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Worst year ever?

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Agree we need an open meeting where the few of us who are still interested enough in the future can attend. The county board can try explain to us where we are going, what their plan is for the next few years. And be willing to answer some hard questions.
It kills me to see us hit an all time low in football. Was sad to see Daniel St Ledgers interview during the week too, saying that he hates that his time in a Carlow shirt will be related to failure. At 24 that is sad to hear, but reality.

The Real 1944 (Carlow) - Posts: 1113 - 19/06/2014 17:49:07    1606182


I think that those who advocate a withdrawal from the intercounty football league and championship are backward in their thinking. We need to have a county team competing as best they can. What do we say to kids when they ask us why our county team is not out there with the rest playing? We must have a county team.
As for an open meeting I am totally against it.
I have been to a few of these in other forums in the past and they are a disaster. They are usually hijacked by a few who want to be heard and who do nothing themselves. They give out but fail to give a commitment themselves into being involved. They are the ultimate -hurler on the ditch - of very little value.

If a person is seriously interested in the fortunes of the county - as I said on another thread - get involved yourself by committing to taking over a team or at least giving the 3 evenings a week to a squad of players.

The under age development squads are not full of mentors - especially in football. Get involved ! Lets work at it as opposed to more and more and more giving out and looking for answers from people who are already fully working their best to promoting the games.

We need to get involved, support the teams that are there, encourage players to stay playing and help out in any way we can with our - TIME - that is what is needed.

So I am totally against talk shops and much more interested in doing things that are positive and have an impact on players and developing the games. Lets move it on...

carlowman (Carlow) - Posts: 1510 - 19/06/2014 20:24:37    1606235


an open meeting would not be such a bad idea carlowman, siege mentality wont get carlow out of the mess it's in, a shouting match is not going to either, but a chaired meeting with all concerned parties might be the first step in the right direction

Barrowsider (Carlow) - Posts: 1278 - 19/06/2014 21:50:02    1606266


Among other things a withdrawal would be making a clear statement and it's then peoples interest would be tried and tested, having a senior team that's not firing on all cylinders is not an option,
Are kids at the moment asking about our senior team and why they are at the bottom of div 4, I think not, do they care.?
Parking the senior team for a period of time until the problem's are fixed is the way to go, imo.
Concentrate more on underage and the hurlers.
Some people are either not interested or are losing interest because of failures of the senior team year after year.

There's no place to hide at an open meeting, only the genuine people would attend anyway, also it's the only place where we can hear first hand the thinking of the County board, should they attend.

This laid back attitude has to change, should we beat Waterford by 5,6 or 7 points does that mean the all is well again.?

I'm a bad looser, but a sporting one.

PS. - - It's official about our sponsor.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 1995 - 20/06/2014 11:17:28    1606362


Very good post from a Meath man.

County: Meath
Posts: 316

Before we start talking about a two-tier system, we need to address a couple of issues first.

1) Carlow were clearly unfit and were out on their feet after 20 minutes.
2) This influenced their workrate which was poor and in general they lacked desire.
3) There are underlying issues in a county where lads are floating in and out of a panel. For a county like Carlow to have only 3 lads out yesterday that played in 2012 is quite worrying.

So before we get too ahead of ourselves, teams and county boards need to have a serious look at themselves. Carlow are capable of much better than what was on show yesterday but in order to reach their potential, Carlow and counties in a similar place need to get the fundamentals right first. What good is a two-tier system where these issues still exist, they will only be brushed under the carpet which is of benefit to no-one.


In Carlow we need all players in the county to have a desire to wear the Jersey - at every level. In the case of Senior football for some players (as Brendan Murphy has stated) they regard their Clubs as better set-up than the county. I know there is apathy among individual players who would love to be there BUT...because of issues with treatment, expenses etc. they wont commit. Outside managers haven't worked - maybe its time to do it from within . we certainly have plenty of options and we cant be any worse than we are now.
If we had all players available and started training and preparation end Oct/early november for league then I think we could get out of Div 4 ... a good place to start.
For all younger grades/ development squads etc we need our seniors to be performing well.
The way forward for Carlow senior football is foremost looking after players, internal management, and it may sound silly to some but we do need and alternaive jersey!!!!
Good luck to all vs Waterford.

novalis (Carlow) - Posts: 252 - 21/06/2014 13:19:45    1606746


I'm reading a lot about how the football team is mistreated or just not given enough support from the county board well if any of you had any insight into each of the set ups over the past few years you would find that there is a clear bias towards the football team in comparison to their hurling counter parts and as bad as the football may seem to be treated it is in no way half as bad as what the hurling team have been subjected to by the powers that be within the county board. I really question their desire to see the hurling truly promoted and how much it means to them or how much their willing to sacrifice to see progress within the hurling camp.

My views on the football well I know for a fact that my own club members (Myshall) were not asked to partake, the majority of them and I do believe that with a little guidance we could have some potentially great footballers for the county and with some stubbornness and resilience that you normally only find in the country side teams. Talking to various members of the football panel over the years it seems to be very clicky in there too. Also I think a little bit of realism might not go astray with some of them footballers. They come across somewhat arrogant and compose themselves as if they have a little bit of celebrity status. Perhaps I'm just a jaded hurling man from the sticks but I've kept my eye on the teams and my nose close to both camps.

I refuse to come on this and berate any player on any team who have put themselves through all the work that goes on year in and year out only to end in inevitable defeat such is our lot being from Carlow. The men who went in and stuck through the tough time should be applauded and thanked for their service and with regards to players who don't well it is a massive commitment that takes over a players life so to berate them for not committing may not be the wisest thing to do.

In my view the CB is not progressive nor is it willing to really provide for the Hurling team in particular as I have better ties to the camp. I would blame the fortune spent on the development of Fenagh personally. It is great to see so much activity on the few occasions I've been but overall it may be more of a financial price on the county that comes to haunt us. I for one fear for the future.

Ceatherlach abu!

Eager_to_hurl (Carlow) - Posts: 81 - 21/06/2014 14:55:20    1606769


Apologies I meant to say ''overall it may be more THAN a financial price''

Eager_to_hurl (Carlow) - Posts: 81 - 21/06/2014 15:01:52    1606772


Players shouldnt be congratulated on sticking with it for the year. There all Carlow men so they should be playing with them regardless. No one would be congratulating them for sicking with the club team if they were going through a rough patch. I would also know lads in both camps and prob would agree that the footballers do get better treatment than the hurlers.

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1090 - 22/06/2014 20:08:05    1607306


That would be lovely thought fergie, but things are so bad at present that the lads should be congratulated for keeping the flame flickering at all.

To say "Carlow men should be playing regardless" isn't helpful in trying to sort out what is going wrong. First question should be "why don't more want to play?".

Sgt.Pepper (Carlow) - Posts: 70 - 24/06/2014 09:54:21    1608088


What kind of response can we expect from the Carlow footballers on Sat night? Will they rally around and put in a big performance, or is morale at rock bottom? Have lads stuck with it or started dropping off the panel?

I love the Saturday night qualifiers. Considering travelling over for a look.

ringo (Wexford) - Posts: 384 - 24/06/2014 12:52:41    1608238


Ringo : I think the game is at 2, but still under normal circumstances would be a decent afternoon.

Dropkickmurphy (Carlow) - Posts: 85 - 26/06/2014 14:02:59    1609373


Just said I d revive this to show you how fickle we can be at times!! Less than 4 years ago there were calls on here for disbanding the football and the hurling was going nowhere. Things go in cycles lads! In the words of that great Australian band that I can't think of now - you ve seen me at my worse, and it won't be the last time I m down there...
Stick with the county through thick and thin lads. Carlow Abu! See ye later in there.

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2607 - 25/03/2018 09:44:03    2087615


I thought i was reading the Leitrim forum there for a minute as we have a thread which mirrors this one.

moesyzlack (USA) - Posts: 161 - 05/04/2018 19:30:24    2091313


Replying To moesyzlack:  "I thought i was reading the Leitrim forum there for a minute as we have a thread which mirrors this one."
3 years ago leitrim hammered carlow on a windy afternoon where Carlow tried 6 different free takers in first half.

Leitrim will come good again and great to see Mulligan back playing.

carlovia (None) - Posts: 1028 - 06/04/2018 16:08:41    2091435