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Football Greatest Club ever to come out of Carlow Eire Og. Second would have to be the blues team that won leinster title.
Hurling Greatest Club ever to come out of Carlow Mount Leinster Rangers.
Question is will we ever see this being done again Especially in hurling? i feel this current rangers squad can do this again but will any other club ever club do it? when you sit back and reflect what eire og done was massive But what rangers done would be on par if not better. werent we all blessed to be alive to see it. here's hoping MLR can go all the way now, there the first team ever in Carlow hurling to bring a senior Leinster championship back to this great little county. Massive.

skysports (Carlow) - Posts: 20 - 17/12/2013 13:11:44    1524499


Good point Skysports, I suppose what makes the Rangers victory even more special is that all of their 26 man panel are born and reared within the parish of Borris! Im not taking from Eire Ogs fantastic achievements but they would of had a few "blow ins". nonetheless they were a class rteam

Dualclub1 (Carlow) - Posts: 255 - 17/12/2013 15:20:10    1524556