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Cavan V Westmeath

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Any news on either team for the weekend?

bunnoe1 (Cavan) - Posts: 49 - 24/03/2015 12:36:23    1705988


Usually not announced until Friday at the earliest.
Could be waiting to see how injuries are clearing up.
Expecting a win in this and hopefully other results go our way.

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - Posts: 10253 - 24/03/2015 14:45:51    1706058


They win they are safe they draw they are as good as safe unless you are looking for promotion well thats a different story.

mowbar (Cavan) - Posts: 452 - 24/03/2015 17:29:55    1706141


A win and we're safe. The last thing we want is to have to go to Navan needing 2 points. I worry about our home form, but this is a game any Cavan fan would have us pencilled in to win.

Ned_Stormcrow (Cavan) - Posts: 1022 - 24/03/2015 19:20:14    1706181


We need to win this one, our last competitive game at home before Monaghan in championship so psychologically a win and a good performance is crucial. We need to stem the flow of goals we have been concedin and we also need to get the ball into full forward line fast and let our forwards have a chance to try for scores, Martin Dunne back in form and Mackey and we'll be ok. Cavan to win by 4. I would be happy with that if it keeps us safe and we play a decent game of football. Besta luck to the lads.

shannon414 (Cavan) - Posts: 225 - 24/03/2015 20:51:16    1706219


Westmeath by 4

IamADragon (Cavan) - Posts: 268 - 25/03/2015 13:03:15    1706400


Ill be in Breffni this Sat to cheer on the lads, hoping for a win to consolidate our position in Div 2, realistically I don't think promotion can be attained at this stage, despite the division being extremely tight. I do hope that this story about Breffni not suiting us as a team is not true, I read it in the Anglo Celt, about the pitch been too soft and not suiting us, as we are a fast flowing team. Was this one of them jokey articles?..ya some times get?. Is it a serious complaint lads?. Is it not the same for the opposition? There were 3-4 players and former players interviewed, and one of them a the meathman that supports Cavan, reckons that the ball doesn't bounce full stop. Now, if this what we are resorting to as an excuse for our home form, and it being printed in a the local paper, and its a serious article, its a joke!, its embarrassing. Come on lads an make Breffni the fortress it should be! Cavan by 3!, and best of luck St Pats!

cavancoop (Cavan) - Posts: 49 - 25/03/2015 15:18:33    1706458


The ball doesn't bounce? Ha! Funny I could have sworn I saw it bounce over Gilsenan's crossbar against Down! On a wet field too!

Ned_Stormcrow (Cavan) - Posts: 1022 - 25/03/2015 16:05:24    1706484


Oh lads has nobody ever told you dont believe all you read in the paper

asitis (Cavan) - Posts: 233 - 25/03/2015 17:41:24    1706535


on another note were any of you at any games at the weekend i was visiting a relative in belturbet sunday and went along with him as a neatrual b/boro were miles behind at half time but what a second half was impressed with fitzpatrick although gilsenan stopped him each time gilsenan had a great game superb saves he even scored a goal from a free argue was quite for a lot of the game enjoyed the second half unfortunately my own club lost at weekend so wont say any thing about that

asitis (Cavan) - Posts: 233 - 25/03/2015 17:58:01    1706541


it is true the ball does not bounce at all in certain parts of the pitch. I've seen it on a number of occasions where you try and go on a solo run, attempt to bounce the ball and it just dies, resulting in a mad scramble.although you would think that the Cavan players would be more familiar with this than the opposition.

s goldrick (Cavan) - Posts: 5291 - 25/03/2015 17:59:01    1706542


I believe the theory about Breifne promoted in an article in the local papers is an excuse beyond belief. Do we nowove the first round of the championship to Clones or Fermanagh? Unbelievable stuff and brings the football expertise of those who promote the notion into serious question. We lost against Down and Kildare at home because we played badly and leaked goals, simple as. Take responsibility and deliver better performances no more pathetic excuses. We have the aura to beat Westmeath Meath and Monaghan just get on with it and don't allow this stupid nonsense to take hold in the heads of the players. Awful stuff.

shannon414 (Cavan) - Posts: 225 - 25/03/2015 18:42:25    1706562


The pitch was the same for Down and Kildare as it was for Cavan.
We played badly and that's why we lost.

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - Posts: 10253 - 25/03/2015 20:18:58    1706595


Compared to the going in Portlaoise and Salthill the sod in Breffni was much much heavier and it told in our performances and results. Different teams acquit themselves better on different ground, our lighter faster players are better suited to a firmer surface. The weather was also a huge factor in both, more than the ground, and the fact that we were down to 14 men was the biggest factor of all in our home losses.

JonSmith (Cavan) - Posts: 1450 - 25/03/2015 21:14:08    1706623


How are we feeling about Westmeath? I think that this is one that we have a mental edge on and we should come through. But it ain't gonna be easy. I like the look of Mackey in the full forward line with a roaming role. We need to find the net this weekend. I would imagine Martin Dunne should have done enough for a start and will Join McDermott and Mack in the FF line. Doesn't strike me as a goal scoring full forward line but a lot of quality there and we need runners coming through to score goals.

I think we should get the upper hand in midfield and that will be key. Our defence is the meanest in this division and hopefully they will hold a decent Westmeath attack at bay.

Any news on Killian Clarke? I know that he is out for this game but hopefully he will be back training soon?!?!

Reformation (Cavan) - Posts: 356 - 26/03/2015 15:18:02    1706773


Mackey say's promotion is completely in their hands well he is totally wrong they have to depend on others to get promotion and they have to win both their matches first.

It has got to be a laugh they saying the pitch is the reason they are loosing they have total advantage don't they do all their training on it. Where is seanrinn these day's if anyone can shed light on why cavan cannot play on the pitch. As it stands Westmeath should beat them so, as cavan cannot play on their own pitch. I hope the rest of the country is not reading the celt.

mowbar (Cavan) - Posts: 452 - 26/03/2015 16:14:49    1706794


Mowbar. Where is seanorinn indeed. That's a good one. If you read the Celt you would see John Wrynn was interviewed and gave his opinion. Anyway, I was wondering will there be a party in your house if Westmeath win?

For me, with Mackey back, we can sneak this game. Westmeath are desperate for a win too so this will be a tough game make no mistake about it

fredflint (Cavan) - Posts: 1298 - 26/03/2015 17:58:26    1706848


If we are showing even the slimmest signs of progress under Hyland then we should be beating W-Meath with a bit to spare.... Our problems at home as others say is nothing what so ever to do with the pitch but more to do with us unable to break down a visiting team who by in nature will play a defencive type game in order to keep things tight... The same teams would be prob easier to beat on their own ground where they would be more adventerous pushing more players foreward... Its an idea...I may be wrong but its more likley than blameing the pitch...

Sean66 (Cavan) - Posts: 440 - 26/03/2015 19:32:08    1706872


Are you implying we are not progressing Sean66? Seriously. Even after beating Galway in salthill its still not good enough. Why don't you tell us what your minimum requirement for progression is.

fredflint (Cavan) - Posts: 1298 - 26/03/2015 20:21:54    1706885


Kieran gavin? Centreback and heslin when hes motivated are good as any in this division. Add a big midfield and westmeath are no pushover. However i can't see us losing this one.

sceptical (Cavan) - Posts: 542 - 26/03/2015 20:23:53    1706886