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Dual Player Dilemma

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Hoping that you can advise on a course of action.

A Camogie club received its club fixtures at the start of the camogie year. As we are a small community over 50% of our team are dual players.(Ladies Galeic Football and Camogie)

As such we work very closely with the football team. So we brought the fixtures to them and they worked their fixtures around that.

A Senior Championship Camogie fixture was to go ahead on Thursday the 9th. We received notice from the county board on Wednesday 1st that the game was to be re fixed by the two teams due to a county minor game being re fixed to the Thursday 9th. As we have three players on the county minor panel one of which is the captain we were told not re fix the game for Wednesday the 8th in case of injury.

We have 3 players on the County junior panel who had All Ireland Junior Championship game on Saturday 4th and as such we told not to play it before.

We had let it be known to both the opposition team and the county board that we could play any date on or before the original fixture on the 9th bar the Monday as there was a football Championship match fixed for that day which would involve 9 of our starting 15.

Sunday 5th our secretary received a text message that the game had been fixed and the there was a referee being organized for Monday the 6th

We now had two choices
Ask the girls to choose between football and camogie. This would have caused a split in our club.
Ask the intermediate team to fill the 9 places. If this was to happen the players would then be classed as senior and not eligible to player intermediate again this year. We would have had to withdraw from the intermediate competition. This would mean no camogie for these players until next year.

We were left with no choice but to not field a team on the Monday.

Thursday 9th there was a county board meeting to decide the out come.
The out come came as a shock to us as the points were awarded to the opposition team.

These are the facts of this matter. Can you help or have a comment on this. How does this action promote camogie or the spirit of fair play?

TimHorton (Meath) - Posts: 11 - 15/07/2009 11:16:48    346692


Tim- had to read that email through a few times to get my head round it!
First of all I empathise with you as I know the problems that dual clubs face- I think its great that you co -ordinate your fixtures with your dual counterparts. I take it from your email that the team you were to play weren't a dual team as they were able to field on the Monday?
I'm not sure if the bye laws are different in your county but according to rule 9.5a of the official handbook a club must receive 7 days notice about a fixture- you received 24 hours!!!!
Would also be interested to hear anyone elses thoughts

camogieabu (Down) - Posts: 79 - 16/07/2009 11:28:16    348087


This is a choice that dual players face, I've played both a few years and about two years ago we were in a county final for both Football and Camogie in the same weekend! There was no choice for us, no alternative given and we had to play both! You're best just playing your fixtures and move on

meathgirl (Meath) - Posts: 10 - 17/07/2009 15:10:32    349856


Camogieabu the surprising thing is that the opposition team also have dual players and would understand very well the situation we were facing. They didn't have any football fixture.

There have been many days and weekends where we have aked girls to play one game after the other. On this occasion we were asking gilrs to make a decision as the new camogie fixture, again i'll point out we had 24 hour notice on this new fixture, was on the same night and time as the football fixture.
So it was impossible to field two teams out of the same base of 15 players.

There was a decision at county board to award the opposition team the 2 points. A very poor relfection on the County Board when they are not abiding by their own rules yet are qucik to punish our team.

TimHorton (Meath) - Posts: 11 - 18/07/2009 19:45:28    350838


Grounds for an appeal?

camogieabu (Down) - Posts: 79 - 18/07/2009 21:38:55    351021


Just to clarify the opposition also have dual players but were advised of the change on Thursday nite previous and never looked for the points for tat fixture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Awaiting ur reply Tim as u ar obviously insinuating tat u are the inocent party here!!

Shefflin10 (Meath) - Posts: 1 - 09/08/2009 20:26:18    385088


Shefflin10 your post makes no sense. If you are from the opposition club and had received notification on the Thursday pervious, well then you were notified 4 days earlier than we were. How is that possible? We only learned that the fixture was for the Monday the previous day, Sunday. I am not insinuating, I am stating that we were the innocent party.
Clarify your post please

TimHorton (Meath) - Posts: 11 - 08/09/2009 16:34:14    419498


Shefflin10, your spot on, they should have

inoyerright (Tipperary) - Posts: 98 - 04/10/2010 12:26:47    789719


They should have been more accommodating if they want to promote the gaa in general and not get players to pick and choose-after all there are usually shocking reasons for calling off games during the year-even for one player-if it was a county fix they would have done-so why not a club-a bit harsh-but does happen everywhere i'm afraid.

statman.dave (Tipperary) - Posts: 22 - 07/10/2010 13:16:26    791848