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I have been proved right. We need Divisional teams

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Tomsmith here

As an advocate of Divisional teams in Cavan for a long number of years ( mainly resisted by the diehards) after this last defeat I am more convinced than ever that we need Divisional teams.
Tommsiths answer is that with good divisional teams players will be playing at a high level and particularly junior players coming into the Cavan senior team ( might I say a few of the juniors played very well ) will have experience at a high competition level. That is what is needed in todays Gaa Ulster championship.
Cavan people have held their heads up high is the face of some terrible results over the past 15 years but with a little bit of reorganising with our County we will be a force to be reckoned with again. No good in blaming ourselves and languish in self pity get up and do something and as I have suggested Divisional teams are the way to go

tomsmith (Cavan) - Posts: 3233 - 02/06/2015 10:05:24    1731232


We dont need Divisional teams Tom.... Our team is plenty good enough but its a new management team we need

Sean66 (Cavan) - Posts: 440 - 02/06/2015 15:36:04    1731483


New Management Team to get the Quality players back in from the cold Tom No need to name them

Dr.Phil (Cavan) - Posts: 109 - 03/06/2015 20:16:31    1732146


County: Cavan
We dont need Divisional teams Tom.... Our team is plenty good enough but its a new management team we need

County: Cavan
1732146 New Management Team to get the Quality players back in from the cold Tom No need to name them

Tomsmith here

Well Sean 66 and DR Phil I do not concur with your assertion's that what we need is new management. I feel that the standard of Seniot football is what is to blame. If you go to and of the ACL Div 1 games that are being played where Cavan Gaels are not playing the standard id terrible. Teams raise the game if up against the Gaels.
We needs a few Divisional teams to play top class football and let Mr Hyland and his selectors see what talent we have.
A fellow that shines in a junior game makes a very big step-up to senior county football, so you need Divisional teams.
Grasp the nettle and lets get the Divisional teams organised asap

tomsmith (Cavan) - Posts: 3233 - 09/06/2015 10:05:05    1734446


This was posted as a new thread but has been incorporated here as it is the same subject matter.

Cavan tomsmith
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Cavan 11/08/2015 11:42

Divisional teams in Cavan are the way to go

Tomsmith here I have for along time ploughed alone and long furrow promoting an idea of Divisional teams for Cavan. To support my view I was looking at the Cork results for last Sunday and you had the following leagues No 1 Cork Avondhu No 2 Cork Carbery No 3 Cork Coiste Central No 4 Cork Coiste County No 5 Cork Coiste East No 6 Cork No 7 Cork-East Cork No 8 Cork Muskerry No 9 Cork Seandun. I am told that these are all different divisions and different areas of Cork To me Cavan should go down the same Road set up Divisional teams where you can have the very best of the cream play and let the party men party Have I said enough to persuade all I don't know??

Administrator (None) - Posts: 2226 - 11/08/2015 11:53:58    1767926


I think this would be a great idea, being from a small club giving players a chance to play at a higher level and it can only develop junior players also and help them mature for the faster game and for Cavan. Play off the Junior and Intermediate Championships early and let everyone into the senior championship , this can only benefit good players from smaller clubs and gives everyone their chance at senior football.

footie1 (Cavan) - Posts: 51 - 11/08/2015 13:50:32    1768033


Sure Tom, develop these players and then send them into Terry to get ruined with his nauseating tactics an. Until there's an entire reorganisation of the County Board, Cavan Football will never progress, there's too many people in there for their own benefit and
what they can get out of it for themselves. As someone recently said, how many underage games as the head of coaching attended, including the U16 Gerry Reilly Team?

deanmartin (Cavan) - Posts: 643 - 11/08/2015 15:28:17    1768152