Will inter-county teams really be thrown out of the championship for breaking training ban?

July 03, 2020

Inter-county teams caught training before September 14 will be in hot water.

Reports suggests that inter-county teams are facing expulsion from this year's All-Ireland championship if they are found to have breached the training ban.

It may be hard to believe that the GAA would impose such a strict sanction on teams for breaking training rules.

GAA chiefs previously indicated they were not looking at penalising county teams that train during the club window.

Inter-county training is not permitted until September 14 with competitions from October 17 but some teams are believed to be back already.

The GAA Injury Benefit Scheme will not come into effect until September 14 despite calls from the GPA who say it is the role of individual county boards to ensure that inter-county training is not sanctioned before then.

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