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Replying To old yellar:  "I think we ve to give it a go in a positive way rather than doom it from the start. We are miles off a lot of teams, maybe not 1 to 16 but a cut off needed to be drawn and our/other counties form over a good many years would indicate that we re a tier 2 team. The tiers have worked for our hurlers in allowing them to be successful at their level and allowing them to build and consolidate then when facing better opposition. We talk about not wanting moral victories anymore yet we ll take a lad drawing out our name and a big guns one out of a drum at 8 30 of a Friday morning in October on radio 1 and think we re progressing. While we had a few good days, bar the kildare game, we ultimately lost all the other key games (3 v laois in one year, lge and champ I know). I don't buy this media and promotion thing. While it is great to get recognition it shouldn't hinder progress. We were the only liam McCarthy team not to get a live game this year but we still were well supported and hurled well. Weaker counties losing players to the states has also been mooted. This has been happening after first rounds and leagues for years already! I think we have to have change and whilst this might not be the best, at least it's a start."
I agree. We should approach this new format with positivity. This competition could give the footballers something to build some momentum and possibly get into tier 1. The hurlers built up serious momentum in the Christy Ring and Joe McDonagh competitions. While they didn't win a game at Liam McCarthy level they did hurl well and I'm sure they will be approaching the winter with the hunger to get back to that level. This new format will give us more meaningful games than the current format and there might actually be more lads out there who might go into the county set up as there is a chance of us winning something. While beating Kildare in Tullamore was magical, watching the hurlers walk up the Hogan Stand winning the McDonagh Cup that year was equally magical. Watching a Carlow team winning in Croke Park. Now that's what I want to see.

GAA_WayOfLife (Carlow) - 22/10/2019 19:25:17