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Joe Brolly Finished With RTE - 2 Like(s)
Commercialization and corruption in the GAA with the pursuit of money is the Elephant in the Room. Weekly now we have new revelations about financial woes in clubs and counties yet when we call people to account we get 'An beal Bocht' whimpers and promise to change ! Pathetic excuses and communities being mugged ! Once again nice article from Joe Brolly.

IssacBall (National) - 03/11/2019 23:47:16

MONEY - 2 Like(s)
How much does a GAA football manager get paid ? What are the current rates ? I have been coaching GAA for years I think it's time to earn a few bob for my volunteering ? Last time I was involved in paying a manager it was 100 a week. Any suggestions ?

IssacBall (National) - 29/09/2019 06:30:02