"It is just embarrassing being part of the Association"

February 27, 2018

Michael Briody of the CPA

CPA chairman Micheál Briody says the manner in which the motion calling for transparency at Congress was rejected is embarrassing for the Association.

Backed by the Club Players Association, the St Mary's club in Rosslare brought a motion to Congress at the weekend proposing that 'each delegate's vote on all motions at annual or special congress shall be recorded and published in the minutes thereafter'. But the call for transparency was comprehensively defeated, with 83% voting against it.

"When you look at our motion and the logic of our motion, it is just embarrassing being part of the Association," Briody blast in The Irish Times.

" It's embarrassing that we don't have transparency of the nature that's required. . . . They can no longer tell us this is the most democratic organisation, because democracy dies in darkness. And if you don't have transparency, then you don't have a true democracy, or a true democratic unit."

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