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Ballinabranna lost to the eventually champions the cocks by a point in the semi-final on the Saturday so how u can say that they are a poor intermediate team is beyond me. On the following weds they had to play Tullow in Tullow i think & beat them in the play-off. On the Sunday they had to play a Castleknock team backboned by a certain Ciaran Kilkenny and 5 or 6 dublin minor players. From what i hear Castleknock have a great chance to win out the leinster junior c/ship & possible the all-ireland & will be a serious side in intermediate in dublin next year. They were only formed in 1998 & have been improving & winning at a rapid rate since, they would have beaten a lot of poorer carlow senior teams never mind a ballinabranna team playing their 3rd game in a week & im sure who were hard to motivate after losing out in their own c/ship by a point. My point is the cocks & eire og will do well in leinster & club football in carlow is not as bad as some posters would have us believe.

carlo (Carlow) - Posts: 101 - 17/10/2012 16:49:39    1284528


tafka, how do you know im wrong, have you seen either team? we all know the way the championships are set up is wrong, but that is a decision for the clubs to make
as for the website, i think it was badly thought out, but there is an alternative now, that gives the option of supporters contributing to it

Barrowsider (Carlow) - Posts: 1280 - 17/10/2012 18:16:13    1284587


I was never on here to criticise ballinabrana. I understand as well as anyone, no one enters a game to take a beating. But you hit the nail on the head when you turn back towards the County board. Our club game is not properly organised, there was talk of 4 teams being relegated out of the SFC this year, that would be a start. Someone said on here try cant wait to see the cocks in senior? Can't wait to see what? Are they as far off as Naomh Eóin, FEnagh et al? Your suggestion that ballinabrana are junior a standard is also spot on. If they had relegated 4 and the shift continued down through the divisions we would have had a far better organised championship structure. Eire og benefit more from playing Rathvilly, Pal etc 2/3 times a year than fulfilling fixtures against teams way out of their depth. Again Development???????? Genuine soul searching needed. Football is going backwards and what's more as it goes back hurling is inching forward all the time.

bouncingball (Carlow) - Posts: 124 - 17/10/2012 21:15:47    1284720


bouncing, i think everyone on here is agreed that we need to cut the senior down to 8 teams, but the clubs sat down last year and could not agree, i have said it many times that an open forum on carlow football is needed, where all people interested sit down and try plot a way forward for both clubs and county

Barrowsider (Carlow) - Posts: 1280 - 17/10/2012 21:42:51    1284740


In your post you manage to compliment Ballinabrana, the cocks and Castleknock. Diplomatic extremes!
If the Cocks beat Ballinabrana by 1 point and Castleknock beat Ballinabrana by 22 points then the favourites for the Leinster JFC are 21 points better than a team you think are going to do well in the Leinster Intermediate championship! I hope youre right, the stats arent helping you!

bouncingball (Carlow) - Posts: 124 - 17/10/2012 21:47:02    1284744


Spot on Barrow, people on here defending clubs honours are doing no one a favour.

bouncingball (Carlow) - Posts: 124 - 17/10/2012 21:48:25    1284749


just a small point bouncingball but i told u that castleknock were a decent team after they beat ballinabranna back in early october, they walked the leinster championship and their closest match was the final and they won that by 8 points yesterday. wouldnt be surprised if they a senior club dis time next year.

carlo (Carlow) - Posts: 101 - 26/11/2012 20:23:36    1303199