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It's history now.
Move on.
Get ready for the Leinster SFC.
A couple of challenge games against Kildare Juniors will probably bring us on tons again.

You know bennekerry, me granny used to say, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2001 - 09/04/2012 19:39:22    1147335


The thing is dual supporter, you have more than a fair idea of who our next manager is going to be, and I can go that little bit further and say, I do know who it's going to be, having said that my preference at this time would be the Ex Tipperary manager John Owens, he ticks all the boxes, and someone mentioned Micko, yes why not.? (No offence meant to our friend bosco) Now I know we are a small county with limited resources, but if our problem was to be addressed head on this is the way I would do it, Plan A - have John Owens director of football as he was in Tipp, - Joe Murphy, manager of minors and under 21's, Probably Micko manager of the seniors, on thoses lines. - Plan B. John Owens, manager of the seniors, and Joe Murphy manager of minors and U/21'S, with a bi monthly progress report submitted to the Co. Board.
St. John, - It's not that long ago when we had your own Myshall, however scenic rural village became more than successful in both Hurling and Football not alone that but created National house hold names out of some of your players, one being the legendary Paddy Quirke a dual player in hurling and football, I could write a best seller on him alone. (You'd think I was a Myshall man reading this.) I play the field as I see it, simple as. The bottom line is, Myshall was hugely successful in hurling and football, in parallel, simultaneously, call it what you will but they were, so why can't our county be as successful, at least in one, and they are, albeit, in Hurling.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2001 - 09/04/2012 20:00:39    1147359


i dont think its possible for a man to be manager of the minors and u21s. Too much work, and too many sessions would leave him too stretched i feel from my limited experience. Would mean neither team would get the best from him. loads of good names. I would have great time for what joe murphy did with old leighlin but i feel he mighnt work with minors due to the amount of dual players involved - he would demand full and complete focus on football. And may i say i agree with him! i feel lads at this age do need to focus on one team if we are to make real progress. dublin i know had some v good dual players this year but they have stronger panels and their lads arent being dragged all over the place in terms of teams. i dont think our county board would allow managers make such big calls on players at this age. But have him maybe as the 21 manager. We do need a more focused effort on football. and i do think as i ve mentioned before, that we need to push the message at underage, that by going into county training you are bettering yourself and not wasting time that could be spent training with the club. we keep on about senior management but we do need an attitude adjustment when it comes to football in the county. someone has to play in div 4, are we actually any better than some position in this group?? i ask that with my own opinion in mind, but wonder what the rest of ye think.. our hurlers are now playing for the last few years at their level for a county with a small number of clubs and thats our limit really, probably floating between div 2a and 1b, so are our big ballers capable of div 3 status in the longterm?

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 09/04/2012 20:39:08    1147402


At this stage its the championship that we must now look forward to. The league is almost a distant memory!!!!

No game is easy in the championship but we can still do well. I know that the move to push out of Div 4 was unsuccessful and I appreciat that many posters are very frustrated with the management and the playing style of the panel plus other matters like playing players 'out of position' but it is now time to support the players and the entire management of the panel.

Negative comments ... not good for preparation for Meath.

Call me a romantic or whatever, but being negative or looking forward to changing the manager is ...unproductive. Lets stop being so negative and just get behind the players!

carlowman (Carlow) - Posts: 1510 - 09/04/2012 20:41:10    1147408



old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 09/04/2012 21:15:39    1147446


carlowman, first, I am the most positive and loyal Carlowman that you could meet, now, to me the league is not a distant memory but a night mare in the rear view mirror. You say no game in the championship is easy but we can do it, what happened to the easier games in the league, all played at home and we couldn't do it. Then you went on to say, that posters are frustrated with management and the playing style of the panel, plus other matters like playing players out of position, but it's now time to support the players and the entire management of the panel, how can you say that knowing or not knowing that it's all going to change for the better. Then you say, negative comments …not good for preperation for Meath. What negative comments, the debate is about life after Luke Dempsey, and I wouldn't bet my last cent that it's going to be Meath.
As for changing the manager that's going to happen anyway, three games left in fact, that's not unproductive, that's a fact, as for getting behind the players, sure we were always behind the players.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2001 - 09/04/2012 21:18:50    1147453


"The bottom line is, Myshall was hugely successful in hurling and football, in parallel, simultaneously, call it what you will but they were, so why can't our county be as successful, at least in one, and they are, albeit, in Hurling. "

Supersub, sorry if I wasn't clear but that was my point in a way. I was trying to say that there is a division of supporters and it is hurting the county scene. Out of all the people who attend county games, I wuld say 20/25 % attend both codes regularly. After that, people seem to only go to one or the other. Fair enough, people have preferences, but with such a small population I think we need to get everyone on board for both. I should be able to see the same Myshall, St Mullin or Ballinkillen faces at football as I see at hurling matches. Likewise, it would be great to see a load of Carlow Town, Eire Og, or St Patrck's jackets in the stands when the hurlers are out.

In my opinion, a proportion of hurling followers look down their nose at the footballers and begrudge them the crowds they do get given to disparity in success of late. On the other hand, their is a strong apathy to hurling by those who go to the football.

Get everyone on board for both, try get more double headers, what ever it takes.

St.John (Carlow) - Posts: 202 - 09/04/2012 21:42:58    1147492


Yeah thats fair comment Yellar. Supersub ,put us out of our suspense and tell us who this new man will be. I'll give you my opinion of him then. thanks

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 10/04/2012 13:50:47    1147897


Pennypincher - i think it might be Anthony Rainbow? - However after reading this weeks Nationalist i'm more than a little annoyed after reading his comments about the game on sunday, and about Carlow supporters. I appreciate regarding their lack of success in the league that he is towing the party line about the games we should have won etc., but no mention of wrong team selection, inability to make substitutions when needed or why Carlow footballers appear to lack fitness and the part that this management team may have played in this. But to come out and say we dont support the players, that the only people who seem to be supporting them are the management and staff! That we dont see the work that these lads have put in in the last 5/6 months. Well we should be seeing the result of that work out on the pitch - we dont!
Personally i find those comments insulting as for more years than i care to remember i and many others like me have been traipsing up and down the length and breath of this country and beyond supporting our players. I suspect that their families have been huge support to them as well! We actually support the players and always will do - we just may not support the current management team!

dual supporter (Carlow) - Posts: 772 - 10/04/2012 15:33:04    1148075


This man will be? Things are so bad that at this stage a woman manager might be better. Angela Merkel doing a good job in Germany ;-)

All joking aside, rank 28-31 every year is a joke given the talents Carlow have.

Something is very badly wrong.

That said, I think the team will do quite well in the championship. Last year things were pretty much like a bag of dog poo at this stage. Look what happened.


TAFKANO1FAN (Carlow) - Posts: 588 - 10/04/2012 16:00:34    1148112


I wouldn't think he was talking about people at the game. It has to be the stay aways! Terrible for support for our hurlers and footballers.....

Benekerry (Cavan) - Posts: 258 - 10/04/2012 16:42:59    1148178


Reading Rainbows comments they come from the Dempsey school of excuses for sure. Not a good sign, if he is the one being groomed to be the next manager.

Last Sunday we were outclassed, Fermanagh was by far the best team that has come to DCP in the league. Some of their movement and just the pace they play the game at is well beyond a lot of our players. They are not really a Div 4 side. And no matter what changes were made or whatever we wouldn't have won that game anyway.

But other games the stupidity from the sideline cost us wins, the Leitrim/Clare and Wicklow games were all very winnable. If the correct team was picked, if the right subs were made we could have won them all, or at worst 2 of them 3 games. Would still have given us a promotion chance this weekend.

But Rainbow saying we don't see the work they do?? What was it, we are very unfit compared to all teams we've played, 2 or 3 of the team are a bit overweight even still in April. We still carry the ball into tackles instead of laying it off. Still mess around with the ball in the backline until it costs us.
Even on Sunday, 2 of the Fermanagh points came directly from Carlow frees. We just kicked the ball to a Fermanagh player from our own free.

As for the support, yes it was poor turn out but a lot of people have given up on the team for now until new management come in. It was us same few faces there on Sunday, but have to say it was still a bit weird to be outnumbered by a support that had to travel so far! Expect it when its likes of Wicklow coming here.

Limerick away Sunday good luck to them, with zero support i'd say.
Most if not all Carlow gaa people will be in Nowlan Park that day supporting the hurlers in the final, and rightly so, a well managed team doing their thing quietly. Big day for them Sunday and hopefully we can get a big crowd to Kilkenny, its almost a home game for Carlow compared to westmeath.

The Real 1944 (Carlow) - Posts: 1113 - 10/04/2012 17:41:46    1148253


I can only imagine how low morale is in there at the minute, it's soul destroying watching it, it's now a year since we won a home game, and we have scored no goal in our 4 home league games

Barrowsider (Carlow) - Posts: 1280 - 10/04/2012 20:07:05    1148372


Things haven't worked out well for Wayne Midleton the Carlow senior football trainer and fitness coach to say the least, so Dempsey brought in Anthony Rainbow to give him a dig out so to speak and for other reasons, Rainbow himself is a fitness fanatic and learned his trade well when in the army, he still plays football by the way, so as both are from the same club, Suncroft, Dempsey thought the two of them would work well together, but it hasn't worked out that way, in fact I think it's got worse, and all this happened under Dempsey's watch.
It would appear that the whole thing is out of control, so much so that we appeared to have entered freefall.
I now think that because the three wise men in charge are all Kildare, they are putting the team through the motions, getting them to play competitive football, bring home a win and at the same time not realising we have problems, ie they are not looking at the situation from a Carlow perspective, but from a Kildare perspective and Kildare don't have any problems that remotely resemble the problems we have here.
To get the team to an acceptable fitness level, to get them focused, to get them to perform to a competitive level in time for the championship is to say the least, wishful thinking, as the saying goes, --- The impossible can be done straight away, but miracles take a little longer.

Pravda, to that.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2001 - 10/04/2012 21:00:40    1148448


i don't think it has to do with where they are from supersub, if we look back over the tenure of dempsey i think it's fair to say he never got us playing fluid football, i can only assume the reason for this is they were not doing it in training, you have to be working on kickouts and handpassing the whole time. players must be made familiar with some game plans, some games we have used the spine tactic in the forwards, eire og used this fairly effectively under o'brien, but it suited their forwards as they were smaller, we have a few ball winners in the fullforward line but when they are having to come out to the 45 to collect ball then it takes away our goal threat

Barrowsider (Carlow) - Posts: 1280 - 10/04/2012 21:58:05    1148526