McHugh believes Dubs' worthy of five-in-a-row

August 16, 2019

Dublin players huddle. ©INPHO/Morgan Treacy.

Former Donegal footballer and GAA analyst Martin McHugh believes that the current Dublin team deserves to be recognised as the greatest side ever in Gaelic football.

While many are hoping that Kerry can put a stop to their All-Ireland five-in-a-row, McHugh feels that for Dublin to be regarded as the greatest ever team, they need to do the five-in-a-row, which is unprecedented in the GAA.

Speaking to the Donegal News, the Kilcar native is adamant that not even the great Kerry side of the 1970’s, early eighties match this current Dublin side who have produced a brand of football unseen before.

“In my lifetime, I was there when Kerry were beaten for five in a row. I seen Kilkenny beaten too going for five in a row. At that time people felt both those sides were going to take over completely. It didn’t work out that way,” said McHugh.

“There are cycles and things do change. But I’d like to see history made – I’d like to see them do the five in a row. Look, they’re probably the greatest footballing side there’s ever been.

“People were arguing at the weekend in Dublin that maybe the Kerry side of the late 70s and early 80s was better. It’s very hard to judge. But there is no doubt these lads have taken it to a completely different level.”

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