Watch: US comic blown away by hurling and camogie

July 19, 2019

American comedian Josh Pray talks about hurling!

American comedian Josh Pray has gone viral with his YouTube video about hurling.

Pray admitted he was blown away by the sport after watching it for the first time and jokingly questioned why the people of Ireland have not sued Harry Potter because of its similarities to Quidditch - without the brooms.

"First let me apologise to every Irish person for thinking that all you do is throw a few back and have a good time with your tinged red hair and talk with a dope accent," he said.

"These Irish men are moving like fast. Everybody on that field can get a speeding ticket with their feet. Hurling has to be the most difficult and eye-hurting sport I have ever witnessed."

Pray has made a separate video about camogie titled: "Camogie is titled by the Goddesses of the earth."

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