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Cavan V Westmeath

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Great win tonight by the lads. Push on now against Meath and who knows what will happen re:promotion! But the main goal has been achieved consolidation in div 2 so well done to all involved.Big achievement with the depleted squad.

P.Mus (Cavan) - Posts: 386 - 28/03/2015 20:36:04    1707388


Super result..well done to the lads. Delighted to the likes of Bud getting an opportunity and taking it.
A few passes going astray but its just means more to work on

ponger (Cavan) - Posts: 424 - 28/03/2015 20:37:23    1707393


Well done to Terry and the lads tonight. We did get the rub of the green with the ref and the conditions did ease in that second half. We cut down on the errors in the second half and took the game to Westmeath. Congratulations to the lads, a great effort despite injuries, a depleted panel and a lot of criticism. I wonder what the critics will say after this! Im sure the negatives will posted. In the meantime I think this is very apt

cavan97 (Cavan) - Posts: 369 - 28/03/2015 21:15:44    1707435


Good result tonight. Very cold now. Still thawing out.
We played a much more clever game in the second half. Playing a bit more open football too and varying things. A few bad wides but in the conditions this was expected. I was a point out with my prediction.
In with a chance of promotion.
Well done to all.

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - Posts: 10253 - 28/03/2015 21:20:23    1707442


Lads, party cancelled at Mowbars house this evening. Cavan winning was a real downer.

fredflint (Cavan) - Posts: 1298 - 28/03/2015 21:32:12    1707450


Well done lads great to be safe in division 2 achieved our goal to stay up delighted

asitis (Cavan) - Posts: 233 - 28/03/2015 21:35:29    1707453


I think Mowbar is a bit like me fred. He doesn't like the blanket defence. There are loads who don't like it too. We seem to be getting away from it in fairness of late. Thankfully.

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - Posts: 10253 - 28/03/2015 21:38:50    1707458


Well done to all, now let's give the Meath game in Navan a real go next week, great preparation for Monaghan in May!

kildare blue (Cavan) - Posts: 563 - 29/03/2015 10:01:51    1707505


Good win against Westmeath after a poor enough first half. Glad to see the management making a few substitutions .
Now hope we can get a win over Meath to complete the season. I don't think we are fit for division 1 football yet.

marita (None) - Posts: 464 - 29/03/2015 10:07:59    1707511


Well done to the lads and management, we're safe and thats the main thing. Bud Fitz emerging as a good option for us inside, really starting to stake a claim for a place against Monaghan. Are we fit for division 1 football yet? I don't think so. This is still a somewhat young team, with a few young players still to establish themselves in the first team. I dont think another year in division 2 would do us any harm.

Ned_Stormcrow (Cavan) - Posts: 1022 - 29/03/2015 10:38:12    1707530


the problem for the teams in dv2,is the fact that NONE of them are good enough for dv1.

ziggy320001 (Meath) - Posts: 2432 - 29/03/2015 10:40:49    1707532



you're probably right, although you'd say the same about Derry looking at them this year. And they did so well last year. .

I think Down and Ros will go up (though obviously hope not!) and think Roscommon could stay there for a few years, good young team coming through! There are wins to be got in Division 1 as some teams don't take it seriously, especially early on.

cavanman47 (Cavan) - Posts: 3834 - 29/03/2015 10:52:48    1707547


Your probably right Ziggy but you are still better in Div1 playing the best teams, even if you struggle, than being in Div2. Div2 next year is potentially a nightmare as it will be full of Ulster teams.

fredflint (Cavan) - Posts: 1298 - 29/03/2015 10:57:35    1707551


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Lads, party cancelled at Mowbars house this evening. Cavan winning was a real downer.

Why you silly little cavan gaels boy should think there would be any type of celebrations in my home is beyond me.

I stated in some other topic surviving in division two I would be very happy and anything else would be a plus.

Cavan_Slasher has nailed it when he say's I cannot stand the type of junk they play and to make it worse to have to pay to suffer it and even worse listening to idiots. If you are happy with the type of rubbish every time you watch Cavan well thats fine but everyone does not have to agree with you.

I will make it very clear I cannot stand the rubbish being dished up not only by Cavan as I have seen all their matches this year it's sole destroying. For what Cavan are dishing up I will blame the management and sadly it's now being implemented right down to the u12 sad day's ahead.
If by chance we get promotion for it's possible if results go our way. I can enjoy one year of watching the Kerry's the Dubs Cork ect playing football as it should be and really show us how bad we are and where we are going.

So fredflint I am delighted we have survived in division two so if we get anything else this year great. End off. By the way I have not shouted for Hylands head like many at any stage remember that.

mowbar (Cavan) - Posts: 452 - 29/03/2015 11:36:22    1707578


What a lovely positive post Mowbar. I've told you before my club is not Cavan Gaels, don't know why you keep saying that. By the way, you can go watch Kerry and your own team cork play any time you like - its a free country and your negativity is best kept out of Breffni Park.

fredflint (Cavan) - Posts: 1298 - 29/03/2015 12:05:16    1707597


Great win in difficult conditions, football wasn't great but suppose a wins awin. Poor first half slightly better second. Positives? Can Mackey magic man enough said. Negatives..? The worryin way our defence was carved open several times, if Westmeath were able to take their scores we would have been buried, Dunne and Mc Loughlin stood firm when it counted, but we are shaky at the back. Congrats to Hyland and the players, secured Div. 2 for another year and that is good . Would like to see us give Meath a good rattle.

shannon414 (Cavan) - Posts: 225 - 29/03/2015 12:20:25    1707610


Very very pleased with last nights second half performance, well done to all involved, delighted for Bud, cracking goal, really lifted the team and supporters on a miserable wet night almost had an unreal point too but for the post but no matter, roll on the royals!!!

ramor101 (Cavan) - Posts: 286 - 29/03/2015 13:28:44    1707658


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If a team isn't bonded after 5 years then i don't know if they ever will bond.
These players have been at it for that long or even longer at U.21 or Senior.
Everyone knows that they are not going to NY to bond BUT are going to create money for the GAA.

So you failed to answer any of my questions, and you think you know more than Dara O'Se about team bonding. Hahahahahahah.

Great win for the lads last night, only two variables in the equation for us getting promoted now. Down or Ross losing and us winning.

Fantastic progress from a few short years ago when we were relying on other results to keep us in Division 3. Well done to Terry Hyland, long may his reign continue.

JonSmith (Cavan) - Posts: 1450 - 29/03/2015 15:23:10    1707752


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1707104 Without doute this is a game we should and can win.. Westmeath dont look too clever at the back so hopefully we can get in for a goal or two... I think regardless of the results from now till our Champo exit will see the end of the Hyland era and hopefully this deplorable boreing style of football.. We have a lot of good young players comming through and with the right people in charge we could seesome success at senior level... For now lets get a home win and be safe in div 2 before we travel to Navan...

You're the boring one, always with the same tiresome rants. Loook at teams in Divison 1 also playing blanket defences, if you don't like it pick another sport to watch

FoolsGold (Cavan) - Posts: 2045 - 29/03/2015 15:53:13    1707798


Another devastating result for Mowbar today, Galway beating Roscommon. If these terrible results continue Cavan may get promoted. Even worse people with be giving Terry Hyland credit. At least Cork won, the saviours of football.

fredflint (Cavan) - Posts: 1298 - 29/03/2015 16:02:52    1707809