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Trip to New York

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Basing it on some of the League performances and Championship performances, I say cancel it. Mayo did last year, give away the 10000 and save the rest of the expenses of travelling.

leitrimlad94 (Leitrim) - Posts: 156 - 13/07/2013 17:46:28    1430488


it will be coming up soon, wats the deal wit it? suppose the new manager will have a say.
I dunno, id say there wudnt be much interest in it.

gaelsboy (Leitrim) - Posts: 186 - 12/09/2013 15:33:55    1480843


there should be 4 vacant seats on the plane IMO

harleys (Leitrim) - Posts: 294 - 12/09/2013 16:09:06    1480880


myself and yourself should have them harleys

gaelsboy (Leitrim) - Posts: 186 - 12/09/2013 16:20:16    1480893


Save me a seat on the plane too

Ya never know after this big transfer from st marys into kiltubrid I just might have time for a holiday Harleys

That is after I win another senior medal in 3 weeks time

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 12/09/2013 16:38:46    1480915


They won the FBD. They deserve the trip, regardless of the circus that took place afterwards. Get mossy and the lads back on board and willing to play next year. We need them.

coppers.abu (Leitrim) - Posts: 89 - 17/09/2013 21:56:09    1484077


I think the lads should and let there hair down! At least this time the have the right place to do it this time

Villatown (Leitrim) - Posts: 902 - 18/09/2013 13:41:34    1484348


Agreed villatown

It's no harm to let the hair down every now and then

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 18/09/2013 15:18:15    1484464


Its great the philosophy of some people in relation to Leitrim football. ''Let their hair down on the trip to New York''I think you will definitely get the 4 back if they read posts like that.I can see Leitrim winning Div 4, FBD League and maybe Connacht.

makemyday (Leitrim) - Posts: 46 - 18/09/2013 17:31:38    1484597


Make my day as a relatively new poster I can only take it that you weren't that interested in posting on here till the fiasco this year. Maybe you should remember its a non professional sport, and playing with Leitrim this year its not a sport at all by the looks of things, so give the the lads a break and I mean all the lads they have been training since last November for Club and County. Let them go to NY they deserve that at least after putting their private lives on hold for months and after the hammmering they got on the field and on here. And if the four had any wit they woudn't go back after the abuse they got too. But maybe after Sunday 2 of them will have proved a point. And the very best of luck to them and Eslin. Maybe then the likes of you might give them a break, but I DOUBT IT.

liverpoollad (Leitrim) - Posts: 54 - 18/09/2013 20:13:06    1484713


the thing is some of those criticising the 4 werent exactly angels when they were in possession of the green jersey

wipe the slate clean and see what hagan can do

some might not be welcome in NY anyway after their antics in rory dolans on the sunday night

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 18/09/2013 21:56:01    1484786


After the news officially being released about the trip to new York

It's not happening

Fair enough we all know why the ins and outs we currently don't have a county team until Sean Hagan and his back room team pick their panel

So what I can't understand is why not send the county senior champion's on the trip

Let it be mohill or st Mary's

Let them play the game represent the county and enjoy a few days in the big apple

Im sure which ever club wins and the county board combined could more than afford the trip instead of a fine of up to €10,000

It's just an idea and it would also depend on the connacht club championship fixtures

But I think it would bring a bit of water back intoa dry stream

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 25/09/2013 16:57:40    1489366


nah, good idea in theory but in practice you have the same problem of lads tryin to get work changed.
but prob to a less extend as there's most likely less club players wit work commitments these days.
if the fine is just 10 grand... i think they are as well as it will work out far more than 10 grand if the trip is nearly
all expenses paid.

gaelsboy (Leitrim) - Posts: 186 - 25/09/2013 17:31:19    1489399


It was proposed and seconded and there was no big discussion about it. After we were already in New York for the championship earlier this summer there was a general understanding that we couldn't really make the trip.

"Everyone was looking forward to it, but in the current climate we couldn't expect lads to take off work."

The players were not even asked for an opinion according to the captains tweet , that is the value that is left on them, why not give them some money towards a holiday for themselves as the whole year goes past and with their commitment to football, both club and county they never get a chance to get a holiday.
The county player have to pay for their All Ireland tickets if they were not going to New York should at least get their tickets free but no they had to pay cash up front in order to get them, can you blame players if they loose interest when the football season is on , they put in as much hard work and commitment as any other county players but certainly do no reap the same benefits.

Smokie (Leitrim) - Posts: 145 - 25/09/2013 19:20:37    1489483


What a load of rubbish that sweeney and the county board are talking,the players won the right to the trip and are not even asked if they could get time off or not.It is simply not good enough and we expect these players to start training again, and give there time for nothing so when the win a trip our great county board take it away from them.How many will go back to a shambles of a county board that make such decisions, without asking the players.Well done county board another cock up to add to the rest of the year,the sooner we get a new county board in the better.I cannot believe it after all the hard work the players put in all year not good enough.

saintly (Leitrim) - Posts: 536 - 25/09/2013 20:17:54    1489522


Captain Mulligan takes to Twitter to voice his opinion of the trip to NY, that they should have been consulted, they were consulted earlier in the year, and look where that got us!! Does he want to be consulted on everything that happens in the County? Maybe he should be consulted on who sits on the County Board. Will he ever learn

liverpoollad (Leitrim) - Posts: 54 - 25/09/2013 21:08:44    1489577


i was going to reply to the captains tweet but decided against it, liverpool lad sums it up perfectly

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 25/09/2013 21:58:07    1489626


Well its sad to see the County Board Officials cancelling the New York trip, without consulting the players, on this matter. I think that the captain was right to express, his views. He is doing what every good captain should do, speak up for the players. As far as I'm concerned, he was a very good captain, but is not appreciated, by an element of Leitrim supporters. Maybe Mulligan should take a step back and consider, playing for a County that would appreciate what he has to offer, either Donegal, or Longford, where he would be eligible. If those so called Leitrim Supporters writing negative messages looked at the bigger picture, maybe the trip to New York, could have brought unity, back into the Leitrim Panel. It would have been a good way for Hagan to take charge of affairs, in the present climate. So if Supporters backed the Captain instead of condemn him, we could move forward. The same goes for the next Captain as well.So ask yourself, would you loke to see Mulligan transferring away from Leitrim, Liverpoollad, or UniGaa

makemyday (Leitrim) - Posts: 46 - 26/09/2013 09:39:23    1489662


Sure he would have been playing in the Dublin Club championship the weekend they were supposed to going anyway.

Nelson (Leitrim) - Posts: 141 - 26/09/2013 09:39:41    1489663


Nothing against any North Leitrim players, But I believe Emlyn Mulligan and Gerry Hickey are completely out of order in criticising the County Board for cancelling the New York Trip. The County Board are 100% right in this Decision, Going to New York for the second time this year would leave them out of pocket to the tune of the guts of 16 Grand even on top of what they would get from the Connaught Council to travel. If Leitrim hadn't been in New York already this year the players might have a point. But the County Board have already spent a lot of money this year on this team and got very little in return.
The players themselves decided to split the county in 2 by voting 4 of their team mates off the panel and then went out and embarrassed themselves against both London and Armagh.
The other thing Emyln and Gerry Hickey conveniently forget, Is what actual panel would Leitrim bring to New York and who would manage them. So would the North Leitrim Taliban have been wiling to bring back the South Leitrim 4 who helped us win the FBD league in the 1st place. Wayne Mc Keon was man of the match that day. Would Barry Mc Weeney who was parachuted into the Leitrim panel at the end of the summer be entitled to go as well. Would you bring in some new players who'll be on the panel next year.
The reality is these are not the headaches that the new Leitrim manager Hagan needs and his job is to try to unite the county again. And bringing a panel to New York with certain players probably at serious odds with each other is not the way he'd want to start his term.
Anyway congrats top Duirmuid Sweeney for making the right decision for Leitrim Football. I hope Mulligan doesn't turn around now and say that he's dismayed by this decision and refuses to play for Leitrim again

mickyquinn (Leitrim) - Posts: 68 - 26/09/2013 10:51:03    1489715