Posts: 325 - 29/10/2015 17:53:21    1802957


I think a lack of forwards is a problem most clubs in the county have. To be fair most clubs in the country have the problem. Forwards always seem more injury prone. From anecdotal personal experience there always seems to be a higher drop out rate from underage with forwards as compared to backs. Lots of great forwards I knew at underage level ruined by drink too. All anecdotal though.

premiumrashers (Leitrim) - Posts: 49 - 29/10/2015 21:10:56    1803006


Squad will surely havto be made up of a majority of Manor, Mohill, Aughawillan and Melvin Gaels players. Easily the 4 best teams in the county. Losing McCrann is a massive loss both on the field and for experience on the dressing room. Many new additions? Hearing there are 2 boys from shannon Gaels in Cavan training with the squad. Any other new blood?

Leitrim1234 (Leitrim) - Posts: 241 - 30/10/2015 11:33:19    1803065


I didnt no McCrann was gone. I would think young canning from Mohil will be a good addtion. Emlyn and paddy maguire would as well. Not too many other names spring to mind except the players that were on last years panel. Conor Bernie is the best forward in the county but if he is not willing to commit from the start then its a waste of time. We seen that against Roscommon 2 years ago when he came back mid sesaon. What about Paul Brennan didnt he win an intermediate with Bundoran this year. Also i was very impressed with Micheal McGuinness in the county final is he too old to give it one more year?

lugdrum (Leitrim) - Posts: 234 - 30/10/2015 17:11:58    1803207


To be honest with ourselves we are a good distance from being able to seriously aim at a Connaught championship at the start of the year, and for me the simple way to improve is to play better teams regularly which means getting to at least Division 3 ASAP. To do this I think we need to train with the league in mind rather than championship, and any progress in the championship should be viewed as a bonus. If Ward can convince Conor Beirne to commit then great, if not move on and forget it, for me the big issue this year, if McCrann doesn't come back is goalkeeping. There are a few options around the county but I would love to see us focusing on a Cluxton style goalkeeper, who is really strong at starting attacks and bypassing midfield when needed.

20pointhero (Leitrim) - Posts: 85 - 31/10/2015 21:15:18    1803399


20Point Hero valid point about the GK scenario. McCrann a massive loss, he's a very good shot stopper and accurate off the tee.

We have a few good underage keepers, Michael Neil Gallagher of Melvin Gaels and Darren Maxwell of Ballinamore SOH are just out of Minor and should be involved with the U21's I see Brendan Flynn is starting on DCU's Sigerson Team at present for the College's League. He's probably the incumbent.

I'd love to see McCrann, Lyons and Gareth Phelan involved in coaching the specifics of Goalkeeping to all our underage development squad keepers right up to U21. It's such a specialist position and players are better identified at 14/15 as potential keepers and worked with, as opposed to many clubs sticking the tallest / slowest / widest / best kickout lad in goals.

We've been able to tempt former county players with experience and know how into coaching roles (Donoghue, Heslin, Cullen, Lyons, McGowan, etc), wouldn't it be great to see goalkeepers treated the same.

Dodgy_Pass (Leitrim) - Posts: 325 - 01/11/2015 15:37:56    1803471


Surely the Aughawillan goalie hasto be called up, very good shotstopper. I have a slight worry that not enough freshness is going to be introduced to the panel and that certain clubs aren't getting enough credit with their players being called up while certain players that have been on the panel for years are just being kept because they have been there before. Any word of any more trials or call ups?

Leitrim1234 (Leitrim) - Posts: 241 - 03/11/2015 15:28:54    1804083


Why is everyone crying about McCrann....to be honest anytime I seen the lad play-------, we have a leitrim lad playing with DCU....one of the hardest college teams to get on to, heaven and earth should be moved to ensure he plays for leitrim this year...and the very thought of having the aughawillan player somes up leitrim football at the moment. if all else fails there is always Enda Lyons, still a quality keeper!

straightred (Leitrim) - Posts: 33 - 17/11/2015 08:18:26    1807750


Just saw the new names on panel for Donegal...no Brennan. Wonder is there any chance of getting him back to play for Leitrim this year?

DamoK (Leitrim) - Posts: 50 - 24/11/2015 12:12:35    1809473


Ward should be looking at getting him back...definitely

FrChewyLooey (Leitrim) - Posts: 123 - 24/11/2015 12:41:30    1809485


Would be a great asset if he could get him back. He is a big strong player.

DamoK (Leitrim) - Posts: 50 - 24/11/2015 14:21:01    1809529


Brennan would be a major addition if he would commit. Hopefully Mulligan being involved could help that? Any other new additions so far to the panel ?

Leitrim1234 (Leitrim) - Posts: 241 - 25/11/2015 15:42:38    1809869


Is Mulligan back though?? I hope the lads have jobs or are in college or whatever because I wouldn't expect anyone to hang about otherwise. Not good for themselves or the interests of Leitrim football..we need "workers"!

Mugatay (Leitrim) - Posts: 84 - 26/11/2015 15:19:25    1810083


yeah believe Mulligan is back alright

DamoK (Leitrim) - Posts: 50 - 26/11/2015 15:52:36    1810093


according to last weeks papers mulligan is back which is a welcome addition

some major challenges ahead tho

I would use mccrann as the goalkeeping coach as times have changed since the old school lads played
beck thanks for your service but if you cant go 70 at full pelt time to move on

paul brennan would be a welcome addition back but will he? Maybe with mulligan back we might have a chance

donal wrynn whats his best position? holding his place on DCU sigerson team is no mean feat but for Leitrim where?

In nets if benny Flynn stays around he should be first choice as noted above with DCU no more need be said

still think we need a Maxwell type forward mcgrail isn't the answer but have we anyone who can do that role emerging?

some good introductions last year but them lads were light hopefully now better developed

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 26/11/2015 17:00:50    1810114


Light and yet looked sluggish against Louth but I suppose it was dead rubber anyways. We gave the league a good shot and seemed energetic. Unlucky not to scrape wins in two draws against the promoted teams (Offaly and Longford) not to mention that Wicklow game.

Some difficult fixtures there but I'm optimistic and will travel...we have to keep going forward.

Wrynn is a hard one. I think his missed goal effort v Galway summed him up. Has a great physical presence and ball winning ability but that precision in finishing was lacking. He has given some fine displays in the full back line in a leitrim jersey and I think that maybe his best position.

But with time he could be a good cat in among the pigeons at full forward

Mugatay (Leitrim) - Posts: 84 - 27/11/2015 17:17:27    1810282


Wrynn may be raw but we don't really have any other physically strong ball winners in the forwards so we may have to persevere with him in there. Great to see Emlyn Mulligan,Adrian Croal,Paddy Maguire back, but Fergal Clancy, Darren Sweeney,Paddy Mc Gowan and Cathal MC Crann are huge losses we cant afford really.

green.and.gold (Leitrim) - Posts: 400 - 29/11/2015 19:40:38    1810485


I agree wrynn is a work in progress and it may take another year or 2 to find where he fits best, maybe with Sweeney gone centre field?

re the 4 who may be going Clancy may be the biggest loss of the 4, but he hasn't been right since the first shoulder injury a couple of years back, Sweeney has given great service and is the wrong side of 30 - 33 I believe not many inter county midfielders in that age group these days - maybe niall Gallagher at Donegal, mccrann as said above should have some role in the coaching area, McGowan is a good club man but is he inter county?

On the returns Maguire and Croll are good additions, along with mulligan, we have options up front now with the young lads who joined last year and good experience returning

Midfield though is a gaping hole right now though ......

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 30/11/2015 12:31:52    1810562