Carlow - Carlow U-21s

Replying To Onion Breath:  "I was there tonight. But for Jack Sheridan we'd have won more comfortably. We could also have won more comfortably if we'd taken one of a number of clear goal chances that we spurned in the second half. Overall I was disappointed with the performance. Too many fellas were fumbling the ball and needed a second or third touch to get it under control. No chance of getting second chances v Wexford so a lot of work to do on sharpening up our touch and basic stickwork. The fumbling cost us scores at both ends as did an obsession with rising the ball at every opportunity. Near the end one of our fellas had an open goal on the edge of the small parallelogram but rather than pull and out it in the net he went about rising it, fumbled and the chance was gone. Sorry if this sounds negative but there are some good players on this team and I think they should be better than they showed. Not sure how much they've done as a group up to now either but lots to be done before Wexford game which incidentally will be shown live on TG4."
Agree. Some terrible messing. Putting kevin mac in full forward was a good idea. He did far better in there than he was doing in midfield. Think our full back line will need changin for Wex game. Good to win it but not very impressive.

dead_as_dodos (Carlow) - Posts:454 - 01/06/2017 19:48:06   1993240