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Do the 'wise' trio who were analysts on todays Sunday Game actually go to the inter-county championship games? I will not mention any names that they listed as the team of the year as i dont wish to offend any players who were named on that team. But If I was to name players I would look beyond the semi-finals and finals and also I would not rely on team stats on top scorers, given that matches versus Limerick and Clare ended in one-sided scorelines and average forwards clocked up handsome personal tallies on these occasions!

Also, Eimear and Therese commented on more inter-county matches for better continuity? Well in Wexford matches were called off and postponed and if they had reached the final, we wouldn't have reached the stage of the final of the championship next week and we would not have had a club representing our county in the Leinster Club competition. Please do not forget that these intercounty players also play for clubs, and those clubs also have players that dont play for county teams. Are these players to wait around all Summer to play club championship while the county teams are involved! If we want to los players in that well documented 15 to 18 year old drop-off bracket, dont deny these girls summer club matches by booking weekend after weekend with intercounty matches!

Anyone else have any views on

cailin (Wexford) - Posts: 143 - 13/09/2009 22:49:34    424803


my team of the championship:

Aoife Murray

Aundrea Fitzpatrick
Caitriona Foley
Claire O'Connor
Ann Marie Hayes
Sinead Cahalan
Jenny Duffy

Jill Horan
Orla Cotter

Niamh Mulcahy
Gemma O'Connor
Katie Power
Michelle Shortt
Therese Maher
Ursela Jacob

AS regards more matches i do agree but not for the championship. Champ is all about danger, no back doors no turning back! living on the edge of your seat style thing! one loss and its over! But 3 league games is not near enough! semi's should be at least brought in maybe even quarter finals! by 2011 i expect there'll be 10 teams in div. 1 waterford antrim derry or down have to win it next year! the another "junior" county the year after! then they should model it like the ladies football! two groups of five top four go to quarter finals and whoever is on the bottom of each group plays a relegation match and whoever wins div. 2 goes up! that brings more competition and more pressure on clare limerick and dub! a push and incentive that they all need!

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