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Deanmartintynan back with another positive contribution, somehow managing to be negative about St pats winning a mcrory after a 43 absence. Classy. Maybe you should start a Facebook page in it or something?

fredflint (Cavan) - Posts: 1298 - 19/03/2015 19:08:04    1704575


From what I've heard the county minor management were working against st pats last year with injuries, over training etc. the shoe may be on the other foot this year with pats taking precedence.thats up just the way it is. I'm sure the county management are working away anyway and can drop in a few pats lads into the mix when the school is finished. It's not ideal but pats competing on an all ireland level is surely good for the county.
With regards the final on tues, I was very impressed. The half back line was superb, thought darragh Kennedy was excellent-kicked two great scores and covered a lot of ground.pierce smith and mc manus were very good too. I thought they sat back a bit in the first half making scores hard to get but fair play to them they were very patient.thomas galligan showed great leadership considering they were under pressure in the middle.

kanu (Cavan) - Posts: 171 - 19/03/2015 19:29:20    1704584


As far as I know the same the thing happens in most counties with their MacRory players not training with the county until they are knocked out.

fxhvg (Cavan) - Posts: 38 - 19/03/2015 20:21:58    1704607


Semi final V Dingle fixed for Saturday 28th March in Nenagh @2 pm

evano11 (Cavan) - Posts: 257 - 23/03/2015 14:42:50    1705636


Robbed by the referee it seems from reports.

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - Posts: 10253 - 28/03/2015 21:16:11    1707437


Not the first time and won't be the last time the Kerry boys got the calls from the ref!

kildare blue (Cavan) - Posts: 563 - 29/03/2015 12:07:17    1707602