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Minor League Finals

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Rangers and Eire Og continue to dominate Minor grade in hurling and football respectively. Huge win for the Rangers over St Mullins. Looks like Rangers have decided to wipe the floor with everyone else in Carlow! Good luck to them next week too against Oulart. Eire Og were very comfortable against the great underachievers in the grade Tinryland. Expected them to put it up to Eire Og after the poor showing in the Championship replay.
Its up to the other clubs now to match these two winners.

oldmcdonald (Carlow) - Posts: 140 - 24/11/2013 19:41:26    1517229


Disapointing for Tinryland. Eire Og have the beating of them always at this level. Miles ahead again and to think that Tinryland beat this team at u 12 u14 and u16 level. What went wrong?

ontheball85 (Carlow) - Posts: 209 - 26/11/2013 08:21:12    1517858


Championship- Tinryland missed their chance the first day, didnt show up for the replay. As for the League final, I think its unfair to compare Eire Og who have been carrying on training since the championship ended, for their own South Leinster Minor tournament to Tinryland whose season ended that day. Ridiculous that the League Final is started in March and ended in late November, how can lads motivate themselves after the championship is finished.

fanaticfred (Carlow) - Posts: 34 - 26/11/2013 13:31:02    1517979


Didnt see that final, but was involved in one of the B semi finals, and its a complete farce that they were played in November. Impossible to keep lads training or motivated when their championship ended some time ago. Lip service being paid to development as usual.

Dropkickmurphy (Carlow) - Posts: 85 - 27/11/2013 12:00:27    1518344


I agree 100% with ya fanaticfred

sportspundit (Carlow) - Posts: 41 - 30/11/2013 20:40:19    1519371


The B league final between Pal and Naomh Eoin was edge of the seat stuff

wildrover (Carlow) - Posts: 242 - 02/12/2013 19:18:51    1519938